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Excellent outcome

After my machine machine failed due to an electrical fault i lodges a service request through the online portal. I didn't hear anything back from them so spoke the the customer service team. The technicians were extremely busy and came out following a 2 week wait. Once the technician came out he determines it was a manufacturing fault and said that Bosch would replace the machine and refund the service fee even though the machine was out of warranty. The machine itself while it worked was brilliant and am looking forward to receiving my new one.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo

Poor customer service, no response - been a month trying to replace Dishwasher under warranty

Hi there a job was logged by the out going vendor to get a Dishwasher fixed. Bosch had a technician come out on 26 Apr and said parts are missing. Parts were ordered and almost been a month. After going back and forth it was agreed to replace the Dishwasher on 13 May as we have tenants moving in. I contacted them again today as we next week and have had no response yet. I called this morning again and was told someone will call me to give an update. It has left me no choice but to post the review re the service. Booking Ref #970327644

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi RKK, thanks for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you've had a bad customer experience. This is certainly not what we want our customer to have. We are currently investigating this matter using the reference number provided, and will be in touch shortly. Kind regards Bosch Home Australia.

Terrible customer service

Logged a service request for a dryer over two weeks ago and was asked to send through photos. Sent them through on the same day and have had no response since, even after I sending a follow up email.

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Customer Service
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Hi kated, Thanks for your review. We appreciate the feedback. We're so sorry about the issues you have encountered, this is certainly not the experience we want our customers have. In order to protect our customer's privacy, we're unable to discuss your personal information online.  If you could email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH5453 in the subject line. We’ll investigate further for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.Done. Funny that I've waited 16 days and had no a service request, however I get a reply on a negative review within the hour.Hi kated, Again we do apologies for your experience. We an assure you our team will be passing on the feedback to the relevant department. I can see you have emailed in, thank you. We will be in touch shortly. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Product is great but poor after sales service

Like most Australian based businesses once they have your money they don't care about after sales service. I lodged a service call and was advised in writing (i.e text message) that someone would contact me within 24-48 hours to arrange service call time. 72 hours later still nothing.

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGood Guys Brighton
Hi Mark,  Thanks for your review, we appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Bosch appliance and the service received. We'd like to help, if email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH5329 in the subject line we’ll investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home AustraliaMy Reference# is 0970326192. A further update for you....I contacted Bosch Servicing yesterday and got the usual pre-recorded nonsense....”your call is important to us” rubbish and so I left a message asking Bosch to return my call....its Friday morning and still no response.P.S. You should be contacting me!!!

Appalling post sale service

Spoke at length to customer service representative regarding our problem with clothes dryer. Send email detailing issue along with photos as requested. No response several days later. Disgraceful. We have a house full of Bosch appliances. Never again.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Hi Catherine,  Thanks for your review, we appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear about the customer service received regarding your Bosch Dryer. We'd like to help, if you can email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH5151 in the subject line and we’ll investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.Did as you requested yesterday. Still no update!!!Hi Catherine, In order to protect our customer's privacy, we're unable to discuss your personal information online. Our team has replied back to your email enquiry about the requested part. If you could kindly review and advise further. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Bosch Website has very limited information for After-sale Help -Sydney area

10th April 2019: After reading this product review Website, decided on a Bosch WAW29460AU washing machine, brought it online with Appliance-on-line earlier on this week. Because of very bad experience with my previous $1600, 7 year old "Mi..l." German made machine, I am anxious to find out "What to do if Bosch fail me within the Warranty period", given I need to use the machine daily. I filed an online enquiry form, 2 days later received a returned call from +441536431190 (a UK phone No), the woman identified as Sara and started telling me .... at the time, I was engaged in a web-conversation, so I asked her to call me back later. She was reluctant but agreed. So far, no phone call return. Goggle search found NO authorised service partner repairer in Sydney, nor there is any information if Bosch has it's own Tech to help. Goggle Reviews on Bosch are BAD. I am now absolutely uncertain if I made the right choice for the Bosch Washing machine.

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationAppliance-on-line
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Hi happyrabbit_,  We're sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the decision made. In order to protect our customer's privacy, we're unable to discuss your personal information online.  If you could email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH5118 in the subject line. We’ll investigate further for you. Or you can call us on 1300 369 744 to discuss.  Regards, Bosch Home Australia

NEW Bosch oven

I was building a new house so I wanted to have a nice big kitchen with the best appliance we could afford. I did my research & choice magazine recommended the Bosch appliance at the time so we upgraded & went with all Bosch products in the kitchen.
My oven is only 6 months old & I probably only used it a dozen times when it stopped working. I organise a service guy to come out to repair it 3 weeks ago & I’m still waiting!! They cancel my appointment to fix it because they don’t have the part & I just have to wait until they get it. It’s a NEW oven that has only been used a few times, please explain why???
Your customer service is terrible sending me one text to call you. Without explaining that it’s about the appointment I booked.. is not good enough at least send a text message to call & say it’s about the service appointment you have booked. Not a gernetic message you send to everyone, you make so much money but you can’t afford customer service, I took the day off work to stay home & wait for him to never arrive. When I called to find out where was my service guy I was told we text you 4 days ago to cancel the appointment because we don’t have to part & we will call you when we have it... still waiting...

Product Quality
Customer Service
Store LocationHarvey Norman
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Hi Unhappy customer,  Thanks for your review, we appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Bosch oven We'd like to help, if you can email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH5073 in the subject line we’ll investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia


I purchased a Bosch 8kg front loading washing machine on 16/1/16.  It was my first washing machine purchase after saying goodbye to a Whirlpool top-loader that serviced my family of four for over 20 years. The Bosch machine stopped working last month, just over 3 years since purchase. The technician who came out to look at the machine said it was in immaculate condition & it was obvious I’d looked after it. We are only a two person household now, so it has certainly not been overworked! But the door locking mechanism has stopped working, which has led to a problem with the electronics and I am now facing a $700.00 cost if I want to have the machine repaired. As a single income household, we can’t afford to throw good money after bad, so I am now appliance shopping again.
I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a longer life span on an appliance whose “quality German design and engineering” should mean that it is durable. And, it is all good and well to boast of energy efficiency and awards for environmental excellence, but that doesn’t benefit the planet when an appliance has to be thrown out after only 3 years! Bosch, your product has been a huge disappointment!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHarvey Norman Forster NSW
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Hi Tammy B.  Thanks for your review, we appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Bosch washing machine We'd like to help, if email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH5067  in the subject line we’ll investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia

Bosch 4 washing machine from hell

6 mths old washing sheets takers 1 hour and 5mins on easy care. What its energy rated 4 and 4 water saving I look in the window and think there isn't enough water. I brought this washing as we were given $200 a.u. energy saving . Never again. The towels are to wet and are hard as boards. I tried less soap, vinegar fabric solferner new towels I also tryed different cycles. And at some cycles to noisey. Last washing machine lasted 19 yrs loved it. Don't buy this machine

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Hi Pamela Lang,  Thanks for your review, we appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Bosch washing machine. We'd like to help, if email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com and we’ll investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home AustraliaWhat are you going to do about the washing machine ?

Appalling Service

I bought a Bosch Dishwasher and Washing machine several years ago. Recently both appliances stopped working. I called the customer service team at Bosch and they referred me to their external representative to come out and do a service call. I was contacted by the outsourced company and was spoken to very rudely and they were unprofessional in their approach to me. None the less I needed someone to come out to my home to investigate the issues with my appliances. They decided they wanted to charge me 2 call out fees for one visit because I had 2 appliances. I questioned this and they reduced one charge by 50%. I reluctantly agreed. Total cost $253 just for the call out. They came out and were at my home for 30mins and did not even touch the appliances. They stared at them and made an assessment without even trying a thing or even turning them on. Their conclusion was I needed parts but if they don't fix it then they will come back and review again. They asked for payment and I paid. They left. I took it upon myself to Google the part they mentioned on my dishwasher and low and behold as soon as I undid the valve and did it up again it fixed my problem. The technician could have done this but did nothing. So I was charged $253 for the tech to do nothing. I approached the Bosch Customer service team to request a refund of the service fee I paid as they did nothing and charged me anyway. Bosch agreed to refund me as a gesture of good will but I had to supply them the receipt I paid. I did and then they told me that was not adequate. What they needed from me was proof of purchase of both appliances. I did not have that as it was several years ago. I was not asking for a refund on my appliances or claiming on a warranty. I simply wanted a refund on the fee I paid for a service call where they did absolutely nothing. After backwards and forwards with emails I called them again. Still to be told they cannot refund me unless I produce receipts for proof of purchase of both appliances for audit and compliance purposes. I tried to talk it through with them that there is no way for me to produce those receipts but I have produced the receipt for the service I paid for and that is what I was asking the refund for. They still would not accommodate me. I asked to speak to a manager of which I was told they were all in a meeting. Clearly not true. They said they would call me back that day. I have not heard from them. I am disgusted that they would treat their customer in this manner and not provide the refund as promised simply because I cannot provide a proof of purchase on an appliance. My purchase of the appliances has noting to do with the request I am making for the refund of the fee I paid for the service call out. What if I had moved in to a house where the appliance was already there....how would I produce a receipt then? The answer they gave me for this was that I would have to produce the settlement papers on my house. Completely ridiculous. They then proceeded to say that I may be a tenant claiming on this. I said so what if I was, how does that affect anything. I called them to my house they agreed to send someone. I have the appliance in my house and I paid the fee. I told them when I placed the call with them I did not have purchase receipts for the appliances and they had no issue with still sending someone out to me for the service call anyway. They have been completely unreasonable in my request for a refund. I will never be purchasing another Bosch appliance again. I will be recommending to anyone I can to never buy Bosch appliances and explain why. So very disappointed with all of this. Clearly they have no concept of how to treat their customers. I will be escalating my issue.

Product Quality
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Hi Louise,  We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your appliances. In order to protect our customer's privacy, we're unable to discuss your personal information online.  If you could email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH4591 in the subject line. We’ll investigate further for you. Or you can call us on 1300 369 744 to discuss.  Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Excellent service with no fuss

Had an issue with my hot water system within the warranty period. I rung my local rep and was told to call Bosch to raise a job so that it could be done under warranty. Did that, Bosch logged the job with no drama and 5 minutes later a technician called me and said he would be there within the hour. He was. Took 15 minutes to fix the problem and then just left with no fuss. Amazing service. The no fuss, no drama part was what really made this amazing.

Very unhappy old age pensioners

We purchased a Bosch dishwasher when we downsized to a Unit in Oct 2018. Our previous dishwasher was not Bosch, 10 years old when we sold our home. After just 2 years the Bosch dishwasher stopped working error E 19. Our warranty had just elapsed. We are pensioners, we can’t afford to buy faulty equipment. We expected it to last at least 10 years. We booked a serviceman and he was to come out next week, then email to say he won’t be coming out, they have to order parts. Any suggestions, should we go to the Good Guys and advise them to advise customers?

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Hi Doreen,  Thanks for your review, we appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Bosch dishwasher. We'd like to help, if email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH4423 in the subject line we’ll investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia

Don't bother going to the effort of completing an online form

DIshwasher door has failed after 6 weeks of usage - flops straight open. I dutifully filled in every detail on the online form expecting a call back during business hours. Received a confirmation email from Bosch Australia that they had received the form - the call never came, I had to call them - and go through the process of locating the date of purchase and the serial numbers all over again. Advice to Bosch: don't bother providing an online form if you are not going to process them.

Poor Customer Service

Bought a Bosch built-in dishwasher from HNorman which was stated as fitting a space from 820 to 875 mm tall. Our space was 860mm and the legs adjusted so that the top met the under-bench correctly. The supplied matching stainless kick-board was only 90mm which did not fill the gap under which was clearly visible. The Bosch Oz website shows an accessory kick of 150mm at $99 which HN agreed to supply us since they had not mentioned the problem to us. Then HN informed that Bosch no longer supply this accessory and that hardly any other manufacturers now do so. This despite all Miele and AEG on display in HN having 150mm kicks and Miele able to supply one for $55. We sourced a custom kick from a kitchen shop. Bosch need to alert customers to their new policy. On enquiry, Bosch support stated their install instructions were "for experienced installers" since they were cryptic, unintelligible pictograms. Bosch support advice contradicted these "instructions". Will not buy Bosch product again despite being satisfied with the performance of our Bosch washer and dishwasher, let down by lack of customer consideration.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Would give 0 stars if it let me

Renovated my whole kitchen and purchased everything for Bosch. Our oven sat in the Garage for 3 months while I Kitchen was completed. Once it was installed I use the pre set settings. The fan doesn’t turn on and a strong burning plastic smell Started. Grease went everywhere and destroyed the interior on the oven. We had 2 technicians come out, one replacing the seal and the other saying everything is fine. 4 MONTHS ON back and forth with customer service they have say it’s our fault as the smell is from grease.APPARENTLY I can’t tell the difference between grease and plastic. The head office never calls back and when you call the 1300 number they said head office is handling. I have now lodged a complaint with consumer affairs.


We bought a BOSCH SMS Dishwasher and experienced intermittent problems. I spoke to Bosch personnel on their 1300 369 744 number all of whom were friendly and eager to help. The service contractor identified the problem and the dishwasher is operating fantastically. We also own a Bosch frontloading washing machine and other Bosch equipment such as angle grinders and drills. All perform very well and have lasted years. Bosch is a reputable brand which appears to be well supported in Australia when the rare problem is experienced.

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Hi Chris, Thanks for your review. We appreciate the positive feedback, we're glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience with us. If you have any future queries, please feel free to call us on 1300 369 744. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Bosch customer service is ignorant

The customer service is polite but stubborn.
They don’t listen to you .

My Bosch freestanding gas cooker had knob broken with rod that connect to it .

Rang them they said this unit is a recall , don’t worry about knob get the recall fixed gas leek .

I told them I had this for 5 years now .
So let them do it , guy who came cut our gas could not turn on cause we had a minor gas leak , ok that’s a another story for a another day....

Then I rang back to get my gas oven knob replaced , told them I cannot replace it cause plastic rod that goes in is broken too , they said no just buy the knob then when you got it call us to organise a tech.

Paid and got the knob. Rang them asked for tech they kept on saying don’t need to tech.

Then I send out email with pictures . They advices me different part number . I rang told them it’s the wrong part . They apologise and said will send another knob but i said it’s not the knob broken but the rod that connect to the knob.

Then I had few calls back from them , no idea what they were talking about . I JUST WANTED A CORRECT PART AND TECH TO REPLACE IT .

Gave up as my time is more valuable

Failure of product and service

We purchased a Bosch 15 PLC Variodrawer dishwasher on the 12 August. Within 6 weeks an error code had appeared that we could not resolve using the product information. We have new product warranty however the details of who to ring is not clear on the product information. Given this I rang the retailer for advice with my preference to have it replaced given the age. This was denied by The large and well known retailer and I was given a 1300 number which I rang for 2 days only to receive a messages that “due to service difficulties number is unavailable. On ringing store again they agreed to contact Bosch on my behalf and they promised I would receive a call soon which did not happen. Several days had passed so I left a complaint on Bosch’s feedback site to which I finally got a response and phone call advising of the local company who would contact me to come and assess the problem. I was told they would contact me within 48 hours which they didn’t. We rang this company who cannot come to assess the issue for a further 2 weeks. So here we have a dishwasher that will be 2 1/2 months old and it will have been out of action for a month so far. We have continued to contact the large retailer requesting for it to be replaced. They promise to speak to managers and get back to us but this doesn’t happen despite having an extr 3 years warranty purchased from the store.
Moral to our story do not purchase Bosch as the customer service is atrocious and consider fully the integrity of the retailer from which you purchase.

Bosch Service - An Oxymoron

Our (5yr old) Bosch dishwasher threw an error code two weeks ago. After determining that it was beyond my skill-set to fix it, I logged a service request. I got an acknowledgement of my request, but have heard nothing from Bosch since.

Zip, Nada, Nothing.

None of the local repairers support Bosch, so they weren't an option. Before buying any further major appliances, I'll be doing more due-diligence online as to service satisfaction.

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Hi GrandSimon, Thanks for your review, we appreciate your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're yet to hear back. If you give us a call on 1300 369 744 we can get things moving along for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.


Had an oven fail within the warranty period (completely unsafe to use and a fire hazard) and ended up spending 2.5 months going back and forth with Bosch to just get them to honor the warranty. The technician identified manufacturer fault and Bosch finally agreed to a refund after threats of legal dispute. They have then consistently tried to delay payment, introduce new terms to the refund agreement, request statutory declarations etc etc. Shocking customer service. Yet to receive anything. The culture is one where they want to avoid any warranty claims as much as possible and they consistently deny knowledge of the consumer act. NEVER BUY BOSCH AGAIN. AVOID AVOID AVOID. I would go as far as saying that they should be banned and shamed.

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Bosch Super Spark Plug - FR8HDC Anyone fitted them to their Toyota Landcruiser How did they preform? What are they so cheap? Are they over stocked?
1 answer
Hi Vic236,  Thanks for the question regarding your Bosch super spark plug. Please call Bosch Automotive on 1300 307 040   Regards, Bosch Home Australia

Hi, I have a Bosch front loader washing machine, wak24160au. Today, it would not work, no lights , no movement , dead. Its only a few years old, and was wondering if there was a fuse, that I could replace. I took the top cover off, but could not see anything. Any ideas? Regards David [number removed]
2 answers
Hi David, unfortunately I cannot answer your question as I am not a service technician.Hi David JP, Thanks for your question regarding your Bosch WAK24160AU Washing Machine. It sounds like you may require a service. we'd recommend contacting our aftersales team on 1300 369 744 to discuss further. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Bosch condenser dryer avantixx 8kg. I can't get clothes to dry enough to put away without runnning twice. Which is best setting?
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Hi Jill, Thanks for your question regarding your Bosch Dryer. We would recommend using the Very Dry setting. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744 to discuss further. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.Jill, I do not know anything about the dryer you have but seems strange after 2 runnings it is still not dry. try the dry setting - if not get them to check it out.as they Suppose to provide good service to customers- good luckNo help thanks. The dryest setting is "Cupboard Dry" and that still does not dry sufficiently to put in a cupboard without mould developing. Do you even know your product and it's instruction panel?

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