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LG NeoChef MS4296

Latest review: Programming and controls are well designed and intuitive to use. Absolutely love the minimalist and sleek look. The cute tunes and noises are not too loud of offensive either.

Kmart 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

Latest review: Easy to read on the dials & programs are excellent for its size & heats everything to perfection For elderly people it is a perfect size & heating is made easy texture of food is very

Panasonic NN-ST663W / NN-ST663WQPQ

Latest review: It is quite convenient and it reheats food quite fast as well. The size is good, not that big and not that small. It does not quite affect the food quality and the temperature of the food is even as

Homemaker (Kmart) 20L Microwave

Latest review: Not sure if anyone else had a similar issue, could have been that mine was just faulty. I found that is was cheap and convenient for a share house but the quality of the microwave was low. The

LG NeoChef MS2596

Latest review: Loved it when it worked. First one was replaced within 2 months, was making an annoying whirring sound from new then F3 code and could not use keypad. 2nd lasted about 5 months then F3 code and

Homemaker 25 Litre

Latest review: I purchased this microwave after reading the reviews as I only heat things up in it. The microwave itself seems to work well but the clock is gaining 2 hours everyday I will return and probably

Panasonic NN-SF574S

Latest review: It was working fine and then the unit constantly went on Cool mode and refused to start. I would literally have to wait several minutes for this to resolve itself. Bought it in July 2017 and of

Samsung MS6104 / ME6104

Latest review: We are a couple and were looking for a small microwave for our use and after much research bought this one. Really happy with the product from the day we bought

Panasonic NN-SF564W / NN-SF564WQPQ

Latest review: We purchased the microwave few days ago, its making electric pop buzz noise from the RHS back. Very creepy!!! We knew the flatbed won't heat up the food as even as the turn table, but never had this

Samsung MS32J5133B

Latest review: While it lasted it was ok and good for cooking whole potatoes. But when it breaks down completely a month after the warranty expires it represents poor value for money. I'll steer clear of Samsung

Breville Quick Touch BMO735

Latest review: Heats well. Annoyances: Even though it has a beep volume level control, which I was excited about, you can't put it on silent! And for all it's massive showy LCD display, unlike an old-school

Cuisinart Combo Steam & Convention Oven CSO300NXA

Latest review: Purchased this from Myer for a bargain price with the intention of encouraging the teenagers in the family to reheat leftovers when I'm not around. (Apparently, the standard oven is just too

Target TESMO110

Latest review: I had limited expectations at this cheap price point and only really intended this as a fill in microwave but two and a half years later its still going strong and gets used daily. Its nicely

LG MS4266

Latest review: Just retired our old microwave... From the moment you turn it on. Setting the time is easy with the roatary dial. THE BEST part is the one push start button for 30 seconds or keep pressing to add a

Samsung ME6144

Latest review: Am very happy with my purchase. Very easy to keep clean, very powerful lots of features good manual programmable cooking cycle does everything I want. The downside though you will not be able to see

Samsung ME6124

Latest review: It was fine. I liked it, and it looks good. But then it just broke. The fan constantly just runs and the buttons do nothing. So angry at this. I expected better of something I paid so much

Panasonic NN-ST665B

Latest review: This microwave has a good internal capacity and large plate, even thought the exterior dimensions, compared to other microwaves with the same capacity, is quite compact. Its quiet, heats evenly and

Russell Hobbs RHMO200

Latest review: This microwave looks good, is easy to use and is easy to clean. It was quick to unpack and set up and has many programs to choose from to get the perfect cooking

Home & Co 34L (Kmart) EM134AL7

Latest review: The microwave preserve really well the original texture of the food , specially is good with the vegetables , I'm so satisfied with the programming features and control that have available , this

Breville Quick & Easy BMO300

Latest review: Purchased to replace a similar Breville microwave that had some rust inside after a number of years. Very happy with the brand, easy to use and looks fine. We don't really use complicated functions

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