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Gumption Multi Purpose Cleanser

Latest review: We have been using Gumption for cleaning the white surfaces on our boat after a suggestion from another boatie. It's perfect ! It brings everything back to life - and it's not harmful so we can use

Jif Cream

Latest review: Been using this product for long time, great cleaning product however the one I purchased recently is quite watery, my last one (old version?) was much thicker, double amount used for same result

Selleys Original Sugar Soap

Latest review: I have used this sugar soap for years! Washing walls and floors - no bubbles, but it gets rid of the grease in a couple of wipes. I used it on top of the kitchen cupboard to get rid of that

Earth Choice Multi Purpose

Latest review: I purchased this to try to reduce the chemicals in my house, but this did not remove any greasy residue whatsoever. All there was to clean was a bit of oil spatter across the cooktop & benchtop from

Ajax Spray n' Wipe

Latest review: Ajax Spray and Wipe is the perfect product for household cleaning as it's anti-bacterial and rips through dirt and stains. Dissolves grease in seconds. Ajax Spray and Wipe is the best product i have

Orange Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Latest review: I have been using it for 20 odd years to clean my specs. Ran out once and used Windowlene, ruined my lenses. Always keep a spare bottle now. Best product I have

30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away

Latest review: I purchased the 30 seconds roof cleaner in a 5 litre container from Bunnings for $39 and I found it was a dud. I applied as per instructions onto my clay roof tiles. left it for 12 weeks and no

White King All Purpose Bleach

Latest review: The trigger action lasted for 1cm and then stopped working. Removed and cleaned the trigger but nothing. I had to use a bottle of a different brand with a reliable sprayer. Disappointing as it is

CLR Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner

Latest review: Disappointed as I felt it made very little difference and used it multiple times. Followed the instructions as advised, wasted of money unfortunately, also has a very strong odour even with fan

Stain Go Stain Remover

Latest review: Have used this on a wide variety of stains that failed to be shifted by other products, including my mother in law! It does require repeated applications and a lot of "dabbing" BUT IT

Pine O Cleen Complete Clean Multi Purpose

Latest review: Hi I think you should get new ad people. The two ads you are showing ,the dog one and the coaster one make me feel ill. I don't think I can use your products

CLR All Purpose Cleaner

Latest review: CLR doesn't work on anything it states. False advertising Waste of time and money. What rubbish! I have tried CLR a few times trying to con once myself that it worked as it says on the TV Advert and

Pine O Cleen All In 1 Disinfectant Wipes

Latest review: As a male that does the grocery shopping I will avoid your products as the Tv ad involving a filthy bar coaster ,is disgusting.If the same ad was made involving a woman it would have to be withdrawn.

Vin A Clean Cleaning Vinegar

Latest review: Use it all the time in our religious meeting place. There are no allergic reaction from it by any sensitive people. It is great product. Safe to use in our

Glitz Calcium Scale and Rust

Latest review: Since the construction work done on our street, our water has been a little bit rusty. It left our toilet bowl with a nasty rust stain "line" from where the water comes from to the water in the


Latest review: I've been using Nifti for as long as I can remember - on everything from grease stains on furniture to burned food in my oven. The only problem is, a refill is very hard to find - usually have to

Citro Clean Multi-urpose

Latest review: Amazing product. Have used and reccommended it for years. Spray on stubborn stains before washing clothes, safe on stone benches, removal of dark carpet stains, even pet urine, great disenfectant.

Coles Stainless Steel Wipes

Latest review: The Coles Stainless Steel Wipes have been the best I have found so far. They work so well for removing spills and sticky little finger prints off the front of my fridge. I swear I can’t live without t

Mclintocks Vanilla Fridge Wipe

Latest review: The stuff is great, I use it to clean my kitchen benches, my fridge, microwave and many other surfaces. It smells delicious, leaves a fresh scent in the fridge and microwave and apparently it’s food s

Glitz Green Eucalyptus

Latest review: For years I've been searching for a natural eucalyptus based cleaner. I picked this product up at my local Bunnings Warehouse on the recommendation of the friendly service staff. This is by far the

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