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Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion

Dark and Light/Medium
2.8 from 46 reviews

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Waste of money

First I had tried the light/medium tan which i found applied well with the mitt but didnt last. So purchased the Dark tan (I am pale) used the bondi sands exfoliating glove and then applied with mitt and left tan on for 6 hrs as it states. Went to have a shower and it all came off, I looked exactly the same as before I tanned! Would not recommend, also I found that the mitt had absorbed most of the tan aswell when applying.

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesYes

Beautiful colour!

Impressed with the colour and how long it lasted on my skin. Usually I need to wash off and scrub within 3 days but the tan lasted at least 8 days! Happy customer!

Purchased in August 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesNo

Made my skin break out terribly.

Definitely not for me. Applied as per instructions and it caused my skin to break out in tiny red bumps. Instead of being able to show a beautiful glow, I felt embaressed and didnt bother to go out that weekend.

Purchased in March 2019.

Causes Irritation Yes
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesYes


Applied dark tan as it should’ve been starting with 24hr prior exfoliating, shaving, moisturizing etc. then pre wash no lotion prior to application etc. Applied 3 generous pumps to mitt for each area used up down motion followed instructions waited 6hrs prior to reshowering & did this 3 times 3 days in a row resulting in only a very faint color. Third attempt the tan just washed right off on the white bar of soap but the nasty sweaty dog feet smell sure stuck around! Only spot color stayed was my scars & under my boobs (no relation) which finally started rubbing off after I got sweaty working out a week later & that smell got worse!

The adds are absolutely deceiving showing women dark after first use! Emailed company about this asking HOW is it possible your models get SO dark after ONE use?! Response back was it MUST be user error & wanted a photo and/or video of me applying the tan and didn’t even answer my question. I get it it’s what they sell but that’s very unnecessary to require photo/video prof of the product NOT working as advertised & kind of invasive. She also requested the UPC & batch # from the bottle which goes to prove they don't actually READ customer emails because I had included ALL of that info in the first email!

The positives: Smells coconut like BEFORE leaving it on & its extremely easy to apply.
The negatives: Everything else about it.

Purchased in March 2019 for $24.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneMedium/Olive Skin
Stains ClothesYes

My absolute favourite!

This tan is the best I have ever used. I am extremely white and this makes me look like I have a natural tan. Its so easy to apply as you can see where it goes on, I use their mit as well. The drying time is almost instant and the smell is lovely!

Perfect SUNKISSED tan

My tan looked so good like it was real and I didt get that same smell as a normal fake tan. My tan lasted 8 days, I used the Bondi sands gradual tanner after each shower and patted myself dry. All round great product!!

Very little difference

I had been using the dark foam but found that the tan went very patchy after the 4th day, so I switched the the lotion hoping it would be more moisturising. Slept in the tan overnight, I was a really nice shade by the time I woke up. Then I washed it off.....and any colour that was in my skin disappeared! So annoyed as this cost me $20. Won't buy again.

Does nothing.

Quick application, 5 minutes. The tan has no effect what’s so ever, after the shower my skin was the same colour as before application. Better off to invest in St Tropez.


I tried Bondi because everyone was raving about it! Applied it and it smells like the ultimate gross fake tan smell lol!!! It turned me green!!!! So I tried it again a week later and I was green again haha! Maybe it’s something in my skin that reacts with the tan perhaps. It’s a 0 from me in my opinion haha!

Is the tanning lotion ment to be green?

So i brought this tan about a week ago for first time as everyone kept saying was the best one and what a let down it was. I opened the bottle myself took the silver foil off started squeezing it out and its green!! Googled if it was ment to be like that so not so orange and had different answers so tried it anyways and yep its defiantly green the water was green as i rinsed it off in the morning and it hardly took anywhere. I have email sandi bonds to have no reply at all. I understand sometimes batches are off but the fact you cant even speak to someone and send back for a replacement when its not cheap in the first place has put me off buying again. Customer service needs to up their game if you want to keep your customers

It's okay

Blends okay but I've used other ones that were more natural in colour. I expected better quality for the price. Tan doesn't last very long. It's a shame as I purchased it reading reviews else where.

Completely useless- no effect whatsover after several all day and overnight applications

This doesn't work at all. I'm not mad about the smell either but that's a matter of taste. What is a matter of fact is that I am as pale and milky as when I started using this. I've been using self-tanners for years so I know the drill - I have exfoliated and dired off and applied liberally and carefully for several days in a row. Nothing. Whatsover.


You have to blend really well and find the right colour for your skin in order for it to look natural. I use the the Bondi Sands Self tanning foam in Dark as well as the tanning mitt and tanning makes me look skinner! I highly recommend Bondi Sands, even youtube stars use it.

Artificial looking

I just didn't feel the colour was natural looking. For the price I expected more of a quality product. The tan also didn't wear very evenly, I always make sure i exfoliate well before applying my tan so I get a decent amount of wear but this only lasted two days.

Officially Boycotted

As if the Tan Eraser wasn’t one of the biggest and most pathetic let downs in product history, this one managed to upstage it.

I’ve used BS for many years and all it toom was this experience to turn me off it forever. I bought the “Ultra Dark” mousse. I lathered it on my skin and was shocked to see it completely liquify on my skin before my eyes.

It dripped ALL OVER my bathroom floor. Considering I’d already made a mess, I did another 3 layers and left it on for 6 whole hours.

I washed it off in the shower and was furious. I was just as white as I was before putting the product on.

What an absolute scam. You’re dead to me BS. Your brand is going downhill. Bye bye Felicia!

Brilliant, my go to from a 20+year fake tanner!

Have tried numerous brands over the last 20 years or more. This is the first tan I have actually received compliments on for the scent lol!
The colour is great, always get comments on how naturally tanned I look, not orange at all and you can even mix it in with your body moisteriser (any brand) if you want a more gradual build up of colour. Never steaks for me, I apply with gloves, works like a charm.
And when priceline have a 40-50% off sale it's an absolute steal!

Waste of money

Salesperson at Priceline recommended this one to me. I was looking for a tan for dance comps, I layered it on for about 3 days in a row. Hated it. Smelly, streaky, drying, colour didn't last. I was going to just use up the tube so I didn't waste money, but I ended up throwing it away. Sent feedback to Bondi Sands and had absolutely no response. Never a good sign.

Excellent product, looks like an authentic Greek tan

I've never had problems applying this tan, however it is a bit thicker than other tans i've used before. I purchased this product last week as I did not get a tan after my recent Europe trip and had to be back in the office the day after I arrived. After applying 3 layers the night before, almost everyone had noticed that I was considerably darker than before I left for my trip. By the way, I just came back from Greece like 3 days ago

Worst tan

This is the worst ran I have ever used.
The smell is so over powering br far
I am a fan of fake tan & this is the worst by far

Don't buy this one

I've never had problems applying tan, but this one is very hard to apply. It dries instant and is hard to spread, but leaves a sticky layer after application. Would definitely suggest to use foam tan as it is easier to apply.

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Questions & Answers

is it normal for the first application of the lotion to make you look green??
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Why is my dark coming out of tube black colour
No answers

How do you rinse off the tan after applying? Just getting under warm water and not using soap, or you do use soap?
1 answer
Just a quick warm shower, no soap as the tan will continue to process


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