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Breville Original '74 BSG1974

Breville Original '74 BSG1974

3.4 from 23 reviews

5yrs old & not a scratch!

I was shocked to read any negative comments on this product. Before finding this jaffle iron my partner destroyed one every few weeks.
This one is at least 6 years old and still going strong. Not a mark on it and my partner is rough! It is large yet smaller bread still fits with no spillage, it heats within a minute or so. Cooks perfectly, crispy brown bread every time (still). I can only assume those who wrote negative reviews got a dud machine. Absolutely the best quality appliance in my kitchen. Would give this 10 stars if I could.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Poor product

This product is nowhere near as good as the original jaffle maker. It takes forever to toast the bread and it still comes out soggy and not crunchy. Also it's too small to fit regular sized bread slices. Wish I could get my money back. The cheese hardly melts either. Very poor product for what you pay.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Poor Product

Purchased this product last winter.It can’t toast sandwiches.no matter how Long you leave the sandwich in the toaster it comes out soggy.Does not even BROWN THE BREAD.Have now purchase a sandwich toaster from BIG W for$19..Perfect every time. Its less than a third of the cost of a Breville.would not even consider another Breville.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Wish I had not bought it !

Can't find bread big enough to go in it properly. Leaks out the sides a lot. VERY fiddly to clean with all the nooks and crannies you need to get into. Would not purchase again or give one as a present. More trouble than it is worth. I do not need pretty ridges on my waffle. And it is slow to cook. It takes ages to get a crisp crust on your jaffle. I will go and buy an old fashioned jaffle maker that you just put on the gas.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

70's bread must have been bigger

Did they even test this thing with Australian supermarket bread?? Cant find any bread big enough to seal the toastie, wonder what they used in testing? I really need a family 4 sandwich jaffle with deep inserts for more fillings. using a camp jaffle maker on a gas stove now works much better only one at a time.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Does exactly what it is designed to do and it looks good

We bought this a few weeks ago and are happy with our purchase - we use it a few times a week and have had none of the problems other reviewers have had. It is true that it needs bigger bread (like wonder white) but I have used smaller bread and although the edges don’t seal we have had no issues with it leaking (but we don’t overfill it). We don’t use butter (not on the outside or inside) and we still get a golden finish with no sticking. Cleaning is pretty easy, let it cool a bit and wipe. The 3 year warranty (as long as you register) is also a bonus

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Works ok, but the legs came off!

Looks great and works ok, but after 6 months the legs started getting loose and the fell off. Took it back to the good guys and it was hard to get it repaired. Would have been a good otherwise. Threw it out and replaced it with another Breville. Fingers crossed this time.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

It Leaks No Matter What You Do

The first failures were my fault:
First attempt had me using normal sized bread and using too much filling so naturally it made a mess. So then I tried wrapping each sandwich in 'Multix Non-Stck Alfoil' (fantastic stuff by the way) and using much less filling but the foil broke of course. OK so I tried tough baking paper in an attempt to contain the leakage but even that still leaked out. All these were my mistakes.

Suddenly I realised you MUST use large sized bread. The slices have to reach right out to the sealing surfaces of the clam-shell style recesses. So I tried big bread with only about a teaspoon of cheese on each half of each sandwich and half a thin slice of tomato too. It still leaked. It makes a mess. The filling oozes out and dribbles down the sides unless your filling consists of one sesame seed, halved per sandwich.

It's not easy to clean at all. Maybe I'm fastidious but I found even after thoroughly wiping all over (you keep finding spots you've missed) for about 3 minutes with several paper towels, there's still bits stuck to it.

Mines gone in the bin. I could have given it away - but that would be mischievous.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great Jaffe maker + lots of recipe

Very Classy looking sandwish maker - easy to simply wipe clean after use, good size for any sort of bread, slightly burn and seal the edge properly. It comes with Breville 3 years warranty - Brilliant !!

It came with a box of recipe pocket / cards. Very interesting meal ideas. We tried to put croissant on it and it came out dense, crispy and brown, oh so nice. We have been using it every second day on breakfast for 1 months now. So much you can create with it.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

So simple, great results, easy to clean, ACTUALLY CUTS

Amazing results out of such a simple machine, makes you wonder why other manufacturers never quite got it right. With standard supermarket bread the results look exactly like the pictures in the brochures. Plenty of interesting recipes included that we can't wait to try.

Power cord is maybe a bit short but that is a minor shortcoming in an otherwise brilliant product.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

The best sandwich maker out there

I've been using this just about every weekend for 3 years now. What a great buy. It cleans up easy and is made from material that is robust and resistant to damage so it shines up as good as the day it was purchased.

It has a red heating light and a green light which turns in when it reaches operating temperature. I use Tip Top Multigrain Bread with pumpkin seed which is a good fit.

The unit is strong enough to use a bit of force to close the unit without the handles breaking off which had been the problem with other brands I have used in the past.

The heating surfaces are easily cleaned with a paper towel and after three years show no sign of damage.

I highly recommend this product.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Worked well for 2 years

I was given this sandwich maker as a birthday gift about 2.5 years ago from my parents. The kids & I ate toasted sandwiches almost every day and we loved that this toaster was 'roomy' enough for decent fillings in the sandwiches and we loved the retro look. Sadly, the sandwich maker has recently begun malfunctioning, where, when I turn it on the light does not come on nor does it heat up unless I tilt the whole thing upright. I rang and lodged a claim with Breville, but because I did not register the product to get the 3 year warranty they won't help me, even though I have the original receipt that my parents kindly held on to. The information on the Breville warranty card is a bit misleading as it says in big headlines '3 year replacement guarantee' and in small letters on the side it says to register your warranty. It doesn't actually say that in order to have the 3 year warranty you have to register it.To be honest, who looks at these bits of paper when you are given something like this for a gift? I'm wondering where I stand in regards to my statutory rights under the Australian Consumer Law....

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Only works with gigantic sized bread

Managed to get a good jaffle after finally finding bread that is big enough to seal all sides. We use this "gigantic" sized bread on occasion to get that authentic jaffle which is sealed. However as my family eats regular sized bread we get unsealed leaky toasties most days using this machine. Still tastes nice but filling leaks and then the clean up! I guess Breville is marketing this product to people who love huge bread that measures 12.5 x 12.5cm!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Doesn't fit regular bread

Got this for Christmas. Works fine. Heats up evenly. But doesn't fit any type of supermarket bread. Wonder white is as big as a slice of bread can get and the jaffle maker can't seal the edges so there is always something spilling or bubbling out of the machine.

I am a huge fan of Breville's products but this one is a big downer.

Sorry Breville. This ones going back for a refund since it can't really do what it says it's supposed to do.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

My review of the Breville Original '74 - My current favorite appliance.

Currently I own both the Breville "The Big One" and this current one I am reviewing which is the Breville "Original '74". Currently the one I am reviewing is my favorite cooking appliance in our house. The uses are phenomenal. I recently even tried a spicy mozzarella pasta filling with cheese. Worked beautifully!
As I stated I owned the Breville "The Big One" which I had issues with. The appliance itself was fine with no faults but due to the large size of the compartment it was hard to tell how much to fill. It was always never enough as it had never browned. It also did not cut the Jaffle in half. This basically made the filling all travel to one side which was not ideal.
I also realise that there was an original (BTS200) version that is not all metal. Upon seeing reviews of the non stick surface not working so well I decided to opt for the Original '74. Only costing $30 more it seemed negligible. On attending The Good Guys in Tarren Point I did notice the surface on the BTS200 was different to the Original '74. I have not used the BTS200.
For the price of this appliance which compared to some other appliances out there ("Kitchen Aid...") is still cheap in my opinion. It cooks thoroughly and hadn't burnt at any time. Still fits large slices of bread but when using smaller slices it still worked as intended. There is also a high level of build quality to it. Non stick surface worked great only having to wipe it down afterwards. Cuts the bread in half cleanly leaving a nice centre crispy line of cheese every time. (Everyone knows this is the best part)
If deciding which Jaffle iron to get don't bother wasting time looking at cheaper versions. Just get this and you wont be unhappy. It also has good reviews on all websites for a good reason. I have done the research for you.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Shirec - thanks for your comments. Sounds like you're putting the jaffle maker to good use. The Breville team

Love it !

This was so worth the money. The whole family think it's great. The biggest problem is how much bread and cheese we go through. Like the person before me wrote, sometimes the edges don't quite seal. We had a cheap sandwich toaster before this an every sandwich stuck to the plates, not with this one. Thanks Breville, you took me back to my childhood.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Nightmayor - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

Am I doing it wrong?

I have tried a variety of breads such as Tip Top and WonderWhite and for some reason and for some reason my jaffle is always open on one side of the edges? I get leakage of the insides each time so it kind of ruins the experience.

Is the iron super big or what?

Takes me Back, Way Back!

We have had this since the middle of winter and it was used daily until just recently. I prefer fresh salad sandwiches now it's 40 plus outside. This machine is faultless and I clean it with paper towel after each use. I takes full size slices of bread and you can load up the inside and not have it spill out. It seals and cuts perfectly each time as I remember as a kid using the original one back in the 70's. I remember thinking back then "why were you buttering the outside of the bread" but now I have the upper hand because the whole family cannot believe how good these taste. The handles are decent being solid stainless steel, not like many others that have plastic. We have many family meals produced from this beauty so it seems to keep the heat constant over cooking eight to ten "Brevilles". Writing this makes me looking forward to next winter and more "Brevilles" Yah.

Hi A9X - thanks for your comments. We're sure there will be a few suitable 'breville' days over the next few months for you to enjoy more toasties. Thanks, the Breville teamHi After writing the review I ended up having some for tea that night LOL CheersAs seen on Master Chef 2016 these are the best using mine ever day at the moment love it cheers Breville

Yea Breville!!!

Aw shucks ... Took me a while to get around to praising these guys for the new model.
Bigger - AND Better !!!
LOVED the oldie, we did. (Just the 2 of us).
Actually reckon this is a way better product (well, it sure will be if it lasts anything like the 25 yrs or whatever our other one did.)
And look, we're soo into JAFFLES here , I'd often thought of starting a Jaffle biz ...
Crikey, you could set up a dozen of these things for less than a thousand bucks and produce a whole lotta beaut food - and with no training whatsoever.
Anyhow, just letting you know that after hundreds, thousands(?) of jaffles and the shock of that old model blowing up - and I do mean "KABOOM !!!", it's real nice to have a replacement that does an even better job in our kitchen! Good Guys did us a good Deal - but seriously, this new "old 74 Original" would be worth buying at even twice the price ...
Cheese and Tomato, Leftovers JAFFLES? Mmmm... Think I'll go make us another couple!
So look , if you don't have one of these Jaffle Irons then y's should go get yourself one. Got It ??? GOOD !

Not the original from 70s!!

The original breville was orange and cut the sangas in half from top to bottom not corner to corner!! I really really really dislike corner to corner cut sangas! Each half of the sanga had 4 bumps with each bump a perfect mouthfull of goodness! Where can i get one??!!

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Questions & Answers

What brand of bread are people using in this machine? Regular sized bread leaves all sides unsealed and the filling goes everywhere. Breville states that it works for all sizes of bread and that is simply untrue.
4 answers
Standard wonder white bread worked fine when we use it mostly. Helgas slightly thicker bread turns out even better but both seal well around the edges. Spreading fresh parmesan on the outside of the bread after buttering it also creates an even better texture!Thank you for your response. I am on a mission today to buy bread to fit, will try the Wonder white/Helgas and see how I go.I have used all different types and size of bread. wonder white is one of the better ones, but you still get some leakage. I think it comes down to how much filling and positioning of the bread.

Are there any issues with the teflon on these like the reports on the 'Breville Original'?
2 answers
I have had no issues and I have used it a lot. Non-stick coating has not peeled off. However, I am careful and I use a silicon spatula to remove the sandwich, i.e. I never use a metal knife, because it is teflon.Hi no issues with mine just clean it after every use with paper towel and use it daily in winter and had it around a year. It still looks new inside and out cheers Peter

Is there also available european model?
1 answer
Hi MissS - Breville Group products available in international markets can be viewed at this site http://www.breville.com/ Thanks The Breville team


Original '74 BSG1974
Price (RRP) $99.95
Release dateAug 2012

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