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Breville Big One BTS100

Breville Big One BTS100

4.5 from 18 reviews

Not "big" anymore.

Loved the size of this Jaffle maker.. However, went to wipe down the non-stick surface after cooking a Jaffle sandwich, noticed two spots on the coating, the size of a five cent piece, that had lifted off the coating.

Breville customer service weren't interested in providing a solution because I didn't have a receipt, instead flogged me off to the retailer.

Not satisfactory for an item which hasn't had much use.

Purchased in August 2015 at Peter's of Kensington for $60.00.

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Had Breville representative ring me today after contacting the retailer. He stated that the jafflemaker is out of the 12 month warranty & no appliance is meant to last. Therefore, Breville will not replace it. I pointed out that durability of the appliance should be longer than 12 months, particularly as it wasn't used many times. Extremely disappointed with the outcome.

Works great

Pack in lots with big bread, tons of fillings and - 3 1/2 mins later - perfection!
Two jaffles...each of them one big pocket of goodness.

Small unit. I did manage to snap the plastic clip but in hindsight was rushing it.
But it still works!

Purchased in December 2018 at The Good Guys for $20.00.

Australia's Best Jaffle maker ,filling combinations Unlimited ! ! !

Far better choice than Breville's "the Original" BTS200 toasted sandwich maker, the Breville Big One BTS100 is overall the best of the few "True" electronic Jaffle [uncut toasted sandwich] makers available on the Australian market, perfectly cooks & seals so hot melted cheese and other runny fillings won't escape and burn you while eating [if you don't overload the fillings].
Use spray oil when cooking mini omelets ,eggs or pancake/waffle mixture,puff pastry pies & apple tarts etc, only use plastic, silicone & wooden utensils to remove cooked items so you don't scratch or damage the non-stick coating and this unit should last your family for many years if cleaned and treated properly. Enjoy . . .

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Good Price and Works Perfectly

I chose this model because I didn't want one that cut diagonally so I could crack an egg in it like my previous Breville maker. This heats up very quickly, cooks very well and seals the edges. To avoid cleaning up the grease left by the butter and any melted cheese, I line the plates with foil then discard when used, this also stops any scratches to the teflon when using a knife to lift the sandwich out.
When cooking a sandwich that doesn't have much filling, I find turning the sandwich over at the half way cooking point gives an even browning to both sides of the bread as the bottom browns more than the top if not turned. It also stores well in the upright position taking up little room.

Date PurchasedNov 2018


I had a Breville 4 jaffle maker for close on 6 years then it finally bit the dust so I did my usual research and found that Breville made a double jaffle maker with no cutting thingy in the middle so I bought it from JB Hi Fi for $35. After using it for the first time I realised that it was as good if not better than the old one I had. It's quick to heat up, cooks nice and evenly and takes a decent amount of filling. The apple jaffles with puff pastry cook very nice as well. I hope this one lasts as long as the old one.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

oops!!! looks like we got a bad one!!

Initially we were very happy with this machine, had a large capacity and made great toasted sandwiches. After about 1 month of ownership we had just finished making a sandwich and had wiped out the inside non stick surface when we noticed that the machine had cracked along the edge. Have taken it back to the Good Guys and are awaiting a replacement, appears they are very popular and they were out of stock. Prepared to give it another go. Peter

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great Product

Can't say about longevity BUT this is an Awesome product. Heats up fast and toasts fast.
Best of all It uses bigger bread and doesn't cut them in half so you can get far more filling in it.
It is a dream to clean as well, a quick wipe over and your done.
Braised Steak and Onion Toasties, Love It.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Works for me!

Brilliant machine. Should've bought one sooner. I had an old sunbeam toastie maker given to me about 8 yrs ago. It was 35 yrs old. The non stick stated to come off and it overcooked everything. Darn well near busted my teeth eating the sides of the sandwich.
This one by Breville is superb. Doesnt crisp or make rock hard edges of your sandwich and is super fast to heat up.
It just sticks everything together nicely. Any bread can fit into this toastie maker. Tonight was pumpkin bread. Worked a treat. Cleaning is a breeze too. This is a real great way to get rid of the leftovers.
Very happy with this

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Works great

It is big and takes a large load. The heating element is designed to take regular bread and extra large bread. Dont expect it to crimp the edges and cut the middle cos its not designed to do that. My old jaffle maker would squash the edges and make them extra crunchy but this wont do that, its designed to pack the filling all the way to the edge.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Large fillings but doesn't cut the triangles completely.

Great jaffle maker. Upgraded from the original one. Definitely notice the larger fillings, however, this model doesn't cut the triangles completely through the bread.

Still toasts great and evenly. Very easy to clean and heats up very quickly.

Quick tip: spread butter on the outsides of your toasts for extra crispiness!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Excellent value.

After doing a negative review on another Breville product I thought I should review the one I exchanged it for. So surprised after being so disappointed with my previous Breville toaster this BTS100 exceeded my expectations have had it for awhile now and still operates like new. Restored my faith in Breville products.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

"Upgraded from the Tefal Snack Collection to the Breville Big One.. Outstanding Sandwich Maker

Unfortunately, we purchased the Tefal Snack Collection, along with $60 worth of addons and it was useless.
We recently purchased the Breville "Big One" and it works perfectly with all types and sizes of bread. It has was most Sandwich makers lack and that is a curved back to stop filling running down the back of the unit. Asy to use and easy to clean, plus you can stack it full of whatever you like

Good stuff Breville!

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Hi Wes - thanks for your comments. The Breville team


If you prefer this style of toasted sandwich then this appliance is perfect. My husband prefers the cafe style sandwich press but he was quietly impressed when he tried putting a raw egg in between 2 slices of bread and it worked perfectly. It's easy to clean and the hinged side of the implement with it's raised edge stops the hinges from getting any leakage in them and making a mess, (if there ever is any, which hasn't happened as yet for me). Great value for money, deep dish to fit more fillings in and no thick hard crusts which usually are only suitable for the bin. I prefer this over the cafe style presses and the scissor action ones that cut the sandwiches in half and Iv'e now had all three kinds.

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Hi Barko67 - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

Top Jaffle Maker

After holidaying in Bali and eating the best bacon, tomato and cheese jaffles I decided I needed a jaffle maker for home so I went on the hunt for a deep dish jaffle maker. I found the "Big One" online and checked the reviews on Product Review. All reviews were good so I bought one. This little machine lives up to its name and the good reviews were spot on. It takes the larger slices of bread with ease and you can really fill them up. It seals the edges tightly so even raw egg will stay inside and cook. It's also so easy to clean. The recipes supplied with it also have some great ideas for jaffles. I'm actually thinking I will need to buy a second one for the holiday home. This really is a very good product and don't be put off the low price. I've had jaffle makers in the past but this is the best one yet.

Hi Frith - thanks for your comments - glad the holiday jaffle memories can live on. The Breville teamI bought a second one for the holiday home ha ha. I,m finding they're great for hot lunches with left overs from dinner the night before, beef stew, chilli con carne etc. Just whats needed on the colder days.

Best thing ever

Makes perfect toasted sandwiches every time, would not be without one .And is reasonable price so every one can afford to get one or buy for someone for a gift.It is easy cleaning as well .So do yourself a favour and get yourself one.You won't be sorry .Buy one today

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Hi Peta - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

Best sandwich machine ever

It works for either big or smaller slices....and it doesn't make wide,thick edges like other sandwich makers I have used. Plenty of room for all sorts of fillings with a nice thin seal on the edges .it doesn't cut sandwich in half so there is more room for fillings..great for eggs.....but it does etch guide lines to cut the sandwich if you want. Personally I just chomp into it whole but kids might prefer it cut. I bought this on special...half the usual price and am delighted with the product.

Definitely the best jaffle maker

As others have said, it's deep dish is perfectly suited for the larger slices of bread, e.g. Goodman Fielder's Wonder White. It cooks in five minutes, and it should be wiped down with a damp cloth as soon as you've finished with it, and it will last for years. This is about my 3rd Breville jaffle maker. A warning, don't touch the sides while it's hot !

Designed for large slices of bread

My old jaffle maker is designed for smaller loaves of bread. It always made a mess when I toasted large slices of bread sandwiches. After a recommendation from my visiting uncle I purchased my Breville "The Big One" BTS100 from Kambo's in Malaga for only $35. This is a great sandwich press that is purposely made for the jumbo sized slices of bread. The BTS100 seals the sandwich perfectly around the edges. The deep cast pocket is designed to only seal the edges of the bread. It does not cut the toasted sandwich in half like a jaffle maker, this makes it perfect for cooking baked beans or braised steak and onion sandwiches. I like the way the cord wrap on the base is designed, this makes it tidy when not in use. I also like how this product can stand upright for easy storage.
I have still kept my old jaffle maker to use for the smaller loaves of bread.
I now have the option to buy any size of bread according to the weekly special.
Easy to use, cord wrap, Stands upright for storage,

Questions & Answers

Does Breville (or any other Jaffle maker) make an electric Jaffle Iron made for 110V? I bought one in Australia and can only use in Europe. DYING to be able to use one here. Please advise With many thanks, Leo Frajnd
No answers

Can the BTS 100 be used in a commercial environment? approx usage 1 day per week.
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For the cost of it I would give it a go, just be aware that it will void the warranty.

Although it does not cut the bread in half like the others, it seems the middle is a point and would squash anything large if put in the middle? Is this a deep dish or makes 1/4 pockets with the middle almost touching? I want to put a big piece of steak in the middle, crack an egg, add the cheese and shut. Will the middle pointy spikes squash steak and rip the bread? Thanks
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I'd call it a deep dish, but there is a limit to how much filling you can put in, for example a minute steak with an egg and cheese would be fine just not a nice thick one like you would have as a main meal (maybe slicing it up as thin slices and arranging would work?). In my experience the middle has never touched creating sections.


Big One BTS100
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Release dateOct 2011

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