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Bluefin Resources

Bluefin Resources

1.5 from 8 reviews

Bad experience

They contact a prespective candidate and then stop contacting at all. After follow-up provide an unreasonable feedback. For a role that needed 5 years experience, they found 8 years of expperience insufficient. Not sure what do they really look for.

Unprofessional Racist

An incompetent bunch of unprofessional racist... I never understood why they hire and keep Charity cases especially the joke of a lady who leads the contract team, who can't add 2+2, let alone use an excel sheet, she botched up my contract and when I tried speaking to her, she was rude and arrogant and instead made racist comments on my name and accent. This is the first and only place I experienced racism in your country. Hey Bluefin, how about hiring able real professionals instead of clowns in your team as leaders

All round poor experience

My employer uses Bluefin to manage me as a contractor and they are hopeless. I've been on rolling contracts for 4 years, Bluefin never remember to send me new contracts before my latest one expires. In my most recent contract the details about termination notice were missing and when I asked about this the account manager said "don't worry about, you've been working there for years so you should be fine". This clearly shows the don't care about their contractors at all if they they couldn't be bothered about my rights to a notice period before the contract can be terminated. There system to log time sheets keep getting worse. It could be so simple so I don't know why they make it so hard.

Excellent recruitment company - first class service

Bluefin Resources goes above and beyond, excellent service, dynamic consultants, very professional. Great at following up and understanding what your looking for in your next role.

Same experience, bad

Same experience, fake ads, interviews that just dig for more contacts, never returning calls and nor answering email, you would think they would be more professional.

Resume collector

They sent a job ads through email and after i contacted them and sent resume, no followup /updates
Please avoid them.

Bluefin Resources | Worst recruitment company

Extremely unprofessional and should be sued by authorities for misleading consumers due to fake job postings. Such companies should not be allowed to practice in Australia.

Steer well clear!

Called in for discussion with Bluefin Resources as to possible marketing roles. After a cursory glance at my CV, the consultant proceeded to interrogate me for details (names, position titles, and phone numbers) of previous managers...clearly this was an attempt to find out who to talk to at my current employer so they could drum up more business...the consultant even told me that I needed to email her back with the contact details of senior managers, so they could chat to them about my skills and experience! Needless to say I never provided the details! A year later, after starting in a new role, I got a call from the same consultant, congratulating me on my new role, and she then launched into an interrogation as to who she needed to speak to regarding recruitment! I've dealt with many recruitment consultants over my long career and these guys take the complete and utter poor!
Avoid like the plague.

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