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Breville Quick Touch Crisp BMO700

Breville Quick Touch Crisp BMO700

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A good Microwave BMO700BSS

This is not a bad microwave.
It does heat food. I am not a fan of the grill feature. It does not work so great.
Apart from that, it is not too much noisier than any other microwave I have used and it looks good,
The dials feel a little cheap.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

More suited for a one-person environment

We bought this microwave in May 2018, after our Whirlpool VT266 gave up its ghost.
So far so good... size and power is what we need, overall good finish, and works as designed.

This microwave seems more suited for a single person environment, less suitable for a family. Many preselect menu items are for a single something; e.g. 1 slice of pizza. What if you want to do 2 slices or 4 or 6? Basically all reheat menu items are for small (and fixed) portions... basically these become useless options when your amount is different to what is offered.

Despite good research prior to buying, the manual did not reveal the limitations we encountered in practice.

A good thing is the adjustable energy output for re-heat; .e.g 70%.

One nuisance we've discovered: every time we use the “more” button to extend the time, the microwave will loose the time (on the clock) and the time setting for the 'favourite' button, with a beep after the extended time has lapsed. Thus, both, the clock and favourite time need to be set again.

We have not contacted Breville, as it seems a firmware issue, which seems unlikely to be addressed, may not even be addressable/fixable, and seems just too much of a hassle considering we live outside the metropolitan centre.

Based on what we know today we would not buy this microwave again.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

love love this Microwave

Bought on sale $299 and amazed at the versatility of this microwave , softens butter and chocolate without melting, browns and grills pizza and pies . My oven is not working but with this and my Tefal Cook4me I wont be replacing it anytime soon .You will not be disappointed but make sure it is the "crisp" you buy as there is another model very similar and does not have all the features this one does .

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Add excellent functionality to an everyday device.

Bought one from Myer, high $400 range, dont remember exactly.

Its a regular microwave, with a direct heat element in the roof. This means you can use radiated heat to brown or crisp food otherwise impossible with a regular microwave, but its not meant to cook a roast chicken etc.

Instead of a number keypad, there are a few buttons with pre-determined food type options based on weight for cooking time and type. Dials handle time and power levels, including a series of one touch common operation types eg softening butter located behind the door on the handle side.

But where are my numbers??? This is a terrible idea !! I always boil my noodles for however so many minutes !!!

In under a minute you will adjust to losing your precious number pad. You'll see that time and power is easy to adjust, like before, so there is no loss of functionality. I consider its much much better, far superior.... lets face it, how many people have the know-how to dial in individual second level cooking times on food stuffs....? There is a Little More button that adds 30 seconds.... a no brainer.

One button contains a comprehensive menu on food types, cooking times governed by weight adjustable in 50 gram steps.A simple way of doing things. Press the button, choose product type via dial, press the dial, take a look at the printed packet weight, enter the weight via dial, press go. That easy.

Beeper volume adjustable, weight units in G or oz.

There is a non stick metal pan with three fold out legs included, that serves as a grill pan for items that can benefit from direct heat. Follow the instructions from the cooking button menu, its that simple.

For example, frozen meat pies take about 8 minutes under the grill, with a 3 minute pan pre-heat time. Perfect dry crispy casing, hot contents, ideal. A regular oven takes longer than that just to heat up.

The power level is 900 watts, so it does take a little longer to heat, although I havent noticed any issue as the options are ideal for every day use.

Plus, it has a great mirrored finish steel interior, ooooh shiny.

Its just a better microwave, by far.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Not worth the pricetag

The thought was the more you spend on an appliance the better it'll be. Not so true in this case. It's not very powerful and very convoluted to use. It was quickly replaced by a budget kmart or target style microwave. Looks great on the counter but using it was too much hassle and took far too long to even heat a bowl of noodles.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


Versatile unit with oven and microwave functions that can kick out the conventional oven sometimes to salvage the time being taken.
And The Grill Function is great also ideal for light practices like sausages
Would fully recommend this despite the price but eventually we get what we are paid for.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great Microwave

Have compared with other microwave brands and finally choose breville as my favourite. And it was the top rated microwave by Choice magazine. It is powerful and with a lot functions where you can use with various purpose. It also comes with cooking manual where you can prepare your cooking with their instruction, highly recommended!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

crispy microwave food

This microwave gets around the problem of having soggy reheated food with the addition of a grill. it .akes the lroduct quite versatile for making things like grikled cheese and nachos. the grill plate is also great for cooking meat and fish that still retain moisture with a grilled texture

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Fantastic microwave that grills

I purchased this microwave because it was the top rated microwave by Choice magazine. The best thing about it is that it grills as well as microwaves, meaning you can crisp foods like pies and pizza while microwaving them, and so they don't come out soggy. You can also just use it as just a grill so it uses less power than a normal oven grill. Well worth the money and saves space.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

A big powerful microwave

I've observed it to be anything but difficult to utilize, simple to clean and it's certainly a change on our old microwave since it appear to warm nourishment all the more equitably.

I like how the brisk press choices are covered up by the entryway as opposed to (loading with chaotic heaps of things) or over entangling the primary board. In spite of the fact that the awful thing/disservice to this is I frequently neglect to utilize them.

I have never had a Breville microwave until the point that this one however I should state I'm awed with the capacity and nature of it at the cost. It's most likely the best microwave I've needed to date, looks great and all the more critically works as it should.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

This is the best

Love my conventional oven best thing I have bought , I can make meals freeze them then when busy I can just pop them in a heat proof container and reheat and serve , so quick never burns food , always tastes great would highly recommend buying this product it's a fav at our house

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great features!

This microwave has awesome features, it has great functionality for what you need. With a variety of different functionalities it's pretty straight forward and easy to use. I would recommend this. I particularly like the defrosting option. The defrost function defrosts pretty well and pretty evenly too, so i'm happy with that.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good buy..

I bought this Breville microwave oven about 3 months ago and I'm happy with it. Being a smaller unit, the power is not the maximum available in the market so it takes a bit longer to heat food. I don't use the unit for cooking but just for reheating food from the fridge or freezer. It has many more extra features than my older microwaves, like softening butter, time and power selection for different types of food. This makes selecting the correct settings quick and easy. Very reliable and I like the design too. Happy to recommend this unit.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Its Black like our fridge

This microwave is so easy to use with so many functions , its a dream to have in your kitchen and does a great job on all functions incl defrosting . So simple to navigate and not too large either. Great in small kitchens and colour co-ordinates with our black and white kitchen scheme. We have owned it for 2 years now and very happy

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Easy to use, great features

I normally only ever use the quick 30s/1m button on any microwave but this is the first one that brings extra functionality that is not only easy to use, but actually works.

Food is heated evenly and pastry is the crispiest I've ever had from a microwave, though not quite good enough to replace my oven/airfryer.

At 900W the power is a bit weaker than I'm used to, but it's easy to adjust cooking times slightly.
Really well thought through product.

March 2018 update: 8 months on, the microwave is making strange 'howling' noises and is taking a lot longer to heat up food. Hoping Breville Support can help...

Date PurchasedJul 2017


We didn't need a new microwave but when we came across this one we just needed to upgrade. We love it, no regrets. It looks really smart and the screen is awesome. It cooks food really fast, and is handy when you only want to cook a small about of food, or if you are in a bit of hurry.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Good features, let down by the low power rating

Just bought this microwave last month. It has a good design and the stainless steel looks very nice, however the glaring problem with this appliance is its low 900W power rating. As a microwave whose primary purpose is to heat up food quickly, this is a bit disappointing. Food just takes way too long to heat up!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Fantastic for a share house

I bought this microwave for our share house of 4 people. Efficient heating, not an electircity waster. It's so easy to clean and this was one of the key aspectes we considered before buying the micro wave. There is great value for money in this product and I defs reccomend ths to share houses.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great mirowave and grill - great for smaller stuff and delicates

Microwave works great, the grill feature takes a bit of getting used to but once you know how to use it and what setting to apply it does everything you want, great for melting softer items without nuking them like cupcakes etc, grilling bread and pies etc. The door feels a little loose but this is normal across their range ive found at the store testing them all out.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great interface with good power.

Replaced old Whirlpool Crisping Micro with this. Really like the menus and interface in general, especially the 'bit more' button. Does a good job with frozen pastries and the inverter seems to heat a lot more evenly than our old micro. Only complaint is the door is a bit flimsy but is apparently supposed to be like that & the turntable needs a better locking system to drive the plate when microwaving large chickens. The free scales/thermometer was a bonus.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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Questions & Answers

I'd like to know whether you'll replace a $450 BMO700 that has stopped working after 13 months. Bing Lee couldn't care less. I wonder whether Breville does?
No answers

I was told by Breville customer service to remove the reflective cardboard piece on the interior right Panay of the oven. Then told that it would not work without it. The piece tore when I removed it so I couldn’t put it back in place. They are sending me a replacement but the replacement model #BMO734XL does not have the crisper feature. Does anyone know where I might find this part? Breville said they no longer have parts for the BMO700
1 answer
There is a Breville repair shop at Oxley Brisbane telephone 07 3379 5332 . it is a very old shop and he has hundreds of spare parts he may be able to help you . Mr Sparky Appliance Repairs . hope this helps .

Hi guys where can i buy an additional crisper pan with extended legs please?can anyone help me?
2 answers
Im think perhaps a Breville authorised outlet warehouse that carries such stock and sells to the public, or failing that contact breville customer service directly via phone and ask for one. I cant imagine they would deny a request like that, should be relatively cheap.I'll sell you mine


Quick Touch Crisp BMO700
Price (RRP) $469.95
Type Conventional
FeaturesChild Safety Lock, Grill Function and Inverter
Dimensions 306 x 513 x 443 mm
Turntable Diameter315 mm
Door MechanismPush Release
Colour / Finish Brushed Stainless Steel
Power900 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 9312432023320
  • MPN: BMO700BSS

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