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Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray

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Very good.

I use the little pump spray on all cuts and sunburn, it works great. But NEVER spray it on your manhood. Got a bit sunburnt while on a beach with the Mrs..Talk about great balls of fire for about 2 minutes after application. Will still use it and recommend it, just never use it down below.

Purchased in February 2019.

Value for Money
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement

Highly recommend this

I have been buying this for a while now. I'm seeing it more and more now being stocked. It's got so many uses and I love the smell. It's a little pricey but it lasts for a long time. I've had a little trouble getting the lid off and also had a dodgy spray nozzle but they are easy to replace. I have only just found the natural antiseptic spray after 6 months of searching for it so can be hard to find that one.

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Thankyou so much for your wonderful feedback Kylie! Kind Regards, Bosisto's.


Love eucalyptus spray. We usually spray in shoes, on lounges and on bed sheets/mattress for a quick freshen up. I collect secondhand books and sometimes you will get sticker gunk on covers, little eucalyptus spray and cotton ball... brand new.

Multiple uses, endless really and it smells so good. I wish it was a little cheaper because I would use it more often.

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Hi jord Thankyou so much for your wonderful review of Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray! Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

A staple in our household

This is a must in our house! I use it as a pre-stain (or smell) removal before a wash, I use it refresh the place & as a cleaning agent across benches, seats, car, pet bedding & anything else! It's a great fresh smell & quite economical. I love that I'm supporting an Aussie made & owned company! Thank you Bosostos :-)

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Thankyou for the wonderful review, Lisa! Glad you love our Eucalyptus Spray :) Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Pretty good

Usually buy this bositos eucalyptus spray from the local chemist though, the latest container I bought from the Woolworths supermarket.
It's a good alternative to the sprays that contain hefty ingredients but, gotta make sure shake it before use so I usually spray it in the toilet and improves the odours

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Thankyou for the feedback & review Brian. Much appreciated :) Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Humming & Harring !

Great product but, why are supermarkets and pharmacies selling it for $9.99 to $10.99 when they pay $2.72 ?. Anyway, my solution is 10 drops of Eucalyptus solution (purchased from Aldi @ $4 for 150ml) added to 1L of water in a sprayer and based on this I will get the equivalent of 147 cans of Bosisto's for $4 only. Easy maths, same smell and results, savings = $1611.53

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Hi Paul Thankyou for your review! It's excellent that you've found such a thrifty way to use eucalyptus oil. Just wanted to correct that our supermarkets definitely don't buy the spray for $2.72 - it's a premium natural product and the mark up to the consumer is a lot less. Also, while a DIY in a spray bottle is great for many uses Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray has distinct advantages - for example it's able to kill 99.99% common household germs on surfaces, a lab tested claim. This is something that's unique to the aerosol spray format and makes it a great natural alternative to synthetic disinfectants like Glen 20. Thankyou for your comments & feedback. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Best product in my house

Cannot live without this product. Besides killing any smells in my house it leaves a beautiful fresh scent without all the watery residue like air fresheners leave. Love love love it!!!!

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Thankyou for your lovely review Mandabelle! We're glad you love using our Eucalyptus Spray. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Absolutely a must have in my house

I use this in so many ways, love the smell too. It is great for use with my arthritis ... spraying the body where the pain is and within minutes it is minimized or gone. Have a can in my car, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen :D .... use it all the time. Also recommend the lozenges ... wonderful :D

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Thankyou for your wonderful review Rayleen, we're so glad to hear the Spray has helped your health and freshened your home. We've passed on your kind feedback to the team. Thankyou for your support of Bosisto's!

Love this stuff!

My daughter in law introduced me to this (well I saw it on her kitchen sink) I love it, smells fresh and does everything it says on the label. It's great for cleaning stainless steel as well as seems to leave it conditioned.


My boss referred me to this product and I now rave about it to all my friends and family.
It smells fantastic and disinfects everything. We use at work & I use at home. I travelled interstate just recently and bought a can for family there! They absolutely love it too!

miracle cure,

I use the eucalyptus lavender and tea tree spray for all itches and sores, works everytime, love it, my spray top is easy to use, I do not use spray can, small spray bottle is easy to use,

A fantastic product to keep around the house!

In my line of work I need to keep the place exceptionally clean and sanitised. I like to use cleaning products that smell good and are proven to do their jobs, but aren't completely bad for the environment or our health. This has been an absolute godsend for that last disinfection before I start work, and since I started using it all my customers have commented repeatedly on how nice the place now smells.

This Eucalyptus spray is a great product!

This Eucalyptus spray is a great product! So many uses. I work in a facility where the spread of germs is a major issue. I disinfect all keypads - phones, photocopiers, printers, sign-on keypad, and any surfaces which are continually being touched, to stop the spread of colds, flu and viruses. Smells great and disinfects at the same time. I also find it wonderful in removing marker pen from my wooden desk top, and removing sticky labels from folders or other office equipment. Wouldn't be without it!
A point made by another reviewer was that the plastic lid is difficult to remove. This is very true! It's so hard to remove that I tend to leave it off once I've managed to remove it. Perhaps something with a screw-action to open and close?
It is more expensive than other sprays - but so much better that it is worth every cent.

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Hi Dianne, thankyou for your wonderful review! Feedaback about the spray's cap has been noted & passed on. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to review Bosisto's.

Good product but .....

As I get older and my hands are not as strong I can not get the top off the spray can.

Had a new can and had to knock the top off, this broke the spray nozzle and made the item unusable, its expensive so its very annoying.

If you have any sort of hand weakness you may have problems, so if you don't have anyone around who can get the top off for you it might be better to look for Eucalyptus oil in a different package.

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Hi Cal, we're sorry to hear you had an issue opening your can of Eucalyptus Spray. The aerosol cap is standard for this size can and you'll find the same on most spray products, but admittedly can be difficult. In future (or if anyone else has this problem) we're happy to issue a replacement if you've broken the spray trying to get it open. Just phone our customer service team (during business hours) on 1800 655 841. ps. For reference, we can also send our elderly customers "non-child-proof" caps to replace the childproof ones which can be difficult to remove from our oils, too.

This is the best eucalyptus spray.

This is the best eucalyptus spray. I use it for just about everything from airing my bedding to spray my carpets, cuts its the all rounder that I have come across.
The only negative is that I heve trouble finding it. I know that chemist warehouse stocks it some times, also Woolworth but for some reason I can not seem to find at my shopping centre and I have to go to the chemist to get it. Well it's long lasting and leaves your home smelling wonderful I always get compliments when I use it.

Hi there kerrie. We hope you'll find the Spray is now more widely stocked - it's in most Chemist Warehouses, Coles and Woolworths supermarkets (make sure you look on the bottom shelves in the medicinal aisle!) and any chemist can order it in for you, if they don't have it. Alternatively, we now sell online... you might like to check out our special online bundle deals at www.fgb.com.au ("Shop Now" tab). Hope this helps, and hope you continue to enjoy using the Spray!Thank you I no longer have any problems buying it now and my cupboard is well stocked . The smell brings back childhood memories of my grandmother who used eucalyptus for everything her home alway had that lovely fresh clean smell of eucalyptus she also made her own laundry detergent out of it as well . So no matter where she went there was always that fresh clean smell .

Smells fresh

I love this product but I really only use it as a deodoriser and germ killer. I love the smell and it does linger in the room a lot longer than a lot of other air fresheners. Sometimes I spray the bins with it and shut the lid while they're empty and when I go back they're fresh and clean smelling. I also use it on bedroom surfaces and bedding when I have a cold to try and kill the germs around me.
Fresh smell, kills germs

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Thanks for leaving this great review Sarzie... it definitely is the best air freshener and bin deodoriser around, it kills germs which are the source of odours, not just masking them like artificial room sprays do.

Great stuff.

I love Bosisto's sprays. All of them. Eucalyptus spray is such a great product I've got several cans all over the house. Great for stains, smells, fleas, disinfecting surfaces, removing texta and chewing gum (apparently stings a bit if you try to use it as deodorant- hubby recommends that you don't use it for that purpose even though it's tempting) but works for cuts/bites especially if you just need to get some disinfectant on them quickly- however there are other Bosistos products that are better for personal use. It smells lovely and so quick to just swoosh around the house and car. I get going with all three cans, eucalyptus, lavender and ti-tree when I'm really on a roll. I just wish they did a lemon oil spray as well and my home would be complete.
Smells great, so quick and easy to use
Gets pricey if you rely solely on the spray can instead of diluting oils

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Thanks for the great review BrandyLove - fantastic to see another happy Bosisto's fan! Will pass on your suggestion for the lemon oil, too.

Amazing! Does everything!

This eucalyptus spray is fantastic, it's practically all I use and smells great! Love it!
It's really good for deodorising smells from everything and getting rid of stains on clothing and on tiles, basins, baths, sinks etc. haven't used it on insect bites yet though but works well for muscle pains
Reliable, efficient, smells great, works on everything
Expensive, needs a bigger can!

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Thanks for your fantastic review!

Questions & Answers

I recently viewed an episode on landline ABC and they explained how China was dumping eucalyptus product in Australia. Can you assure endusers that your products are fully sourced in Australia. If not why Not. Thanks Terry Geelong Vic
No answers

What is the difference between ecalyptus spray and eucalyptus dust mite spray?
1 answer
Hi Lucy One has been specifically forumlated with the levels of pure eucalyptus oil required to kill dust mites over a certain surface area, and has been clinically tested against those claims. The eucalyptus spray may also kill dust mites, but it's not tested for those claims. I hope this helps clarify! Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Is it safe for dogs?
2 answers
Hi Christine In what way are you using the oil? It's generally safe used in a household context - ie. cleaning, deodorising etc. But you should never let your pet ingest the oil, or apply it directly to their skin. When diffusing, make sure there's plenty of ventilation and don't close the animal in where essential oils are being diffused for long periods of time. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.Haven't done so in ages but heard it was risky but I only used the spray on bedding n lounges where my dog sits.. is that dangerous?


Eucalyptus Spray
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