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Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

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Biggest heap of brand name rubbish I've ever had.

Replaced the cheap tyres put on car for a roadworthy with EP100's at local Bridgestone outlet about 7 years ago when we bought the car. 4 tyres fitted and balanced with 4 wheel alignment. Tyre pressures checked weekly and they just abnormally wore, even though the subsequent annual alignment was ok. Worst tyre I've ever had. Later told by Bridgestone dealer that these are more designed for highway driving than relatively short distances around town and just to and from work. Replaced them at just over 30,000k with a Firestone tyre and never had a problem with the replacement tyres since.

Car2007 Hyunda Elantra

Squeal City on Yaris!

These EP100's came with my 2007 Toyota Yaris sedan which were chronic squealers at roundabouts and tight corners in dry conditions at below posted regulated speeds!
No confidence of stopping ability or cornering in the wet at all.
I replaced these with Hankook k415's which have been a revelation compared to the above albeit noisier and a firmer ride.
Bridgestone now have the EP150 which i can only hope assure driver confidence on a small front wheel drive vehicle like the Yaris.
EP300 would be the choice if you want Bridgestone though.

Car2007 Toyota Yaris YRS sedan

Good Cheaper Tyre

Good economy and grip but too noisy on the road. I put these on a 2005 Honda Jazz as they were 3 for the price of 4 and Bridgestone are a reputable company however the rear tyres cause a resonant drumming in the cabin. This may not be the case on some cars but in my case they are a bit noisy compared to my usual choice of Michelins.

CarHonda Jazz 2005
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Since writing this review the noise from the tyres has decreased as the factory surface has softened and scrubbed.

Happy with tyre

These are good Tyre and you can feel they are cushiony when they are new, I hope they stay the same when they wearing out. Didn't feel much of difference regarding saving on fuel that could be a gimmick or marginal different which you won't notice. I am quite happy with it now.

CarToyota Aurion Prodigy.

Not too bad for driving around the city

This tyre is not to bad if you driving around the city area most of the time (with speed of 60 km/hrs max). I used these set of tyres on my 2006 Toyota Yaris and my wife drove it most of the time around the city. Occassionally we drove the car through the freeway up to 110 km/hrs.

The drive felt soft and smooth. Bridgestone's claim is true that the tyre has low rolling resistance. The downside with this is that it felt like the tyres had less grip on the road. The car still had excellent braking distance though, just the feeling of gliding due to the low rolling resistance.

I used these tyres for about 5 years with about 40,000 Km. There were still about 4 - 5 millimetres treads on 2/3rd centre of the tyres when I decided to replace them. The shoulders were much in worse shape. On the front two tyres, they were only about 1 millimetres left with cracks appearing along the circumference. The rear set's shoulder were still having about 3 millimetres left but with the same cracks along the circumference.

On all 4 tyres, cracks started to develop inside the grooves. The treads also had chips in several areas. This may be due to the tyres age, which is already 6 years from manufacturing date ( even though I only used it for 5 years). Hair cracks were started to develop on the sidewalls as well.

I guess, this tyre is only good for driving around the city. However, durability is not that great. The rubber will start to show deterioration around 5-6 years mark and should be replace around this time. All in all, not to bad considering that the price is not that expensive and Bridgestone periodically offers 3 for 4 tyres deal.

Car2006 Toyota Yaris

Good Quality Great Price

I changed 4 tyres on my Mazda 3 with Bridgeston Ecopia EP100 and I have to say it is a very good experience having these tyres done. I have got no problems whatsoever in terms of the conditions that I'm driving my car through. They have been used almost a year now and my experience is quite positive and my car is performing absolutely brilliant.

CarMazda 3

Terrible in the wet - dont buy these

These tyres are the worst I have ever owned in the wet, I have almost always gone with Bridgestone in the past but would not recommend this model.
These are OK in the dry but if you are ever likely to encounter rain HANG ON, these slide sideways on roundabouts at very low speed.
They are also very noisy in car parks, they squeal like your going 100 when only crawling.
First time I have ever wanted the tyres to wear out quickly!

Car2014 Ford Mondeo

Good on the wet road, average on dry road

Bought a set of 4 for my Toyota Echo. They have good traction on wet road, average on dry road. Noise is a little louder than previous Bridgestone. If you want to know whether I would buy again or not, it depends on where in Australia you live in. For warmer parts of Aust, probably not, but I live in Vic, which has random weather. I would definitely buy then for my next car.


Great tyres, great price

I've just replaced both my partner's car and my car with 4 brand new tyres, all Bridgestone. Our previous ones were the same brand and both cars went more than 3 years before needing to be replaced. This is why we went with the same brand again. Got them 'buy 3, get 1 free' from Bridgestone Select

CarNissan X-Trail

Average tyre

I bought these tyres for my Camry - 215/60/16.
Good grip when wet and tyres are on the quiet side, but wearing out pretty quickly - not that durable.
Didn't notice any improvement in fuel economy.
Also need to check air pressure often and top it up every month.
For the same price there are better tyres out there.

CarCamry 2008

Great tyres at a great price

We have these on all our cars at the moment and they are great deal when the buy 3 get 1 free offer is on. Nice, smooth tyre, with low road noise.

One place to improve would be wet weather gripping. It's not bad at all, but I've seen tyres that are better around the same price range.

CarRav 4

quiet cheap Tyre

Just changed last month in Bob Jane, quiet enough for me compared to the old bobjane tyres. Too quiet which makes me though there was something wrong with my engine since I can't really hear from tyres but only the engine. Good for daily use but I don't think the performance is excellent since I feel it's harder to climb up the hill.

CarMitsubishi lancer

Affordable and long lasting

In terms of handling in a straight line these tyres perform the same as their competitors. In corners I have noticed less slipping on tight turns so that's a nice difference. These tyres were recommended by the mechanic that I took my car to and I've been happy with them so far.

CarKia Optima

Tyre's for Ford cars

Purchased from Bridgestone dealer directly with 3+1 free option. Doesn't give me a great feeling after I changed these Tyre's. It has worn out so quickly for a normal use. The Tyre's gets easily damaged when it touches the gutter on the road sides while parking. I didn't feel worth spending o much money on these Tyre's. sounds like Bridgesand !

CarFord Mondeo

Good and very cost effective.

Bought and have four of this tyre installed 2 years ago at Bridgestone tyre shop. It is a very cost effective one compared to ranges but it works good enough for my Subaru forester when mostly do city driving. You might not want this Ecopia if you are taking your car off road most of the time.

CarSubaru Forester 2010

Very smooth and run quite

Very good tyre. Run really smooth.
It claims that it will improve the fuel
Efficiency but i honestly can't tell you
About it. Was hesitate to choose
Either turanza or ecopia. Salesman said his same one run 76,000km so look forward for me to run around that .Wait and grab the buy 3 and 1 free.

CarToyota Camry 2003

best mileage i have ever had

My toyota came with the dunlop tyres and once i had to change the tyres, i bought the bridgestone ecopia ep100 which were on sales with buy 4 pay 3. there was a significant difference in mileage as the dunlop usually gave me about 500 kms with a full tank, while the bridgestone ecopia ep100 up to 650 kms.
the handing was a little better with the dunlop but the ecopia was quieter

Cartoyota yaris 2013


I used to be a Bridgestone customer, but was turned off after Turanza and Donut failures 15 years ago or so. A friend had bought these for his VY Commodore ute (we don't carry big loads in our ute) and I was surprised about driving on them while my car was in the panel beaters. They gripped and were great in the winter rains on roads where I would usually aquaplane in my car. Went and got some fitted to my Falcon 2 years ago now and 48,700km (only 2 tyre rotations during this period) later they still look brand new and have hardly lost a scrap of tread. Maybe its because they are made in Japan or maybe Bridgestone have designed a superior product at an affordable price, Im not to sure, but I am convinced I could get another 30,000km out of these tyres. Very happy!

Car2009 Ford Falcon Ute

Good Allrounder

I had a '97 Fairlane and replaced all 4 tyres at the advise of BobJane Campbelltown NSW where I have been purchasing over 30 years.
They have always given me the best advise and this is no different. I had these tyres on for well over 40k with still very serviceable tread.
Quiet for the best part and a great rolling resistance hence the name Eco.(pia)
Living in Tas now so will find my 'local' tyre guy for the next 30yrs.

CarFord Fairlane 1997 Ghia

Good Deal for this Tyre!

We got a great deal from Bridgestone Select Ellenbrook, 3 tyres with free 1 tyre at very good price. We had these installed in our family car. We find the tyres durable, reliable and no safety issue. The tyres have great friction even on wet roads, no skid. We also notice that these tyres are not noisy compare to the previous tyres installed.

CarToyota Corolla Ascend Sports Hatchback 2011

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Questions & Answers

Whats the recommended tyre air pressure
1 answer
I believe each car model has different recommended tyre pressure. For my 2006 Toyota Yaris, the recommended tyre pressure is 32 psi back and front. However, from experience, I personally wouldn't go below 34 psi to maximise the tyres' life. 32 psi will give you soft and comfy riding but at the cost of your tyres shoulder. My new tyres are now at 38 psi as recommended by Bridgestone Tyre Centre and so far the riding has been good. Check your car's manual for the recommended presure. My believe is somewhere between 32 - 40 psi. Try to experiment between that range to find the best balance for your car.

I am currently driving a Toyota Avanza and I am currently using Michelin XM2 tyres my current tyre size is 185 x 70 x 14 , I have been using Michelin Tyres for 4 year now and recently the tyre shop dealer wanted to recommend me Bridgestone Ecopia and he said is very soft and comfort , but what i want to ask is does the tyre last coz my wife travel alot ipoh to K.kangsar then again ipoh to bidor the next day...one week twice if one month 8 times to and from(16 times)
1 answer
I have travelled 3000k since fitting the Ecopia tyres and have found them to have great handling in the wet,very quiet and improved fuel economy on trips. Hope this is of some assistance

How do they perform on a Honda CRV?
3 answers
Don't know but don't perform on a Ford FocusCan't speak for a Honda but it probably depends on how you like to drive it. I have only tried them on a Yaris.I have them on my 2013 Fiesta. Only done about 4,000k's but they ride better than the Continental's that came with the car and they only gave me about 35,000 k's. (At 145 bucks each, i won't be buying them again.) I've had no problems with the handling and the steering is a lot better. I haven't noticed any braking problems, but the ABS probably takes care of that. Can't really comment on wet roads because i don't drive like a loony.


Ecopia EP100
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