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Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution

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Can't live without it, use it for everything!!!!

Eucalyptus Solution is amazing, I use it for everything.
Use solution in washing machine to help with freshness, use in mop bucket, kids baths when sick to help with their sinus system. Also put it in the humidifier in kids rooms.

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Hi AbiG, thanks so much for writing this review! We're glad you love our Eucalyptus Solution, it really is so versatile isn't it. We love the tip of adding to kids' bath for sinus issues. Thanks again & best of health to you and your family, Kind Regards Bosistos.

Excellent for many uses

I use it in conjunction with white vinegar for my rinse in the washing machine, it makes everything smell so fresh!

Perfect for cleaning washing machine.

Eucalyptus solution is absolutly perfect for cleaning smelly washing machine.

Simple to use, no need to leave inside overnight, like other harsh chemical cleaners. Shortest washing cycle was enough. In the past i tried to use baking soda, or epsom salts, without any results. Therefore i am so very happy with this wonerful product.
perfect for cleaning smelly washing machine.
It is difficult to buy in Perth. Should be in every supermarket in cleaning section.

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Hi Anna - what a great use! Thanks for stopping by and letting us (and everyone else) know. The Solution is also fantastic for cleaning out wheelie bins, toilets and any other messy, smelly jobs - it's also great for mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom. We could go on and on!

Questions & Answers

Hi I have a cleaning business and I use Eucalyptus solution on stone, marble and granite. Would it damage or effect these surfaces if use it long term? I am a bit concerned? Please get back to me asap. Thanks, Beth
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Hi Bethany Our eucalyptus solution contains around 20% pure essential oil. It should be fine on the surfaces you've mentioned, however we don't recommend using the product on unsealed, porous, damaged, cracked or worn surfaces. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Hi just wondering can I use the eucalyptus oil solution in the bath with my kids?
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Hi there We wouldn't recommend this, as part of the formula is alcohol-based which helps the oil dissolve. It won't be harmful at all but due to the alcohol content may sting in any small cuts/ scrapes. For the bath we recommend a few drops of the pure oil, or to mix pure oil with epsom salts and then add to their bath. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Can you use the eucalyptus solution in a vapourizer please?
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Hi bec - no, vaporisers are very touchy - the only liquid you should use in them is a water soluble inhalant specifically for vaporisers. We have one called Bosisto's Eucosteam Inhalant which is designed specially for use in vaporisers. You can buy this at Priceline stores nationally or online at www.bosistos.com.au. Vicks and Euky Bear also make vaporiser inhalants. Always follow the manufacturer's directions or you may void your warranty. Hope this helps, Bosisto's.

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