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Bob Jane All Rounder

Bob Jane All Rounder

3.2 from 70 reviews

Good reliable tyre, does the job.

I have a small hatch back and replace all tyres when suggested to do so with these. My most recent purchase was 3 days ago, and I have been buying these for around 5 years. They handle well in all weather conditions, I generally only drive in metro areas and I recommend them.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bob Jane T-Marts for $98.00.

Very bad quality tyres!!!!

I bought tyres not long ago and now I have 2 flat tyres. one of them became flat only 2 days after I bought them and they didn’t replace by making so much excuses and the other one just recently. They sell very bad quality tyres. If you want to throw your money in the rubbish bin buy tyres from them!!!!

Purchased in December 2018 for $750.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level

Didn't suit my car.

I wasn't happy with them at all so went back to Bob Jane and with no fuss at all they swapped them all over for another brand which suits my car perfectly.

While I didn't like the tyres I can't fault the service or the prices I got and will continue to recommend Bob Jane to my mates.

A good job well done.

Purchased in January 2019 for $600.00.

Tyre Mileage 2,000 km
Car ModelSubaru Forester 79V

Very Disappointing

Bought a full set of Bob Jane Allrounders as well as a front and rear alignment to help with the wear and life of the tyres from Bob Jane Cleveland. Extremely shocked after a service last week to be told the tyres need replacing after only 28 000klm’s. Our previous Hankook tyres lasted nearly 70 000klm’s. Would certainly never recommend Bob Jane Allrounders or their stores if an alignment only gives this type of lifespan.

Purchased in October 2016 at Bob Jane T-Marts for $495.00.

Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelHyundai Elantra HD
Tyre Pressure Used30 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Less that 20,000 klms and they are worn out !!

I bought four of these for my daughters Astra mid last year and now they are already worn out well before time, in that time the car has traveled less than 20,000 klms.

Rubbish tyres, I won't be buying these again, and I am even reluctant to go back to Bob Jane.

Car2005 Holden Astra
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Hi John, thanks for getting in contact with us. We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your experience at one of our branches. Please feel free to email us at feedback@bobjane.com.au and we at head office will look into this further for you. Thanks, - The Bob Jane T-Marts Team

Still a good tyre

Had a few over the years, mainly on Magnas and Corollas not a bad tyre.
Could be better in the wet.
Being cheaper tyres mainly good for lower powered cars and poking around town.
Obviously these are for the drive thru not the track
They are suppose to be still made by Bridgestone.

CarToyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Magna

great tyres

I have these tyres on all my work vehicles and personal cars,always had these and the xenon z7 and never had a problem with them,great tyre for the price, comfortable riding, not a lot of noise like other tyres, no problems in wet weather, even wear and great for my race car

Car1998 Holden Commodore

Not as good as the old days

I got a pair of these for the wife's car and I should have done a bit more reading because they are nowhere near as good as the old days. When I asked they explained that manufacturing had changed countries. I can only treat these as "OK" these days. The tread depth from new is much less and the road noise was noticeable immediately. We will see if that settles down (it could) but I am less than impressed with the tread

CarHyundai i30

Good value with lifetimee rotations

I really like Bob Janes approach with the lifetime free tyre rotations. We were definitely influenced by this when buying because it makes a huge difference to uneven wear. I didn't notice any immediate difference once they were on but reading around, they are well regarded for budget tyres and everyone knows Bob Jane, so I feel good about the choice. Good friendly staff and quick service. I am set for the next five years!

CarHyundai i30

Good enough tyres - not the best

Got these for replacements for the wife's i30. Immediately noticed they were noisier than the Hankooks it came with. Waited a while to let them bed in but they are still noisier. Grip is OK nothing flash and grip in the wet is not as good IMHO. I think they might have changed the manufacture country because they are different to the last lot I got. Expect a world of average!

CarHyundai i30

Great tyres

These tyres are perfect for my car...and since ive had them put on ive noticed the steering on my car is much better...i find them good especially in the wet weather. Also my car seems to be riding much more smoothly...im very happy with them and the service i received when i got them

Car2010 toyota yaris


i get these tyres all the time i trust my local and they look after me all the time they seem to last a long time too about 18-24 months with out hassle
when getting all 4 done at the same time you really feel the difference once driving thanks again

Carnissan duallis

All Rounder is apt description....but are they round?

Bought 2 front tyres from Bob Jane in January this year. At the same time they suggested a wheel alignment which I agreed to. The tyres seem to be wearing evenly but I was a little annoyed that the tyre fitters put short valve stems in the rims which make it very difficult to inflate the tyres. Have to actualy remove the dress rims for tyre adjustment. There is a little wobble in the front so I will take the car back for its free wheel alignment to see what is causing it


Great tyer

Always have problems with tyres in the wet right away the tures where great only got them so not sure how long they will last but so far there been great would recommend them to anybody else. I also hot a wheel aliment and its doing great aswell. The people there are so friendly.


3 months in and going strong!

I'm a sucker for going around roundabouts a little fast and wearing down my tyres in less than 12 months.
But the man at Bob Jane promised me these would last 12 with normal driving.
3 months in and i just had them checked for the 10,000km booking... they are doing great!
Great price, solid build and looking amazing.

Car1991 Toyota Corolla

Basic A Little Noisy

I bought Bob Jane All Rounders when the originals needed replacing on our i30 at 70,000kms.
Basic car gets basic tyres. They don't seem quite as grippy as the original Hankooks but the strange thing I have found is a resonant road noise almost exactly at 80kms. It's quite annoying I thought it was just because they were new but three months in and its still there so I am taking a point off for road noise. Other than that they are the basic but adequate tyres you would expect..

CarHyundai i30

Very cheap but you get what you pay for

I drove a friend's bmw e46 320i for a few days and it had these tyres on it, they had a decent amount of tread on them and seemed to ride decently with little road noise, the grip is shocking though as one time i was going around a round about at a reasonable speed and i could hear the outside tyre squealing just about to break loose, I can easily go around that round about at a much faster speed in my own cars with no tyre squeal at all. I was also driving in the wet with my friend in the same bmw and he was going around a roundabout and the slightest touch of the throttle caused both rear wheels to spin, not tread related just tyre related. The car isn't even that powerful.

Car2001 bmw 320i
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Hi Marshall, thanks for getting in contact with us. We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your experience at one of our branches. Please feel free to email us at feedback@bobjane.com.au and we at head office will look into this further for you. Thanks, - The Bob Jane T-Marts Team

Good value tyre

The grip is good in dry conditions, and the tread hasn't worn away much at all yet.
I get decent fuel economy with these on, but nothing too special.

Tyre pressure holds quite well, and the lifetime puncture warranty Bob Jane provided is a good little bonus for someone who has had bad luck with nails on the road like I have!

In the wet they do not grip as well as my previous set of tyres which was Kuhmo brand, but overall I couldn't agree with other posters labelling these as dangerous. They are just a basic, no thrills set of tyres for those on a budget.

Car2011 Holden Cruze

Good in the dry not the best when the roads are wet.

They are durable, road noise is about average for a tire at this price point, the tires have done over 20 000 km and still has plenty of tread and they handle very well on dry roads but if it hasn't rained in a while and you have a rainy day i found them to be slippery when braking slightly around a bend .

CarFord Falcon AU.

Long wearing, slippery when wet!

Fitted to Toyota Corolla 3 years ago, the All Rounders have 98000 kms on them. Still just above wear marker. Good in the dry, squeal when cornering at times. Loose traction easily in the wet, so careful driving required in the wet. Probably wouldn't be the best in an high speed emergency braking situation in the wet.

Car2006 Corolla

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Questions & Answers

I was told at Bob Jane Fountain Gate that the Bob Jane All-rounder is made by Bridgestone, so I went and purchased 6 tyres - is this correct?
2 answers
Hello Ross, It is correct. Please contact feedback@bobjane.com.au if you would like to discuss further. JoseThank you Jose for your answer.. Cheers, Ross

Are these tyres directional?
No answers

Bought 4 tyres from bob jane Darwin. Have a van with suv tyers as the plackard says it needs. I told bob jane what car it is. They also fitted them to the car. I found out after leaving that they are passenger car tyres with a lower load rating. I rang up and was told they can fix it at $80 per tyre extra. I said this is unacceptable as they are professionals apparently and should know how to know what tyres are needed. Since then i have filed a complaint with the ACCC. Waiting to hear a response.
2 answers
You say you have a van then say you told Bob Jane what 'car' it is and had 'them fitted to the car'. I am still confused whether you have a van or a car. Maybe they were confused what you wanted also. Does the $80 per tyre extra relate to the price difference between what they fitted and what you now expect them to fit? If so that would be a reasonable extra amount.Hello NMFC90, For the matter to be investigated, please provide your registration or invoice number to feedback@bobjane.com.au Jose