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BlackVue Dual Camera DR650GW-2CH

BlackVue Dual Camera DR650GW-2CH

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Avoid this unit.

The dash cam worked very well for a while then stopped working without any warning. Changing the SD card, rebooting, downloading and installing firmware are all complicated and time consuming. Theres a constant “invalid settings” warning. I’ll be looking to get my money back and get a more reliable dash cam.

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Hi Beachman, sorry to hear your camera has stopped working. Have you been able to contact the BlackVue Australia support team to see if we can help? We can facilitate with the correct firmware installation if required. I'm not sure what the"invalid settings" warning is, as the camera does not have this announcement. However from your comments it seems like the incorrect firmware has been applied to the camera, this will produce one of the following announcements: "firmware version is invalid" "firmware information is different" "dash cam model error" Keeping the firmware up to date ensures the camera will perform as specified and will be able to communicate with your smart phone as and when the phone is upgraded. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like us to help. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

Customer Service from Autoblackbox WA (Aust Supplier)

In a previous review in regards to the BlackVue cameras, we had problems with reliability and problems with SD cards.
Tom from Auto BlackBox contacted me personally to discuss the problems.
After sending items back I was kept informed. I would note the DR650GW dual camera, 64gb card, tinted lens were the items sent.
Although the DR650GW was just over 2 years old the expectation from me is that I should get more than 2 years usage. The rear camera lens ended up being replaced, 64gb card (Blackvue) was also replaced (less than 12 months old which was a previous replacement) and the tinted lens cover which had started crazing was also replaced.
In a previous post, I also indicated cards should last more than 12 months due to the cost. Auto BlackBox also supplied a spare 32gb Blackvue card at no cost so thanks for that.
I would say the customer service was excellent from Tom and also Chaim.
As it stands we now disconnect all cameras at night or when the cars aren't being used when parked at home to help with the SD cards lasting longer.
We also carry a spare SD card in our cars (Driving School Cars) so if we have a "card issue" (card saying please check SD card) we can simply swap the card over to maintain the cameras operating whilst on driving lessons.
After using these cameras for a few years overall they work quite well but you do need to monitor your SD cards. By that, I mean regularly view the videos on a computer to ensure they are recording properly and the time zones don't change and there is no disruption to continuous recording. Broken recordings can mean you may need a new card. (Card formatting and checking firmware should be checked first)
Due to having dual cameras, the cards can rewrite quite quickly (when set at higher resolution) so a larger capacity card should be used especially if you leave your car in public car park. (Magic Pro required for operation when engine not running or parked for long period)
It's a shame they don't have a pivot so the camera can be turned to the sides when needed rather than fixed straight ahead or behind and maybe a "time-lapse" recording for parking as some other brands do.
At least it's good to see that the customer service is great and resolved our issues.
Well done to Autoblackboz in WA.
Penrith Driving School

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Hi Geoff, Thanks for taking the time to update your review and your recent experience with our company. While somethings are out of our control, we certainly pride ourselves in the way we offer customer support and I'm very glad to hear hat Tom and the team were able to resolve your issues. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions or require further support. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia

Not happy

I purchased the 650GW 2ch some time ago. I was fine for about 13 months then the SD card problem started. I tried various SD cards including the one from Blackvue. I kept getting the "Please check the SD card" message. I'd re format the card once a week and kept getting the error message. I disconnected the rear camera and the problem stopped. I payed for a 2ch dash cam but I've ended up with a 1 channel cam. Never again will i buy a Blackvue dash cam.

Hi Micheal, Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with you dash camera system. Have you tried contacting our support team to get the issue resolved? We can't work out from your review if you have contacted us for support, tried a new BlackVue SD card or the 13 month old original? Unfortunately SD cards are a consumable item and have a finite number of write cycles. As recommended in the instructions BlackVue only recommend the use of genuine BlackVue MLC Endurance SD cards as not all SD cards are compatible - in any case we would like the opportunity to try and resolve the issue you have been having and investigate why the retailer has not offered to help you. Please feel free to get in touch with our support team to find a solution, as a premium dash cam brand we like to offer premium after sales service. We look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 9267 5167Hi Micheal, just touching base to see if you have had a chance to contact our support team so we can help you out? If not, please reach out to us so we can help. We look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 9267 5167

Perfect tools

I have this due camera for more than 2 years, and it's still perfect. I have installed 64gb as card in it and I have no issues at all.
Highly recommended. Rear and front camera. It's has nice options and I can use it with clouds as well.
All good

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Hi Adel, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. Really glad to hear how happy you are with it :) Thank you, Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Piece of mind

Bought it 2 years ago for my new 4x4, really good quality and pay what you get for.
Tucks well behind the rear view mirror.
Only problem with it, it’s slow for download a video and SD card is too low at 16gb (2hrs usage before it rewrite over), Would love to have a 64 or 128gb.

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Hi John, Great to hear your are enjoying your BlackVue dash cam. The quickest way to save files form the SD card is through the BlackVue PC player which is available for download from the BlackVue website: https://www.blackvue.com.au/support/downloads/ The new DR750S series has much quicker WiFi for more convenience when using the mobile app. Larger SD cards are also available from our authorised dealers, you will need to check with the dealer to see if your camera is compatible with a 128GB as the older DR650GW models we not compatible. https://www.blackvue.com.au/dealer-locator/ Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Best Regards, James BlackVue Australia

Best Dashcan

After doing a lot of research I bought this dashcam about 18months ago (and talked my 2 sons into buying one) prior to driving to central Australia. Recorded and downloaded the whole driving as i also bought additional 128gb sd cards.. Went back this year and whilst in Alice Springs it kept rebooting. As i was taking it out of cradle dashcam fell onto centre console and stopped working. Would like to get it repaired or if too expensive happy to buy updated version where i can still use the same rear camera. Just need to know if there is any repair centre in Melbourne that can give me a quote for repairs. Thanks Pete M

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Hi Pete, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We will be able to advise the best solution once we have inspected your camera. You are welcome to send the camera via one of our authorised dealers which you can find on the link below: https://www.blackvue.com.au/dealer-locator/ or you are welcome to send it directly following the 2nd link below; https://www.blackvue.com.au/support/warranty-return/ If you have any questions, please get in touch. Best Regards, James BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

Works well, paid for itself, wireless no longer works

I received the two channel camera for my 60th birthday two years ago and it has worked very well, except now the wireless function has stopped working so I can no longer check the recordings from my phone, which is a small inconvenience as I have to take the SD card out and view the footage on my computer. Apart from that, it has worked well and paid for itself. Not long after installing it (fairly easily I found), I was waiting at a traffic light to turn right when the car in front of me suddenly reversed into me. The driver insisted I had hit him, but I quickly showed him the footage from my camera revealing his reversing lights coming on and my velocity as zero which convinced him of the error of his ways.

Thinking of getting one for my wife's car too. Great product

Hi maxfieldg, Thanks for leaving a review!! Glad to hear that your camera had paid for itself so quickly. As for the WiFi, come by our office and we can replace the module in your camera and get the WiFi working again. Our address is 5/43 Hutton Street Osborne Park. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hi Tom Thanks for repairing my dashcam, the wireless works fine now and I am a happy camper again. Very prompt work. GeorgeHi George, Glad to hear it!! Please get in touch if you have any other questions. Thanks, Tom.

Worked For A Total Of 4 Months Of True Time (Driving Equiv) Then Gps / Speed Failed.

The camera was fine until blackvue started issuing firmware updates. It was updated to last v2.008 and speed read capture eventually stopped at some point. During the support trials of keep putting re formats of same firmware and then one attempt to do it via phone which the last method now has rendered it useless. Won't restart at all even the the last instruct after the upload from the iphone app was to re boot it now sits all day with red/green alternating flashing light plus the blue blinker. The update via sd in pc won't save it either now. Reading all reviews google wide its a common fault over time. Why else was it superseded. No confidence in blackvue product line now on.

Hi Fabian, Thanks for taking the time to write a review and sorry to hear that you are having issues with your BlackVue camera. I assume you have contacted our office in Perth for support? If not, send us an email so we can assist you and get your camera working again :) Our email is support@autoblackbox.com.au I will make the suggestion to use the Legacy Firmware version 1.011 unless you specifically want to use the BlackVue Cloud function. I can also assure you the reason the manufacturer superseded the "GW" series was not because of issues, but because they had released the newer "S" series, just like Apple do with their iPhone's and Holden does with their cars :) Look forward to hearing from you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hi Tom, I thought i would update my review with a response regarding events that have unfolded since i wrote originally. I believe Tom your in the Perth WA office and work along side your tech Caleb. My review was based on the fact that there is known issues in how the dashcam behaves and integrates with iphone apps and the latest firmware dispatched by blackvue including failures with updating process. In summary the system has bugs and is well known and you cant discount that, yet in the end my problem i had as many others have had, I resorted to the original "legacy" firmware V1.011. This has resolved the issue of no GPS and more importantly has re-stored the cameras function. Strangely the camera will no longer accept V2.008 that enables the cloud remote access function that was promoted by blackvue themselves. Hence why i rated it based on the irritation it has caused and the fact users cant use cloud function if indeed was wanted as constantly advertised by blackvue emails. The Korean ( main site ) has issues in how it supplies firmware because the issue ultimately was resolved by an Australian Agent ( yourselves) by a independent link to firmware. How many people would know that??? Hence my review also covers the fact that the entire Blackvue ecosystem is a jumbled mess and possibly confuse the hell out those of a non technical background. This needs to be reported back to HQ were even their support structure was the usual fill out the RMA warranty process blah blah. It was in fact the software and improper function of firmware inc the iphone firmware updating process that rendered the dash-cam useless. BUT on a positive note i cannot fault the camera when it does work and even better the support offered by your guy "Caleb" that was an absolute breath of fresh air to deal with and even took the time to call me to discuss all matters relating the above...and each learnt some interesting quirks to the system. So that i cant rate high enough. CheersHi Fabian, Thanks for updating me with regards to the issues you were having with your camera, I'm really glad to hear that Caleb was very helpful in assisting you with this frustrating problem. We would love for the manufacturer to redirect all Australian customers to our website, this would certainly help us resolve issues in a much better time frame than you have experienced. However, I am glad we got there in the end and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any future questions or feedback. I do hope that you may consider reviewing your 2 star review, as we aim to always have a minimum of 3-4 starts for our customers, so if there's anything I can do, please let me know. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH

Its a little late with my review of the DR650GW as it has been superseded however I'm sure this review would cover the latest model as well. I was very impressed with this dashcam camera and the quality of it. Very easy to use and setup and the fact I can look at the footage wirelessly without removing the SD card was a real bonus.
Picture quality is superb.
Initially I had it installed in my Honda Accord and because I parked in the City and City car parks I wanted to incorporate the PowerMagic option to keep an eye out if someone bumped into my car.
This was a big mistake.
Once installed and the PowerMagic set for the higher voltage and lower timeout I found my battery was continually going flat in spite of the battery being only 1 year old.
I had NRMA check the battery state thinking it was the battery but on each occasion (had it checked twice) the battery came up good.
Even had the installer recheck all the settings.
I have since had the DR650GW installed in my new car without the PowerMagic as I no longer park in the City.
I do recommend the Blackvue however if you want to keep an eye out on the car when parked I would suggest paying the extra for the Cellink-B battery pack.
I bought the unit from http://www.sportgps.com.au who have great customer service. Would recommend them if you are looking to buy a dashcam of whatever persuasion.

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Hi Tilba16, We're glad to hear you are enjoying your BlackVue dash camera. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. The Power Magic hard-wiring kit comes with a 12 month warranty so if you have been experiencing issues you are always welcome to contact us at Auto BlackBox to get these resolved. In this case it does sound like the Power Magic has been installed incorrectly which would cause the car battery to go flat. Alternatively you can use a Cellink-B auxiliary battery as you correctly mentioned. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd 08 6267 5167

Excellent dashcam, highly recommend!

I purchased this dashcam on 14/10/2014 and overall I am very happy with it. The one thing that I love about this cam is that it sits nicely up behind the rear vision mirror out of sight with it's nice compact mount which not many other cams have.

If they were not so expensive I would buy them for the whole family, 7 of them :-)

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Hi firemansam87, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. BlackVue is definitely the most discrete dash cam on the market. Get in touch with Dash Cams Australia and I am certain that will do you a fantastic deal on a second unit....and third!! Tell them Tom sent you :) Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Good camera but with issues

Have had the camera for nearly 2 years, but recently the time zone reverts back to incorrect time zone inspite of choosing the right time and have found that the internal battery needs replacing. Wasn't told this at the time of purchase and blackvue wants to charge upto $140 to fix the timezone, which is ridiculous.
So anyone thinking of buying one just be mindful that as soon as the warranty runs blackvue will cost you a fortune to get fixed.
Moreover it has to be sent to Perth at your own expense as they don't have any repair shops in other cities.

Hi Sunny, Sorry to hear you are not completely happy with your BlackVue dash cam. We will forward your feedback to the manufacturer in Korea. As you are aware, your dash cam came with a 1 year warranty, however we now offer a 2 year warranty with the new DR650S series if that is of any interest to you, in case you are considering upgrading to the newest model? We do encourage you to contact your original retailer for out of warranty support, as they may be able to offer you a discounted repair or upgrade. All our repairs are charged at cost, as per the manufacturer's request and need to be carried out in Perth, which is the location of our office. However, we are happy to reimburse you for postage if you wish to send us the camera for repair. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hi Sunny, I have spoken with the RMA team further and while your unit is well outside the warranty period, we would like to help you out here. We have heard your concerns and would be able to repair the system for you at no charge. Can you please send us a copy of your receipt so we can confirm your unit is from one of our authorised dealers by email? We also have upgraded your units WiFi module last year free of charge, and as confirmed we are happy to repair your camera that is almost 3 years old. We do our very best to offer after sales service for BlackVue customers, and are upholding all requirements under Australian Consumer Law. Look forward to hearing from you, and helping you out.Hi team, yes the camera got upgraded with WiFi module and that was very nice of you, however with the timezone being incorrect on the camera it is annoying when the camera is well looked after. Dealer where I bought the camera from don't sell blackvue anymore as I went to get a new dashcam for my new vehicle Suburu XV and he tried to sell me brand called " Thinkware" but I didn't buy it. But with the kind of service I am getting with blackvue, now I will surely buy another one for my missus. I have sent you an email with proof of purchase and it was bought in Feb 2015, so just over 2 years. Also can you suggest a retailer to buy a new camera in Melbourne for my second car? Thanks for your help.

Outstanding service.

Had to have the wife's BlackVue DR650GW -2CH camera repaired recently by autoBlackBox.com.au in WA and would like to say what a pleasure it was to deal with such a professional organisation that gave you a level of courteous service with a speedy turnaround time. Certainly would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.

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Hi Pete, Really glad to hear that you're happy with your dash cam and that we were able to service your warranty as quickly as possible. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Had some issues at the start but been running fine ever since

Bought and had the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH cam and T-Power UPS hard wired into my Mercedes Benz W205 C250 around mid June 2015 by Maroochy Car Sound. Had some issues at the very start with the DTV as a result of the cable to rear camera not being shielded properly but once that was resolved its been running fine ever since. I like the fact that I can now rely on it working every time I drive anywhere and it gives me peace of mind. I would never go back to the other brands. I have tried several other brands and they did not come close.
I like the fact that whilst the car is parked I have assurance that I am filming anyone that tries to scratch or steal anything.

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Hi Wallyworld, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Great to hear your camera system is working well and protecting your car. Thanks Again, James. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Best Car Camera on the Market

The Blackvue is the best car camera on the market. Crystal clear picture, excellent features and easy to use software that easily bluetooths to your smartphone. If you're in the market for a car vamera, do yourself a favour and buy one of these for your vehicle, you wont regret it.

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Hi Scott, Thanks for your review. Glad to hear you are very happy with your BlackVue. Cheers, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

A Definate Necessity

I have learnt quickly in Newcastle & Central Coast NSW that double centre lines, traffic lights and stop signs around here are only for be law abiding citizens. And sorry, that's very few, considering I see 70 year olds overtaking in school zones and back streets and 8/10 drivers heading towards you with their drivers side wheels 1/2 metre across centre lines oblivious to their poor driving skills. In the UK, you would be arrested and charged. Anyway, I purchased this CAM out of necessity. The CAM works well and does the job its intended for.

Hi Sandy, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We hear similar stories to yours far too often and it seems the only way to protect yourself and combat 'bad drivers' is with arming yourself with a Full High Definition dash cam such as the BlackVue. If you capture anything of interest feel free to upload it to our Facebook page 'BlackVue Australia'. Thanks again, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.I will upload one soon. Crazy driver 1/2 metre over double centre lines around a blind corner (curb side parked cars and vans in our lane block line of sight) and head on crash in to tractor - ouch !

Worked well at first, now causing problems.

Worked great at first, but now continually telling me that it is 'restarting'. Put a new genuine micro SD into machine but same result. Ongoing attempt to update software, change mamory card, etc, now means that 12 month warranty is up. Will you replace the camera Blackvue, or shall we go statutory warranty?

Hi Derick, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your BlackVue. Have you contacted our RMA team yet? If not, best to contact them using our Warranty and Returns page: https://www.blackvue.com.au/support/warranty-return/ They will be able to offer you a favourable solution to your issue. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.I hope so, because I have 3 of these cameras - one in each family car.... Cheers.Hi Derick, I have asked the RMA team to keep an eye out for your email. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Great Product!

Awesome service and support from Automotive Superstore, I now have a camera front and rear in each of my cars and feel much safer! Took a little while to install and setup but now I couldn't be without them. They're going to be invaluable in case of an accident. Over the Cloud is great for backup of important events too

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Hi Russ, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Good to hear your using the Cloud features available on the camera. Thanks again, James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

Very happy with my choice

Pretty happy with the BlackVue. It has great resolution, simple install and I thought the ability to watch video on the iPhone app was great too - I bought mine from www.automotivesuperstore.com.au and got a bargain with the hardwiring kit and SD card as a bundle with next day delivery. Would recommend.

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Hi Haydn, Great to hear from you and glad to hear you are happy with your new BlackVue :) All the best. Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Great cameras

These cameras out perform all others i have used , installed in 9 vehicles they have worked without fail . I have tried the cheap ones only to get poor picture quality and failed to give a clear image to support our driver . Blackvue cameras are highly recommended thankyou AAA+++

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Hi Kevin, Thanks for your review!! Please feel free to contact us if you ever need anything. Cheers, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Excellent Customer Service

I received my dashcam as a Christmas gift in 2015. We had it professionally installed in Jan 2016. Thankfully haven't had any incidents where i've needed to use the footage besides showing the stupidity of some drivers.
In dec 2016 it started frying any SD cards i put into it- we contacted Blackvue who guided us thru troubleshooting- when we still couldn't find a fix- we sent it back to them. They agreed to replace the unit and sd cards without any hassle. Excellent service.

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Hi reinrab, Great review and thanks for your feedback. While I see you had a small issue with your SD card, I'm glad we were able to rectify this for you as quickly as possible. Thanks again, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

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Questions & Answers

Can I have it powered up all the time .
2 answers
Hi Mark, Thanks for your question. In short the camera can run continuously, however this is dependent on a suitable power supply. BlackVue offers 3 power supply options: 1. Power Magic Pro (PMP) This allows the camera to run of the car battery with a voltage cut off, ensuring the car will start upon return. Typical run time approx 4 hours. 2. B-112 Auxiliary battery will allow 6 hours of run time. 3. B-124 Bluetooth auxiliary battery will allow 17 hours of run time. The above run time are based on a fully charged battery, the battery need approx 40 mins to fully charge. Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions. BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167Thank you, I'll look into one of these

Hi there, In June 2016, I purchased two DR650GW-2CH for my wife and myself. Now I'm having issues with them. About a week ago, mine stopped working, only the blue GPS light is on and it doesn't record anymore. My wife's one when I remove the power it switches off without shutting down. Could you please help? Thanks!
1 answer
Hi ShagShag, Thanks for your question and sorry to hear that your camera is having these issues. Can I suggest trying to format your microSD card in a PC and double check that all the file shave been deleted. Furthermore, feel free to call our support team on 08 6267 5167 and they should be bale to offer some more extensive troubleshooting. Thank you, BlackVue Australia.

Are Blackvue going to address (with a firmware update) the totally oversensitive "Motion Detection" as used for the PARKING MODE on the DR650GW -2CH units. I believe they have the same issue with nearly all of the models including the latest range. Even when set to the very least sensitive setting the camera still records almost full time to the SD Card- which is pretty useless when in Parking mode. It will pick up a blade of grass moving at 100Metres!!! and record it!!! why can't this be addressed?
4 answers
Hi Raybin, Unfortunately the manufacturer has advised us, the Australian Distributor, that they will not be releasing firmware updates for the DR650GW and DR650S range any more. We are equally frustrated at this decision, but it is out of our control. It may be worth emailing them and giving your feedback directly, they may take it on board and reconsider the decision to not release further updates. Some customers have had positive results by turning motion detection OFF, but increased the G sensor sensitivity. Thank you, BlackVue Australia.Hi Raybin, I think BlackVue Australia has answered your question. I am not a rep, agent etc. for BlackVue. I just happened to have bought 2 Dash Cams for our cars a couple of months ago and left a feedback for them. Now I keep getting questions of all sorts about problems and stuff that I know nothing about, but just give contact details of BlackVue Australia. Sorry I cannot help. :( Regards Tassie Devil.Blackvue, Well, i guess that says it all. I can waste my time banging my head against an unmovable brick wall or i can continue to write honest reviews on every available consumer website and social media page that i can regarding the total unsuitability for purpose that their product exhibits. The 3 major functions that would be required of parking mode: ( in my opinion) 1) Record to SD card activity near your car- for the purpose of recording possible malicious scratch events- NOT GOING TO BE POSSIBLE IF YOU TURN MOTION DETECTION OFF! 2) Minimise the possibility of "REAL EVENT" Overwrite on the SD Card- NOT POSSIBLE AS THE UNIT RECORDS PRACTICALLY 100% OF THE TIME 3) Record events such as collision damage- YES IT CAN DO THIS BUT MAY WELL BE OVERWRITTEN DUE TO THE OVER-SENSITIVITY OF THE MOTION DETECTION FIRMWARE. I am just one of many whom are complaining about this- it is time for everyone to write as many reviews in as many places as possible- i for one would not ever consider buying or recommending one of the BLACKVUE systems and have currently persuaded many to avoid buying one of this brand.


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