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Blast Concentrated

Blast Concentrated

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Want it back on the shelves

Like others, I have been buying this product 3 bottles at a time. Am so disappointed that the stores are no longer stocking it. Why? No other product does a good job like Blast.

Frustrated that Blast has been discontinued

I agree with the other recent comments - this detergent has been terrific. I would have been happy for the company to increase the price to continue its availability. It always works really well, doesn't have an overpowering perfume and doesn't affect my skin negatively like other brands do.

Why has all the supermarkets taken Blast off the shelves

First Coles, then Woolworths now IGA have stopped stocking the best diswashing liquid. I can't use Fresh i've allergic to it since I was a child.that was 36yrs ago. Shame on all the supermarkets, now i don't have a clue on what to use.

Nothing beat it!

It was such a great product. Shame on Woolworths and Coles trying to compete and fail. It's a shame when Australian companies are not supported by big supermarkets who could set a good example.

Blast Dishwashing Detergent definitely was a Blast

I only found out yesterday after visiting the IGA store in Mascot, NSW (not all IGA stores stocked it) that they have deleted Blast Dishwashing detergent. It had been quite sometime since I was last there, as I had purchased 3 bottles, as we know it goes a long way, and does a fantastic job. I like other posters on this product are in the same wash-up (excuse the pun). I still have 3/4's of the last bottle of the 3 that I had purchased.

After reading the post where they have stopped manufacturing the product, as it was difficult to either get it on the shelf or keep it on the shelf in large and small supermarkets, like other small Australian products that are being squeezed out. But what happened to the stock on hand or that was being made, surely not poured the drain? Surely not, that they only manufactured enough product to cater for orders!

It would be an ideal situation to sell the product online, even through Amazon Australia or on EBay/Gumtree.

Again, like others have said, very dispappointing that Blast is not available anymore. I shall treasure the remaining product I have left.

20/2/19 - tonight I used the last of the Blast product that I still had. It took 4 months to use 3/4's that was left. I had begun using Earth that was recommended by the Blast people. My initial review of Earth was not as good as Blast. So will use this for 2 weeks and review it.

Purchased in February 2018.

Best Dish washing liquid available now disappeared from shelves???

Does anyone know where we can buy this from in South Western Australia please . Maybe good product for Aldi seems how big supermarkets have deleted it from shelves. It is a superior product.

Bring back Blast Concentrated

I have been using this product for more than 10 years. It is the best in the market as it does not have chemical smell, gentle to skin and very economical. I think it is also a healthy choice.

Hey, supermarkets, this is a really good product. Please bring it back to your shelves.

Where has 'Blast Dishwashing Concentrate' gone?

This is the ONLY product which has the body to cut through grease in the kitchen without using bucket loads of detergent.
Just a couple of drops is all that's required for the average wash-up.
The bottle of Blast is easy to handle, a very easy dispensing top and just a damn good, very cheap to purchase product.

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Some feedback to my comments from back in Sept 2018 would be great please. We have been using EARTH CHOICE Concentrate since this time and it is no match for the BLAST Concentrate. The nozzle clogs up after about 2-3 weeks and has to be wiped clean and you are using more product in every wash-up. Bring back to original product; 'BLAST' Concentrate please. Kevin

Blast not such a blast

Been able to buy IGA Gulgong, West Pymble & Warriwood but not any more, where are you blast? Are you no more, really why, when you are such a fantastic product.

Sorry to see it go

I have been using Blast for many years and I am sorry that it has been discontinued. I always found it worked great on greasy surfaces and left my hands feeling soft. I am now down to my last bottle. And hope that one day it may reappear.

Best grease cutting dish washing product by far!

We thought this was just a temporary supply issue - don't want to believe that it is final! This product works so much better than the major commercial brands.
I hope that the decision to cease production will be reconsidered.
Washing baking dishes in an eco - sensitive area, dependent on rainwater was made so much easier because Blast was so effective. Very disappointing!

Blast was the best.

That is very disappointing as it was the best dishwashing liquid available on the market didn't dry out your hands and cleaned dishes even in cold water. So sorry to be without what a shame. Karen Newnham, Bundaberg

I always stocked up, and the one time I didn't it's discontinued?!

I am so unbelievably upset that this has seemingly been discontinued, especially since I had always purchased in bulk before, but for some reason lately I'd been slacking and only buying one bottle at a time. Well, now I'm paying for that as I cannot find it anywhere. This stuff always left my dishes spotless, it was just the right balance of thick and concentrated that you never needed to use too much, yet were always left with a superior clean. I realise it sounds quite silly to be so devastated over the loss of a cleaning product, but who doesn't wash the dishes every day? I'll also miss the fragrance of my favourite, the blue one, it always reminded me of blue slush puppies.

Best dishwashing cleaner ever

Very sorry to hear that it has been discontinued. After the majors stopped selling it and our local IGA followed suit, I could see what was happening. I still have about 10 bottles under the sink but I’m so pleased I bought them. Next, Earth Choice. Damn and blast!

Unbelievable loss

I can't remember how long I've been using Blast detergent. As Foodland often runs out I can only think a lot of other customers use Blast so how can sales fall so low they stop making it. There is not other detergent I want to buy, as a creature of habit more than satisfied with Blast detergent I would have stayed with it for life.
Extremely happy with Blast detergent but equally as disappointed with Blast being taken of the market.

This is why you can't get it

Thank you for contacting us, Unfortunately over time the Big two supermarkets had stopped ordering Blast, I regret to inform you that this product has been deleted and will no longer be manufactured or offered for sale from major supermarkets and other retail distribution outlets in Australia or New Zealand.
We apologise for this occurrence and agree that it is an unfortunate situation and one which our company strives to avoid. However, products are deleted where insufficient consumer sales and limited retail distribution occurs. As a products' sales decline, the competition to remain on limited supermarket shelf space is extreme. it had just become not viable for us as a company to produce this range any more only for Independent Supermarkets.

Our best suggestion if you are looking for a new dishwash liquid is Earth Choice dishwash concentrate available at Woolworths, Coles and Independent supermarkets.

Sorry we cannot help further - it has been very disappointing for us to have to cease manufacturing such a good product.

Awesome if u can get it

Always leaves my dishes sparkling with much less product than any other brand its the Best dish liquid out there ! Just very hard to find now . Can sometimes get it in iga so i always buy 2

Brilliant stuff

Morning fresh and fairy too sudsy. Used blast for Window Cleaning today. Had the perfect amount of suds and cut through dirt better than them all.
Will stock up on this for sure.

Lasts long and cleans well

What I like about this concentrated dish detergent is that it lasts long and produces so much bubbles. I usually dilute in a little bit of water because it is concentrated. It is really effective in cleaning plates as well as pots and pans. It also does not leave strong chemical smells into the dishes.

Great Prosuct

This is the best dish washing liquid around, it leaves the others for dead... Everyone should pressure Xoles and Woolworths to stock it again.. Ring them and Fax them...
It's not right that we can't buy it there any more..

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Where has this product gone from our supermarket shelves? Who is still selling it? This is the best of the best; others are just an expensive alternative! Kevin
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They do not make it any more. Here is the response I received. "We are really sorry not to be making this product any more, unfortunately when both Woolworths and Coles decided to remove Blast to sell their own brands it made it unviable to continue making it. We don't have any stock left at all I am sorry."I'd suggest you try another Natures Organics product Kevin - from the Earth Choice range. More bubbles than Blast and much less concentrated, but still much better than the top selling commercial brands.Earth Choice dishwashing liquid is rubbish. The Choice Consumer Review rates it the lowest with some claiming it "less effective than warm water".

Who now sells blast?
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I’ve been using blast for years now and love it.. I can’t find it even at IGA, how else can I get my hands on to it, pls any help?
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