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Breville Multi Chef BRC600

Breville Multi Chef BRC600

MPNs: 35904479 and BRC600
3.1 from 99 reviews

Poor quality product - new and replacement broke!

The first one broke in under one year and occasionally, the rice did not cook thoroughly and you have to press it again. The second one also lasted about a year and started malfunctioning also. I didn't use it every day - maybe about once or twice a week. Really off-putting how poorly made this is and would probably stay away from all Breville products going forward now.

Purchased in November 2016 for $140.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Features / Functions
Slow Cooking
Rice Cooking

Three repeat failures after about 12 months each.

Have had three of this model, each failing after about 12 months where cooker turns on but will not heat. I've had two replaced under warranty but last time the message was "next time" it won't be covered. I guess from the warranty claims and comments here they must know there is a design fault (or obsolescence feature)

Purchased in November 2015.

Build Quality
Ease of Use

Very disappointed

Great little unit that worked really well... However, I have had it for about 2 years, only using it a handful of times (I only use it as a slow cooker). And it's just stopped working. No power appears to be getting through. Pretty upset. Would not recommend.

Purchased in September 2016 for $89.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Features / Functions
Slow Cooking

Not worth it!

I bought this rice cooker after a lot of research and reading reviews from various sites.
To be fair, no rice cooker had the perfect review. Price wasn't so much of an issue for me, not that I would spend $500 on a rice cooker. I was looking for a rice cooker that basically did the job it was meant to do which was cook white rice and brown rice occasionally. Sadly, this one just doesn't cut it at all! not even close!

I've tried making white rice exactly how the instruction manual says (water to rice ratio) and rice wasn't even half done! Crazy right? I gave it a couple of goes and came to realise that I need to use 2.5 times water to the rice which is more than double of what is recommended. i didn't even bother trying to cook brown rice. That is not all, the inner pot seems to wear off quite easily. I've been extremely careful while cleaning the inner pot but even then I've noticed some marks in the corners. This is all within the first month of purchasing! I'm extremely disappointed with this purchase. Having read the reviews of the cooker self destructing within the first few years, I took up additional 2 year warranty. I wish they had given some sort of guarantee that the cooker functions as advertised!

Pros: Easy to clean the lid and rice doesn't stick so much to the base. This was very important for me as I had these issues with my previous cheap $15 rice cooker :)

You would think that spending a lot of money would get you a good quality product, well maybe in some cases, but not this one. My cheaper $15 rice cooker from big w barely got any marks during the 2 years I used it.

Search for the perfect rice cooker continues..

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Another failure

Was a Christmas gift 2017, now 13 months old. Heat plate stopped working. May have used 10 times.

Slow cooker worked well. Never cooked rice fluffy. Often under cooked the rice and burnt/stuck to the bottom

Purchased in December 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Features / Functions
Slow Cooking
Rice Cooking

Really like the multifunctions however there seems to be a fault with this model

I really like the multiple functions on this model so I don't have to buy extra appliances. I am onto my second BRC600 and both times the same problem has occurred where the unit no longer heats up. Both are outside the warranty period so unfortunately I can't get it replaced. Disappointed that it seems to be a common fault.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Like others, it worked great then one day it just stopped working.

Like many others here, I had the multi chef for about 11 months then one day the hot plate just stopped heating up. Luckily it was under warranty so I got another one. Again it's now been about 10-11 months and it again has stopped working. This time not under warranty. Do not buy this product. I'm so mad about how terrible it is for such an expensive product.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Bad buy

Mine didn't last 16 month same problem coating came off and it started constantly turning off before the meal or rice was cooked..Not Handy if you turn is on and walk away to find out at dinner your meal is raw... 1 month later it stopped completely what a waste of money... Breville never again!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Cuts out mid meal

We use our cooker roughly twice a week, mostly on the rice function and occasionally the slow cooker. It was great, easy to clean and the 2 touch function is so handy. 2 years later, the coating is coming off the bowl (it has only ever had the spoon provided to scoop out the rice) and it stops working before the rice is cooked.
We still had the receipt so we called Breville and they were so helpful and did a good deal on a replacement purchase

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Just stopped working

Bought this multicooker 3 years ago but only used it at the most for 12 times over the 3 years.
Had a big dinner planned for visitors..put it on and NOTHING, timing couldn't be worse.
Had to go to the shop quickly to buy another slow cooker to get planned dinner organised .
Soooo DISAPPOINTED and angry for such an expensive item.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Jack of all trades, master of all!

We have been very happy with this purchase. It's excellent for small slow cooked meals, risotto and rice.

With this machine you really can make "no-stir" risotto. It comes out perfectly cooked.

When we use it as a rice cooker, it works better than any I have used before, there are no hard "crusty" bits at the bottom.

We unfortunately had to buy a replacement lid. We dropped it, the glass didn't break, but the knob did. $30 odd for a new lid, including postage was fair.

I would buy this Multi Chef again.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Absolutely do not buy the Multi Chef. Breville- pick up your game- it’s pathetic.

I came across the reviews of this machine 6mths ago and was having a quiet snigger to myself as my machine was still working.
However my tune has changed and I am not sniggering now- as mine has gone and shat itself. First there was an electrical smell - and now nothing. Just cold water and a cup full of uncooked brown rice.
Breville Daring, you have to sort your crap out. Take the time to read all the negative comments below about this slow cooker. They are appalling.
This Breville Slow Cooker is a waste of money and it’s a blight on our precious environment- with yet another one going to landfill.

I will be looking to another brand to replace this one.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Worked well until it didnt

Like other users, it suddenly stopped being able to boil water and flat out failed. Disappointed that such an expensive product would fail this way. Other than that, I got alot of good use out of it. It is a shame breville hasn't updated the design or recalled it despite all these failures.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Perfect...until the hot plate stopped working

I used my slow cooker at least twice a week. It was fantastic. I found it easy to clean, easy to use, and loved all the recipes I could create...until I was cooking my sausage hotpot (a family favourite), and I went to check on it 2 hours out of finishing and it was cold! I tried again and still cold. The hotplate has stopped working. And again, like others, just out of warranty!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2014

BRC600? What a disappointment.

It kept on switching off before the food was cooked. On the third and last chance, at the end of 3 hour cooking period, I was defeated for the last time. Dinner was late, we had to leave for training after switching the menu to sandwiches for dinner. While my kitchen would pretty much be the perfect Breville advert this slow cooker was the Royal let down of all my appliances.
The item was returned to the supplier who took it back with no objections. I haven't seen the Breville Multi Chef BRC600 available on the shelves since.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

I loved this machine, then it broke

This was a fantastic machine for cooking rice, risotto, slow cooked meats and casseroles, and all sorts of things... then it just stopped working. Any setting — saute, slow cook high or low, rice or risotto — none function, the bowl no longer becomes warm. From this website and others this sounds like a common problem. Called their support centre — the staff were friendly, but this unit cannot be fixed or serviced at all. They offered a discount on a replacement, but it's based on their website's recommended retail price and works out to be about the same as the actual price of a new unit from a retail outlet. Just over two and half years of service is pretty disappointing.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Worked Well, But Dead in 3 Years!

I was happy with this product, it worked well, easy to clean. Mostly used the rice cooker function, and occasionally the risotto, sear and slow cook functions.
Buuuut...like other reviewers have stated here, it completely stopped dead with the hotplate not heating up at all after about 3 years!
Disappointing. At the price point I would have expected the product to last longer. I probably used it on average no more than fortnightly.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Broken after 11months

We purchased one of this cooker less than two years ago. 11 month after purchase it stopped working. Replacing unit just stopped working exactly 11months after first use. These cookers seems to come with self-destruct timer!!! Or there are some serious defective designs. The multifuntions are fine when not broken.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Good and Bad

The cooker is fast to heat up and works great in the first few moths, but the coating on the black pot started to come off more and more after a few months. I mostly use it for cooking rice, boiling hot water or making soup and don't scratch it with any sharp object. I have never seen this in any other rice cookers I bought before so the pot material/coating is the worse compare to everything I used before.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Very good machine

I have used this as a rice cooker, slow cooker as well as to sauté and even cook a whole chicken and can also make homemade toasted museli.

I find it does best as a slow cooker. My rice cooker makes better rice but this one cooks it very quickly.

Great that you can sauté and slow cook in one machine.

Very happy with this purchase

Date PurchasedJan 2017

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Instructions say to add liquid between min. and max indicator on bowl for slow cooking. Can you cook a pot roast for example using just a small amount of liquid so that the roast is not stewing?
1 answer
Hi May, I am not the Breville expert. I would suggest you contact Breville rather than me.

I am on to my 2nd multi chef and do love them but about to get my 3rd it seems as the same fault seems to happen....after a period of time (about the time of the warranty) it will turn on and light up and make beeps when i press the buttons, but not heat up! (i see this described above also). Is this a common fault? why is this continuing to happen?
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Hi i am using this rice cooker but the insert pot has been scratch and it doesn't make my rice softit becomes so hard. Any ideas?
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Multi Chef BRC600
Price (RRP) $139.95
Keep Warm SettingYes
Dishwasher Safe PartsYes
Dimensions 269 x 295 x 319 mm
Power760 W
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateApr 2012

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: 35904479 and BRC600
  • GTIN13: 9312432018593

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