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Breville Original BTS200 / BTS400

Breville Original BTS200 / BTS400

BTS200 (2 Slice) and BTS400 (4 Slice)
2.4 from 39 reviews

Deeper casting design for more fillings = Australia's best buy

Perfect results everytime for all your family's,quick & easy toasted sandwich treats , just use plastic, silicone or wooden utensils to remove cooked sandwich, never use metal utensils because they will scratch and remove the non-stick coating, i use my BTS200 mostly for all mushy and runny fillings eg [backedbeans/cheese,spaghetti/cheese,macaroni-pasta,savory mince,mashed potato etc ] because it seals all edges and cuts in half for easier & safer food handling [kids - elderly etc] , plus i use the Breville "BIG ONE" BTS100 Jaffle maker for most other fillings to create perfect super thick heavy "uncut" toasted sandwiches [Jaffles] when a greater variety of different fillings are required.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Simply the best

Better than any other toastie maker I've ever used. Toasts, cuts, melts, cooks, no sogginess. It's quick. It's perfect. I had the same machine for 6 years. I used it so much I needed another. Will never use any other toastie maker. I will always recommend the original and the best.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Failure of Teflon non-stick surface.

Our first Breville jaffle unit was in our families possession for over 40 years until it was stolen. The Teflon surface had remained perfect and scratch free over that time, so you must understand that we take care of our items.

I had this unit for a little over 11 months before the Teflon started to chip away and making sandwiches became virtually impossible, requiring you to find the sharpest knife you can find to pry them out.

The non-stick coating is coming off of the centre knife section, often easy enough to remove by fingernail. I've tried to forcefully damage other sections of the hot-plate and the rest of the coating is bullet-proof, it's obviously a bonding issue in the industrial process. It looks like the Teflon has run and laid on too thick.

Someone said they had a newer unit that had the same problem and the newer designs are expensive and bulky, so I haven't looked in to replacing it.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Absolute rubbish

I received this as a Christmas gift so I don't have a receipt, but the unit hasn't been used a lot and the sandwiches stick to the so called non stick coating. Today I noticed the non stick coating is flaking off and due to the health hazards of ingesting Teflon, I have decided to stop using it.

Breville should be ashamed for producing such rubbish - didn't even last 1 year. This pile of garbage if going to the tip and as someone who has always purchased Breville, from kettles to toasters and even a waffle maker, I will never buy or recommend breville again!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Love this

We use this all the time, it makes decent size sandwiches and you can fit so many fillings inside, it also accommodates the larger slices of bread which are a must for toasties. My only complaint would be that they don’t make one that could make 4 sandwiches at a time.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Not much chop but Possible redemption

Sticks, like everyone else seems to be having trouble with. My wife was going to bin it, but my son came up with a solution that seems to work pretty well. Cut your bread diagonally, put your triangles in and make 4 mini sandwiches. OK, sometimes it still leaks and I have to clean it, but it sure beats the results that occur when I use whole slices.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Bad non-stick and handle cracked

Seemed kind of ok at first. Heats up quick. Generally it seemed to seal my sandwiches ok.
After a while the non-stick started wearing off and sandwiches often stick badly.
Now the handle has fully cracked on one side when trying to close it. Looking at others, they have a full metal handle whereas this appears to be plastic.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

has become a must-have, used non- stop

This lightweight, compact product is good as it provides new meal ideas quickly. It is easy to use and has been used over and over again. However, the toastie is sometimes not sealed properly, and the filling comes out or the toast edges just flaps open. Also, sometimes the toast does not brown very well leaving buttery slices.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Save your money

Although my Breville worked well for a while, it now is going into the bin as we are sick of getting ‘stuck, mushed up’ sandwiches. Like a lot of previous reviewers, I bought it from remembering the one we had years ago. Nothing like it, I’m afraid. I also see that a lot of the reviews are from 2015-16. Well, they obviously have still not solved the problems and, I might add, they have now gone up $10 in price!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

The worst product...Absolute rubbish

I love toasties so thought would try out this product, so very disappointed, the bread does not seal, cheese and whatever else is in the sandwich is leaked out all over the toastie, when you open it there is just mush everywhere, the bread gets ripped to bits, I've only used it a few times, it is now just a useless piece of junk taking up space in my cupboard only because I can't bring myself to throw $40 in the trash!!!! Can't find my receipt so I don't think Big W will even give me a refund, Breville I need answers

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Makes a great toastie!

I haven't had a Jaffle maker since I was a kid! This machine seals the bread perfectly - makes 4 1/2 sandwiches at one time, easy to clean and toasts quickly. Pretty cheap unit to make cheap and tasty meals. Perfect for movie night. Not a very big unit either, so stores easily in the cupboard. Im really happy with it!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Very good and works well

This sandwich maker is very handy for me and my family. My kids are very happy with this product as they can easily use it and it makes very crispy and delicious sandwiches for all of us. I am very happy with this and I am hoping it will work for us longer.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Disappointing - complete product failure

I have had my Breville Original for around six months - purchased as a Christmas gift. Even with very careful care and only using sponges for cleaning, a significant portion of the non-stick coating has come off. This renders the entire appliance useless, as it now rips sandwiches in half when you remove them from the mould.

After googling and searching the Breville website, I can find no mention of warranty, so I assume that my $100 has been wasted, and my husband's six month old gift is now destined for the trash. I would not buy this product again, and definitely warn other consumers not to purchase it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Horrible - don't buy this !!!

I purchased the BTS 200 yesterday at Harvey Norman. What a massive disappointment. I used today the first time - following the instructions provided - but unfortunately when i opened it after 3 minutes the sandwich slices hadn't been sealed and as a result the cheese had leaked and is now solidly baked onto the - so called - non-stick surface. There is no way that i can get the stuck bread and cheese off without scratching the surface. If Harvey Norman doesn't provide us with a refund then the only choice I have is to throw it in the bin.
Very disappointed with Breville and will definitely not buy anything from this brand again.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


my breville toastie maker has the same issue as mentioned by others.the non stick coming off sandwiches stick and crumble and you need to dig the mess out with a spatula used to have one of these years ago and it was great this newer one is junk. dont buy it. mines 6 months old and its gone in the bin.better off buying a $10 one from kmart

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Poor surface

The surface is coming off and sandwich is sticking and tearing.
Really disappointing that Breville invented this product and hold a world wide patent on the cutting action of the toaster.
And it appears this is a common problem, I would think that under state laws in Victoria Australia this product is not fit for the purpose it was sold !
I think you should contact me Breville Australia.......

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Definately nothing like the "Original" - The product is rubbish and a waste of money

I would give it zero stars, but that doesn't seem possible. Here are my reasons. I grew up eating jaffles from a Breville sandwich maker, and was delighted when I discovered you could still buy them. I bought one of these machines several years ago. The non-slip legs on the machine itself began to fall out. The green cover of the "ready" button fell off, and then all of the information about the non-stick that you are reading here also happened to me too. I found the sandwiches were starting to stick. Margarine, butter, regardless, they stick. To my horror, I realised pieces of black metal were in fact coming off on my sandwiches after only a few uses. It gets worse and worse, with every use, so that that your sandwiches become an annihilated mess, and the machine is unusable. The only way to get them out is to scrape them off. Silly me, I thought I must have had a faulty product, so I put it in the bin, and purchased yet another one. So keen was I to get my jaffles. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING I mentioned above has also happened with the next one. The legs, the light cover and the non stick failing. It is rubbish, and should be taken off the market. DON"T BUY IT! Can anyone recommend a Jaffle maker that actually works?

Date PurchasedAug 2015
Hi Tanya - your comments will be forwarded to customer service and the design team for feedback. Thanks, the Breville teamHi Breville Team, Perhaps you could let us all know the verdict and what your company will be doing about this? I have particular concerns about the health of consumers when as described in several reviews above, the metal coating is coming off on our food? ThanksNo Breville reply...It seems although Breville have been alerted over and over as to the reoccurring deficiencies of this product and health hazards, they will not do anything about it. DON"T BUY IT AND CONSIDER IF THIS BRAND IS FOR YOU!


Dreadful. Don't buy it. Wish I'd read about it before purchase. EVERYTHING sticks. Your sandwich WILL fall apart, and all the bread will stick everywhere. Your sandwich will look like paella.. It just will. I felt great nostalgia purchasing this maker, taking me back to a childhood of toasties. I tried. I really did but it's GOING IN THE BIN. Just. Don't. Buy. It.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
Hi Selina - we'd like to discuss your issues in more detail. Can you please email your contact details to askus@breville.com.au - include your profile name in the subject line - and customer service will be intouch. Thanks, the Breville teamSo... Breville were very quick to communicate with me, and have been extremely helpful. They are hoping to resolve my issue. I certainly appreciate the actions of a company, who are willing to assist so quickly.As a follow up, Breville have sent me a new machine to replace the one I had. So far, it has worked quite well. I'm wondering if there had been a batch that was faulty. So I would say, that if you purchase one, and it isn't up to scratch, then at least Breville will take your complaint seriously. I'm hoping that all new machines are behaving themselves, and hope this is helpful.

Do not purchase.

Terrible after only a few uses food sticks and sandwiches fall apart, awful trying to clean up the mess. Will be returned if I can the receipt. Terrible after only a few uses food sticks and sandwiches fall apart, awful trying to clean up the mess. Will be returned if I can the receipt. Do not purchase waste of money.

Date PurchasedMay 2016
Hi Breboo - please contact 1300139798 if you are unable to find receipt as customer service may be able to assist with return. Thanks, the Breville teamThank you, but have located receipt.

Flakey Teflon

It's a shame the Teflon coating in these sandwich makers are so poorly done, Breville must be aware of the problem but fails to address it. I say this because I replaced my original after the Teflon came off and the replacement did exactly the same thing. It's a health danger to the public that Breville hasn't fixed and they should be accountable for this.

Date PurchasedMar 2013
Hi Nicholas - your message will be forwarded to customer service to note. Thanks, the Breville teamI think forwarding an email to customer service is a pretty underwhelming response. I’ve never been contacted by Breville regarding this known health risk.

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Questions & Answers

why does Breville BTS100SIL Big One Sandwich Maker non stick surface peel off? The coating is said to be harmful This is the second Breville Sandwich Maker that has done this. Makes great sandwiches but as I have grandchildren I am loath to use the machine?
1 answer
I don't know about the BTS100SIL my product the BTS200SIL has not had a peeling of the non-stick coating, and I have had the sandwich maker since December 7, 2017. Looks like your product the BTS100SIL is faulty.

Can you please advise me if there is a retailer holding the BTS400model in Adelaide as i have only been able to find the BTS200?
2 answers
Hi Silvio, I'm not sure. I purchased mine at Myer so I would guess that they should have the model or at least be able to order one in for you? Failing that, try David Jones or The Good Guys. Cheers AdamHi Silvio According to our distribution records - it appears that Betta and Harvey Norman stores stock this 4 slice jaffle maker Cheers The Breville Team

Where can I purchase bread that fits??? 12.5 x 12.5. Very disapointed
4 answers
Hi Burnie, I agree that some mainstream bread doesn't fit. I have found that usually some sandwich loaves get compressed in transport or storage and you can't really stretch bread out. I have found that if I buy the toast loaf that it generally fits as it doesn't get squashed as easily. However usually I just buy bread from my local baker. Also the Woolworths bread that they bake in store, usually around $2 a loaf, fits it really well. Hope this helps. Cheers AdamMany thanks Adam, I really didn't expect a reply! I will go have a look and hope to find something that fits. But I can't recall seeing bread this big 12 X 12 cm, that is a big loaf. Cheers BurnieNow that I have found the correct bread size at Woolworths (home brand) thanks to Adam. I am now very happy with the Breville Original BTS200, turns out beautiful toasties every time with only minor clean up. I start from cold, make sandwich close the press and turn on when I am ready...usually by the time I have made my coffee those yummy hot golden toasties are ready my favourite being cheese & bacon. Well done Breville priced at $38 @ BW its a bargain. Burnie

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