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Braemar Tudor Romeo TD104 / TD105

Braemar Tudor Romeo TD104 / TD105

TD104 and TD105
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You would be mad to buy anything else

I bought a house 12 years ago to renovate and it had a TD104 cooktop installed already. It was one of the old gold glass top units. I took one look at it and was ready to toss is as soon as I could. That was until I tried it and immediately fell in love with its flexibility and functionality. So it stayed with gold granite installed underneath. Beautiful combination.
Move on to my current house. What to put in the kitchen? I was willing to spend virtually any amount of money as it was a 1.5 million dollar renovation. The only unit that I found that came close to my expectations was a TD101, black glass black burners black trivets black knobs twin wok burners. No stainless to scratch, no shiny brass to tarnish, everything 10 years later looks as good as the day it was installed.
Honestly, no bull, this is the only cooktop to buy.;

Great for cooking but service repairs a killer

Bought this 4 burner 4 yrs ago and quite pleased with it. Looks good with glass top. On/off button jammed now. Called service dept and told $140 for service visit includes 15 min labour. Then subsequent 15 mins @ $35 plus parts. Be better off buying a new cooktop. Service cost not acceptable
Looks good
Very expensive service repairs

At last I can simmer!

Brilliant designed stove top.
Dual control burners have two regulators inbuilt, want loads of heat turn the knob one way, want low heat to simmer turn the knob the other way.
This cooktop is just brilliant, takes a little while to work out which way to turn the knob. But being able to control the heat input when cooking is just great. Our old gas stove you had to simmer on the inner wok ring with the lid off. All the other burners didn't control down low enough.
Made in Australia too.
Only minus I have found is that the alignment of the text on the knobs is not central and this is a pity, I expect better from Australian quality control.
Dual control burners, able to simmer at last.
Printing alignment on controls could be better.

thanks - pity options for dual 22MJ Wok burners are still limited. these 18MJ burners are next best thing which are reasonably priced here in Australia. Fully recommended.I also have one, and really happy about those mentioned features. Will bring it to the new house for our outdoor kitchen. The plastic control knob could be better designed (it compromised the overall elegant look, look cheap n bit ugly) Need more to promote the good quality Australian product than the rubbish import.

Questions & Answers

Hi ... where I can find the two small burners for the model TD105?
No answers

How do l clean under the glass?
1 answer
You don't want to do this too often because it is fiddly. Remove the trivets and the burners. At the base of the support for the burners is a threaded collar which holds down the circular pan against the glass. Remove the collar, lift out the pan, and then the glass can be removed. Take care with the igniter when you lift the pan. Easy.

I took the tops of the 2 rear burners and can't seem to get them back on!! Is there a trick??? Please any ideas?
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Can you send a picture if your problem?My wife sorted It. It wasn't as complicated as I thought. Cheers Ian.


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