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APM (Advanced Personnel Management)

APM (Advanced Personnel Management)

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They repeatedly told me that I new how to get a job and I didn't need them to help me!

I was with the Geelong VIC branch for over a year. And for the first 6 mths I couldn't get an appointment with them before 2pm at all this was never convenient for me only for them as they would show me their schedule as evidence. They never helped me with job search or applications for jobs. AND when I attended my appointments they where only 5-10min long how can they effectively help anyone in that time and telling me I new how to look for work and didn't need them ha! their job was to help me. I eventually left because I had no confidence that they were there to help me at all. And when 'they' decided that I had to join their "Job Club" and make 10 cold calling calls to employers. I was never allowed to apply for work in any other way, I have never liked call canvasing but they didn't care. They also didn't bother to discuss it with me first just through me into one wk before xmas. They are very militant in their approach to making people do things, they don't listen to you and don't tailor a job search plan to you even though that's what they say they'll do on their website. Got 2 penalties for 1. forgetting an appointment and 2. sending in my JS efforts late, even though I had a good record of always doing things on time what's wrong with using their discretion and giving you adequate time to respond. People do forget or misplace things from time to time why should you get punished for it.t? They don't care how that could affect a persons life. I'm now with Matchworks and couldn't be happier in the past few months I've gotten 2 interviews and they are very helpful with job applications. I am also more confident that asking for help from Matchworks then I ever was with APM. I seen a lot of reviews from past employees of APM and even their employees hated working there.

Waste of time to anyone that wants to be helped

RE: Armadale Wa Branch

I understand that they have a lot of red tape regarding funding and ability to help jobseekers that have not been on system for over 3mths.

However telling me that my job offer may not be what is best for me and I should look for something else based on my not having enough fuel for me to get there for the first 3 days...

i think is poor and discouraging.
I took some documents I needed printed for my first day on job on a thumb drive to them, without logging into my email...
They couldn't even help with that.

I was then further told that I get Centrelink.

If the system was the answer, what was the question !

Screwed me over so many times even to the point of needing to re apply for payments at no fault of my own.

TLDR: Incredibly lazy, screwed me so many times even to the point of having to re apply for payments at centerlink due to no fault of my own and marks you for not attending phone call appointments when they were suppose to call ( all phone call appointments they never called )

I have a huge list of things APM Northam has done that's seriously screwed me over but ill keep it short.

- Out of all my phone call appointments ( 4-5 now ) not once did they call. Their phone number kept changing or disconnecting so getting through to them was difficult and even the manager ignores emails.

- I was told they will pay for a first aid certificate but had to come into the office to book it with their card. First time i went in the card had been stolen. Second time they ran out of money for the month. Third time she declined because the manage said no. I traveled 240km for these appointments.

- They marked one of the phone call appointments as "unattended" when they never called me putting a demerit against my name on centerlink.

- Too long to explain, but I had a activity not attended that I was never made aware of. Went into the office to sort it out and confirmed it was all good. They never marked it as attended and I was unable to report and because of this and I have to go into centerlink to get back onto their system.

They are an appalling rehab provider. Just after money, offering no service.

Money seekers.No service.No respect. Condescending.No support, no training.Not listening and not establishing a sensible return to work. Not following reports from specialists and communication with physio so rtw is acceptable.


Felt forced into doing a course I wasn't interested in. They have no idea how to deal with or the limitations of people with hearing problems or people with a cochlear implant


They don’t want to help you they are just trying to get kickbacks from the government!
Would never recommend them to anyone there are far better agencies out there to choose from.

incompetent and moronic

I have been with APM for several months. I have been through five different people within that time. APM Hastings office are unable to retain staff, as a result, I have had to go through the mental anguish of starting over again with every new person. It's an absolute joke. Today I went in only to once again be given to another new person! She started with "I've had a look at your CV and I think you need to make it generic and less focused on what you have been doing for 20 years". Wow. Really? To be spoken to with utter contempt and absolutely zero regard or understanding that you can't make a highly specialised person's CV of twenty years "generic". You can also not remove 20 years experience so that you can make it more "generic". These cowboys are are a disgrace. There was literally only one of the five JSP agents who treated me fairly. Avoid this agency like the plague, they're all about the KPI's and not people focused.

Liars, disgusting, a threat to good people trying to work in today’s economy

I wasn’t mentally fit for my job, I left and continued my job search, they cut my payments for 8 weeks and I called them distraught because I have a cat to feed and the manager told me “you should of thought of that before you left your job”

Horrible Provider

They are suppose to deal with ppl with disabilities but I think most of them have no idea at all how to do that correctly, The company is so money focused that they dont really care about the actual person just meeting their targets. There is no financial help if you need clothes for interviews they only help you in that respect if you get a job . They are condescending and treat you like a child. In regards to my recent experience, they were not forthcoming with the truth and have just pretty much just stabbed me in the back. Thats no way to treat ppl, I dont care who they are. I would not recommend them to anyone

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