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Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray

Latest review: I use the little pump spray on all cuts and sunburn, it works great. But NEVER spray it on your manhood. Got a bit sunburnt while on a beach with the Mrs..Talk about great balls of fire for about 2

Savlon Antiseptic Cream

Latest review: Savlon is one of those products which I suspect we take for granted. I have used it for many years, and it always has been of consistent quality and utility. There may be other brands of

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution

Latest review: Eucalyptus Solution is amazing, I use it for everything. Use solution in washing machine to help with freshness, use in mop bucket, kids baths when sick to help with their sinus system. Also put it

Isocol Antiseptic Rubbing Alcohol

Latest review: Our daughter was suffering with really bad acne. We tried so many things to get rid of them, it cost a small fortune, I remembered reading somewhere about using Isocol for pimples. Well what can I

Germolene Antiseptic Ointment

Latest review: This ointment can be used for all miner injuries, I used it when I lived in the UK and my mother used it all the time on myself and sisters. Smells nice and not too greasy like some other brands of

Betadine First Aid Cream

Latest review: I 100+% endorse Betadine - Cream 20g and Solution 500ml. This is the Antiseptic (Solution) that's applied to a Patient as they lay waiting surgery to be performed. If you've seen documentaries of

Jungle Brolly Handshield

Latest review: I am in my 60's and have very thin skin on my hands. They look terrible as I am always knocking or scratching them. I had given up on hand creams to help until I used Jungle Brolly Hand Shield. I can

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antseptic Ointment With Vitamin E

Latest review: I have used it for more than 15 years. The cream base stays in place and holds the antiseptic and healing qualities where they are needed most, on the wound. So it pleasant to use and effective in

Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel

Latest review: My daughter had a bad case of Athlete's foot and not even cortisone creams would calm the itchines down. Lamisil/hydrazole would not fully fix the problem for more than 3 months. I used Medihone

Solugel Wound Care Gel

Latest review: My wife had surgery for breast cancer 6 years ago and was given Solugel to apply to the scar.It certainly helped and her surgeon commented how pleased he was each time she visited him for post

Bee Vital Manuka Honey

Latest review: I purchased this through Catch of the Day many months ago on special and was wanting to use it for the health benefits as my house hold of children don't eat well....fussy buggers. I was very happy

EDP Antiseptic First Aid Powder

Latest review: This powder is in a squeeze tube which means there is no wastage, and it has great healing properties as well. The price is quite good and easy to find in the

Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel

Latest review: I am very happy with the effectiveness of this product. Have only been using it for 1 week and already old scars are seeing a difference. One scar on my knee which is 16 years old is looking flatter

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

Latest review: got bitten over my eyebrow by a very ferocious WASP ..the pain was excruciating !! Immediately I massaged TEA TREE OIL into it and the entire pain was gone in 2 minutes. I have used it for years

Medi Quattro First Aid Cream

Latest review: I have used this cream for my Dad's wound on his chest, it was like bite of some parasites, red and infected. He refused to go and see his gp so I went to pharmacy and found this cream. It only took

Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey

Latest review: Used Comvita Medihoney on mosquito bites. Took the itch away pretty much straight away and redness and swelling from bite reduced quickly. Helps to heal skin burns and cuts. Used in hospitals for

Betadine Antiseptic Liquid

Latest review: The naked Aborigines could walk all over by burning the scrub to keep Australia like an English gentleman's park. Now escaping the terrible tourist invasion means getting off the beaten track and

Ego Soov Burn

Latest review: I'm sorry to say Soov only works for about 10 seconds. It provides less relief than Solercaine used to. The sad truth is if you are very fair skinned and get burnt by the sun the only thing you can

Faulding Hydrogen Peroxide

Latest review: This is the best product for cleaning any general type of wound. Whenever I've used dettol or betadine the wound ends up infected. Yet with antiseptic peroxide I've never had a wound get infected. If

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream

Latest review: I usually use for small cuts and the likes, doesn’t sting when applying. Anything I have put it on heals fine, not sure if it’s the cream or just my body healing though? no infections so it may help.