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Bowden's Own Auto Body Wax

Bowden's Own Auto Body Wax

4.1 from 11 reviews

Easiest wax I’ve ever used.

I have tried quite a few waxes and this is hands down the easiest to use of all that I’ve tried.
Super easy to get a lovely gloss finish.
There are waxes that last longer between applications, but this stuff is so fuss free that I don’t mind using it a little more often.
The smell is pleasant, like a fake banana scent.
Don’t use it with a machine buffer though, it really doesn’t like it and is designed to be applied by hand.


The paint work on my motorhome was in poor condition. I used the paint clean product first followed by the wax. The results were fantastic even before applying the wax. My van looks cleaner and newer. The product was easy to apply. I Will definitely purchase these products and others again

Really nice wax, great shine and ease of use.

After seeing a negative video on youtube who also posted his 1 star review here, I had to give this product a try. I have been using meguairs, dodo juice, collonite, zaino and Swisswax waxes previously, but was super impressed by this one. Really easy to use, smelt amazing and added some nice depth to the "light my fire" metallic gold VF SSV Redline I used it on. I would say even more than anything I had bought from a auto store shelf. Hats off to a small Australian company for making something I feels quality is on par if not better than the big US brands. Still a little bit to go to reach a Swisswax paste though.

And to "Robin", I am not an employee of Bowdens or the owner either, as you say to anyone who questioned your process in the video. You need to learn to use a product before giving your reviews.


Disappointed with this product. Even though it was easy to apply, it wears off very quickly. Maybe lasted 2 washes only. Shine and gloss are also only adequate at best. Water beading was not good, even after 2 applications. Doesn’t come anywhere near Meguiar’s tech wax. My $35 was poorly spent. Shame!

Bad experience

Easy application but bad to wipe off, poor shine and smoothness. So from my experience i can't recommend this to people with a straight face. I was recommended this to me by a sales person at supercheap auto. And i wanted to try something new. But please stay away from it. I would recommend mecguiar's. i made a review video about how bad it is. and the company owner has been sending his employees to dislike my video and leave rude comments lol.

Best wash and wax

Of used many products for my car top brands such as Meguiars then I was told about Bowdens. And then found that it's one of the best products of used before for wash and wax. You can actually feel the wax in the sponge as you're applying it and it will give you the best job you've seen yet as a wash and wax.

It Works!

I was put onto the Bowdens range about 12 months ago, as many have said before, made in Australia by Australians. The wax goes on easily and polishes off easily without sticking like some waxes tend to do. Yeah some have complained about the over use of fragrance and turning white on plastics, but I don't think this is a problem on newer cars where the plastic isnt porous, in any case, Bowdens make a product for this too. I can't sing their praises high enough , I have the Vinyl Revival, Boss Gloss and now the wax.

Bowdens body wax Brilliance

I just bought some Bowdens body Wax, for my Ve Gts, which ive recently bought & im a very fussy owner, so polished it yesterday and its absolutely brilliant, easy to use spreads great, & came up awesome! Love it, very easy to polish off aswell, used bowdens Big softy to finish off too soo soft!


Being an avid car lover, motor racer, 4x4 enthusiast, I have used many products & over time I though I had found a good combination. After using Bowdens Own range I will never go back to the others. The results are amazing. I'm always getting asked what I use as all my cars & motorbikes they always have a showroom finish!
Being lazy I'm also blown away how easy it is to use. Best of all its an Australian owned and manufactured product as well!

Very sweet

Like Rick said its sweet smelling and did get some attention from the flys,I did my car and my wife's,hers is a gun metal grey xtrail that's looking a bit tired with very dull paint etc,after spending the weekend detailing it I was happy with the result,just make sure the car has been cleaned and the surface prepared.I put three coats on only because I feel her car needed it but you could easily get away with two.
Ease of use,goes on and off easy its not greasy or tacky like some other brands.
Just the smell,at first it's not bad but after using it for two or more hours it really gets in your nose,Not like turps or petrol just sickly sweet.

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It kind of reminds me of allens banana lollies , but yes a good product.

A great wax but has a couple of faults.

The wax is easy to apply and easy to buff off, but bowdens claim that it will not turn most plastics white. Well my 2012 ford falcon`s plastic roof strips did turn a little white and the falcon is a fairly common car... The wax also smells very sweet and up here in cairns alot of fly`s pester you when using it, and yes i had a shower, please change the scent bowdens! All that said, if your careful with this product, its the best on the market, bar none.
Easy to use and feels like a real quality product.
Can turn plastic white, dont forget the aeroguard.

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I love the sweet smell, reminds me of lollies! The wife came into the shed mid way through the detail to find out what I was using that smelt so great, she even helped apply it (for a roof section anyhow) so its now wife approved as well. I did notice a small amount of white residue as well, but it came off very easy with a brush and citrus all purpose cleaner. I am just careful in how I apply it, easy to miss the plastics. Like you said it is the best bar none, leaves a stunning shine and depth to our cars.

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