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Bose Soundtouch 10

Bose Soundtouch 10

2.4 from 20 reviews

Unreliable, hard to set up, now died (and it's only one year old).

Trouble from Day One. Setup was fraught, taking many attempts before I established a connection. Frequent dropouts since then, sometimes requiring that i connect this supposedly wireless speaker to my computer via USB and reinstall the driver/software/renew the connection. I thought it was my home wireless that was to blame but a recent new router made no difference. Today the awful thing seems to have died, with all the usual palaver of reconnecting and reinstalling making no difference. I have sent an email to Bose asking for help, but now that I've seen the many awful reviews, I don't have high hopes. Unless I receive a quick and permanent solution, this will be my first and last purchase from Bose.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Bose Soundtouch rubbish

My wife bought the Bose system coupla years ago..and she happily listens to her radio presets. Figured, hey, I'll run some of my playlists through it via wifi. Six hours later after frigging around getting my ASUS T3 Chi tablet to connect to it, reconfiguring sound files into Windows libraries, finally got some sound!! Configuring your own mp3 files so it recognises them and manipulating playlists is a pain. Top it off that There is no fast forward/reverse on the track progress slide bar. Bose: learn from VLC on how to handle/manipulate playlists, get slidebar capability. If I got a 2 star rating from an UBER driver I would be devastated and ashamed.

Purchased in November 2016 for $600.00.

Randomly stops playing

After about a year of good service from my sound touch 10 it started randomly stopping to play maybe it's a bad update. Please if this is an update issue someone fix it. It cost to much to be having these problems after only a year of use. I see others having same problem.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

So many problems. Ripped off.

I never write reviews, however, I am so incredibly disappointed my Soundtouch 10, I've not been able to hold back. If you're a true music listener, don't buy this.
1) Parts of the music missing, assuming they want you to buy another and run them in stereo. Didn't expect this from buying one.
2) The fade in on every song is beyond frustrating
3) Don't even try listening to your seamless albums, they simply won't play right The speaker puts a gap between each song and fades in the next.

Sales person at JB Hi-Fi Indooroopilly has a lot to answer as I walked in knowing what I wanted and he sold me this INFERIOR product. Well annoyed.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


This system will not connect to your wireless system easy. Everything must be by remote control. I was looking a wireless Bose speaker to sync with my Sound Touch and it doesn't sync. Do not purchase this speaker if you are looking wireless and sync to the main system. The distance is only 10 feet, you will need to upgrade your cell phone to 5mg or larger to use. I plan to return the whole system I purchased because it's too difficult and frustrating to navigate with more than one remote. I am not happy with my purchase from Bose. What happen to the old CD music system with touch pads to navigate without being made to use a remote only? I purchased SoundTouchIV with two 10 speakers and I am so frustrated trying to navigate and connect I am returning all the product I purchased. I love Bose sound systems, have had for several years but I like hands on and not just remote control that only expands to 10'. Wanted to have my extra speakers for outside sun room and this just does not work for what I expected.
So frustrated trying to connect for 2 days and hope Bose will make things easier for the people who are not tech savvy. I need a 8 year old to figure this out. Please Bose, think about those who just want great sound who are not 30 years old! Us retired people are the ones spending money on luxury items. I wish I had not purchased because of the frustration it's caused trying to figure this out!

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Worst ever speaker!!!

I have had this speaker for a year and it is one of the most difficult and unpredictable devices I have ever used! Unbelievable that this is a Bose product. The device will often not register bluetooth on several attempts. This morning I had had enough and took a hammer to it. It felt really good. Such a waste of money. Bye Bose!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Bose Soundtouch not as easy as I hoped..

I've been using two Soundtouch 10s with my Bose SA-5 wifi system for over six months now. Connectivity is by far the biggest problem with these devices. And I'm also frustrated that I can't play my music library direct from my mobile, only from my laptop (when it's turned on). Sonos can do this so why not Bose?
I would estimate that I've spent maybe a dozen hours over the last 6 months months disconnecting and reconnecting my Soundtouch system (and I'm not a tech dummy). Hopefully the software improves with future updates but Sonos seems to be far superior other than the fact the SA-5 delivers double the watts per channel (apparently) and I do like the multiple presets of the soundtouch.
In conclusion, no complaints about the sound once connected but the Soundtouch has a long way to go for being user friendly...

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Useless - don’t bother

Once you get them to work the sound is good ... if you don’t give up first! It’s a lottery - one day one will work, one day another, rare occasions - both! Bose should be ashamed to have their brand on such rubbish. This morning, again, as she was getting out of bed my partner asked me to play some music while she got ready for work (she has long ago given up trying to work them herself but I’ve got a degree with honours in electrical engineering, so I won’t admit defeat). Around 25 minutes later they started to play as she grabbed her keys and left. I’ve bought some dodgy tech in my life (I was once an early adopter) ... but the Bose soundtouch has the widest gap between the promise and the delivery I have ever experienced (and I once owned an Apple Newton!).

Date PurchasedJun 2016

App won't find speakers

All of the good points of this device are completely undone because the app on the mobile device disconnects with the speakers meaning you can't play music.

I like the sound. I like that it is compact. I like that it integrates with spotify. I like that you can connect via blue tooth and wifi.

But this doesn't make up for the frustration of the continued disconnection and inability to reconnect.

Bose know they have a problem as the feedback option asks if the app disconnects and asks if the speaker cannot be found. They appear to be incapable of fixing the problem.

Don't buy this device until they fix this problem.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great sound if only you could use them when you wanted

These speakers have great sound I bought 3 for at home, at first they were great but now every time I want to turn on it’s, can’t find your speakers on the net work or your app needs to update or speaker needs to update its software or you need to reboot and reconnect your speaker very very annoying I just want to listen to music. Buy something else they aren’t cheap and defeats the purpose if you can’t flick them on and listen to music.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

So hit and miss you'll tend to give it a miss.

The Bose Soundtouch 10 looks great and has a big sound for it's size but don't rely on it. Switch it on to listen to a digital radio station and it might come on and fill the room with sound...or it might not. Who knows? It's so hit and miss you soon become so frustrated that you give it a miss.

The phone app constantly wants to upgrade software and can sit there for over an hour trying to upgrade with no result. This happens on both an iphone7 or a Galaxy S8 so we can't blame the phones the apps are installed on. We also have a very fast and reliable internet connection and our Bose is only a matter of a few metres from the Wi-Fi transmitter.

The app is very poorly designed...even amateurish I would say and is not intuitive at all...confusing in fact.

The bluetooth function is also unreliable often failing to connect for no apparent reason.

Also the sound on this speaker is very very muffled with almost a total of treble and there is no ability to adjust tonal qualities at all. I have had visitors even mention this while the speaker has been playing one even asking if I had put a blanket over the speaker.

If you do get the Wi-Fi connected and working it has an annoying habit of dropping out for around a second about once every minute or so. Who knows what causes this?

I was going to purchase a second one of these speakers to have stereo but I just don't trust their technology and I doubt it would work properly. It's very disappointing as I have bought quite a bit of Bose product in the past.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good sound quality

This was a gift from a friend. What I like about it is the sound it produces. It’s very rich and full of bass from a very small form factor. The pain point is setup process and their mobile app. It is very confusing and hard to use. However once you passed that you should be ok.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

This is perfect & we just love it.

We bought our Bose on Jan 2nd. It's a fantastic piece of Audio equipment. We love the idea that we can expand throughout the home if needed.
Wifi connection for playing downloaded music off my phone is very convenient & looks great on our unit. We are very happy fist time Bose owners.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good but costly.

It's an addition to my other sound touch devices at home. Good if you can grab it at deals. Sound quality is good for the size. But I would recommend FDY Wal sound which is cheaper and half the price. I have 6 Bose devices at home and it's good when you have all other devices same brand.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good little speaker but ....

Quite a good little speaker but potential buyers shkuld be aware that while Bose advertisers that its compatible with Spotify music it will only function if you have a Spotify premium or paid account . I would not have bothered if I had known this . However it seems to work with free Deezer music which i have just started trying

By the way when we bougt it and took it home and discovered the remote and a cable were missing. JBhifi promptly replaced it. Check box before you leave the store.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

sounds good

I bought these, they sound great as you would expect from Bose. The software and connections are slow and laggy though. Even playing via Bluetooth from my phone with two of them paired, there is a delay when changing songs/volume. I wouldn't buy them again.

I bought these, they sound great as you would expect from Bose. The software and connections are slow and laggy though. Even playing via Bluetooth from my phone with two of them paired, there is a delay when changing songs/volume. I wouldn't buy them again.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Big, clear sound, versatile too.

Very versatile speakers, flick between high quality WIFI, to bluetooth or even 1.5mm cable inputs. Once set up, they are easy to use, pairing has not been a problem across both apple and android devices. The Bose software is a bit clunky, I cant seem to locate all songs from my itunes library which in WIFI mode the bose app syncs to. Other than that, really lovely, well balanced stereo sound that makes your stop in your tracks.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Too many updates

I gave this unit a big rap eighteen months ago ago when I purchased it but Im tired of the endless updates of the app. It seems that every time I turn it on now I have to update the app which takes 20 minutes. It is almost impossible to use any more. Pity.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Not bad but probably better value elsewhere

Got this on points from my CC Reward scheme. Bose products are usually of high quality and good design and this is what I expected. Design wise it's a little ordinary, quality wise I've yet to make up my mind. Having said that the sound quality is not as bad as some reviews I'd read before. The bose app does leave a little to be desired but with the new upgrade it's again not too bad. Have to agree that the internet services offered are limited but the set up process (while not being intuitive) is pretty painless after overlooking some quirks.
Overall I'm happy with it and like the presets which can be programmed but I don't think I'd be as happy if I had to pay the retail price.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Disappointment from high expectations

While Bose possess a reputation of quality, I would suggest this particular item falls short of this standard.
After setting it up and connecting via Bluetooth, so as to test the unit as quickly as possible, it was soon obvious that something was missing from the quality of the audio of this unit. The sound is rather flat in the bass end and hollow and tinny at the top end. This was playing DSD128 audio files with Onkyo's Hi Res Audio App through bluetooth. While it cant be expected internet services to provide as high a quality it further exaggerated the disappointment.
This then leads to the internet services. The unit says it is WiFi and internet service compatible. This DOES NOT include Google Cast, and only provides a limited number of mostly subscription based services, particularly Spotify. While it does have multi room capability I do not intend on purchasing any other compatible devices.
The reason I purchased this particular item was how impressed I was with the Sony SRS-X33 and mistakenly assumed the Bose Soundtouch would exceed this standard.
While I did purchase this item online from Videopro, and got it for a reasonable price compared to the RRP I would have preferred to pay extra for the Sony SRS-X Hi-Res series.

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