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Bridgestone Potenza S001

Bridgestone Potenza S001

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Average with low millage

Very average Tyre to what Bridgestone thinks about it. Had them on a brand new car, did not even last three years, became very noisy when reached 30,000 km so had to change them. Not worth the money.

Purchased in February 2016.

Love it

Okay, I rrsearched this tyre hardcore prior to buying. I abused thr Kmart price match system on that tyre website and paid $329 per tyre (and I enjoyed saving $200 per tyre).
Okay my car is light and is a midship engine so handling is important. And these tyres in the rain is like driving on dry road I can drive at the same speed and still maintain similar gripping (I am still not saying people will become better drivers and figure out how to merge). I am not sure about wear yet but I have a good record with tyres. My previous tyres lasted 5+ years. So if these ones last 3 I would say totally worth it.
For those burnout enthusiasts IDK what to tell you, go buy tyres not made of rubber?

CarMazda RX7 2002

Loved this tire... Full Stop!

These tires as said by the guy I bought the car off are & were total road huggers. I pushed my AWD turbo to the limits & loved these tires handling, dry or wet & cornering! They also looked really good from side on, they had that real sporty edge to them.
Overall highly recommended :D

Car2007 Subaru Liberty Tuned by STi

Excellent Grip in both wet and dry....

I have these on my Mitsubishi Evo 6 Tommi Makinen Edition (OEM was the Potenza S-01!!) and my Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4. Similar drive lines similar power.. Though the Legnum is 400kg heavier. I run them at 36-38 psi. LOVE these tyres! Absolutely outstanding grip in the Dry or Wet...absolutely tenacious when pushed, especially on the Makinen Edition. Initial turn in, is excellent! As is the great stability at speed, the sidewalls are quite stiff compared to normal road tyres. they aren't as comfortable as a normal road tyre, so you'll feel the road imperfections... and when they are really struggling for grip when pushing the limits through the steering wheel..(depending on car that is!) Also they do make a fair amount of noise compared to "normal" tyres too. Wear... is a little faster than others but, being a soft compound, the performance these things give, it's worth every penny!! I ran Kumho KU-36 Semi slicks and found.. despite the huge road noise they made, grip levels were very similar..sidewall stiffness is roughly the same... well... through scientific butt to seat observations... though I do try to keep my driving at 80% any more I'll run out of talent before the car does... they were great tyres too... diabolical in heavy rain though.
If you want a tyre that is one step below semi's and enjoy driving "spiritedly" or demand high grip in all weather conditions, I'd highly recommend the S-001's... great tyre for all conditions.

CarMitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 Tommi Makinen Edition, Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4.

Good performance with low mileage

My car came with Bridgestone Potenza S001 225/45 R18 as front OEM tyres. Performance is good in terms of handling, comfort and noise level. The only thing noticeable here is it is already due for replacement after only 33000 kms. I thought it is just an alignment issue or due to the car's weight. When I went to the shop to buy replacements, a VW Golf with S001 also went there to replace the front tyres. His only lasted 35000 kms.

Car2014 Mercedes-Benz C200 (w205)

Excellent High Performance Grip.

Bridgestone S001's came fitted upon purchasing my Renault Megane RS265 Cup, these tyres are one step down from semi slicks,
Truly amazing grip in dry conditions and sure footed in the wet, no issues with excessive noise.
I can not comment on wear rates as I only use my car on any given Sunday.
In conclusion if your chasing high end no compromise grip with superior feed back, then I recommend the S001's.
If it's a long mileage tyre your after, then go buy your self a set of bedrocks.

CarRenault Megane RS265 Cup

S001 are Slippery Tyres

I purchased four tyres 225/35R20 & 255/30R20 to replace the identical same tyres that were Pirelli P Zero.

S001 look better YES very much in fact with sqaure sidewalls.

P ZERO grip better and don't brake traction at all mid revs.
P ZERO give more grip at take off.
P ZERO corner better with greater G's.

I would expect these to last longer as not very grippy but as always letting go mightwear out prematurely indeed.

Run flats p zero best

I have not tried Michelin as not RUN-FLATS

I was not one for RUN-FLATS until I had them on my current car, and after a flat tyre- or damaged tyre as didn't go flat on a 40 Degrees day was able to continue to three more jobs and one meeting before driving another 20 kilometer to get a replacement tyre on the way to another job.
Loving Run Flats.

CarBMW 340i M Performance 2016

Now made in Malaysia and Thailand – That Japanese quality Tyre is now worthless junk.

My imported Skylines with “Made in Japan” Bridgestone’s have always lasted 5 years+

I recently, well.. 9 months ago. Refitted fronts 225/45R19 92W
Now 100% bold! With no changes to driving style nor routes.
I must fork out more $$ for Fronts!
Lexus ISF 15 months ago Fronts bold too.

Rep also advised the huge 90% drop in quality with manufacturing and low grade rubber.

Completely ripped off I’ll stay away.

Car370GT -SP 2013 Lexus ISF

Nice touring tyre

Had these on for 30,000KMs and they will soon need replacing.
Overall I've found them to be excellent for Road noise (compared to RE050A and Turanza T001) and what I mainly look for in a tyre - excellent in the wet.
Grip is sufficient for a family car, been happy enough to purchase my second set. Alternatively would try Continental's if the price was right.

CarMazda 6

Not worth the money IMO

Had these tyres since I was recommended them after my service at southport honda. Only had them fitted for about 9 months but my rear pair have since had valve issues and upon fixing them i've noticed bald spots appearing so not very happy so far but the front have been perfect and haven't lost a mm of tread. I would recommend them for maybe a smaller sedan but I'm overall not to happy with them..

CarHonda Accord Euro 2008

A detriment to my new GTI

New VW GTI Mk7 came fitted with these in 2014. It wasn't until they wore out prematurely after 38000km of conservative driving and were replaced with Michelin PS4's that I realised the qualities of the car. The 001's were hard riding, nosier and had worse fuel economy than the PS4's. However, grip in wet and dry was comparable. My previous GTI had Dunlop Supersports and Goodyear Eagles that were also superior to the 001. I can't recommend these at all.

CarGolf GTI

Holden Commodore My10 302000kms

The International Limited Edition 245/45/18 came with Yokohama S221 2 sets then unavailable Pirelli P7s now Pirelli P1s. I drive 50,000kms per year Taxi Service to elderly parents with serious health issues.
Although supposedly poor km I am to expect I need grip and quality.
I rotate wheel balance and align every 8000kms so I am a regular at Tempe Tyres who are by far the cheapest in Sydney. I travel 50kms to come here every 6-8 weeks.
I am looking forward to these first 2 tyres going on the front and will update wearage and ride comfort details

CarHolden Commodore International MY10 6sp Auto Manual Sportshift

good grip, low mileage

I got these as a replacement for the RE050's but got nowhere near the same mileage. Got approx 50000kms with OEM RE050's whereas only got 27000kms with the S001's. The grip was comparable and got these relatively cheap @ approx $290 a corner but won't be looking at such soft tyres again in the future.

CarSubaru Liberty

Great handling, poor mileage, developed noisy drone

Honda Civic Sport Gen 8. 215/45 x 17. Replaced OEM Michelin Pilots at 35k as they developed scollops in the tread. S001 fitted and they are the most sure footed tyre I have driven on in the past 40 years, wet or dry, or torential down pour. S001's have now done 35k. Saw the tyre dealer today to discuss the droning sound coming from the tyres, and he noted that the rubber compound is showing perishing "which I have never seen on a Bridgestone. They still have another 5 to 10k wear left." As I can't put up with the noise at 70 to 80 KPH they are going to be replaced next week. So I concur with the other reviews highlighting the great performance of this tyre; the down side being the price $240 and short life span. In short, the S001 is both the Best and Worst tyre I have ever purchased (we have 5 vehicles, so that is quite a few tyres!)

CarHonda Civic Sport Gen 8, 2.0 lt motor.
I submitted the link to this Product Review of the s001 tyre to Bridgestone Australia. I was contacted promptly by their Vic/Tas Technical Manager. After a number of emails, the source of the noise in the tyres most likely caused by an incorrect rotation procedure. This does not explain the short life span. I replaced the set of tyres with another set of s001's and they will be rotated by the dealer to Bridgestones's specifications. Car is now acceptably quiet on the new rubber. The power of public opinion! Thank you Product Review.Update. The second set of 4 S001 tyres have now traveled 10,000 klms and performing well. The noise / whine appeared at around 5,000 from new and subsided with a cross rotation of all four tyres. The tyre noise is now reappearing at 10,000 klms, so due for another 4 wheel rotation. This is a lot of rotating if you were doing 20,000 klms a year!

Great choice for the ST

Recently put these on my 2013 ford focus ST. After the goodyear eagle f1s the car came with, I put michelin piolt sport 3 on but they just didnt cut the mustard, so ripped those off and went for the potenza s001s.. very happy with them. They perform really wel and look the part.. will review again once i have put a load of km on them but right now im totally happy i chose these tyres. Got them for 230 each and 100 cash back.

CarFord focus st

The best UHP Tyre I've used

Vehicle 2014 VF SSV Supercharged Front 245/40/19 Rear 275/35/19

If you're expecting to get high millage from your tyres look elsewhere. If you're looking for the best dry and wet weather performance from a true road tyre (not a semi slick) look no further than these tyres. Granted my VF has well in excess of 600 rwhp so no tyre is going to provide long term use with "spirited" driving but the confidence these tyres inspire is nothing short of brilliant. The front end has far more steering feel and even up to the point of being completely shagged the rear tyres offer unbelievable levels of grip.

I've had plenty of high powered rear drive cars in the past and used the best tyre from all of the high end manufacturers and I've yet to find one that offers such a complete range of feedback, grip and braking performance I've experienced with the S001's.

I've been through 4 sets of rears to 1 set of front tyres with the rears lasting on average 7,500km's. Whilst people may find this unacceptable what has to be remembered is that these are soft, sticky UHP tyres that will wear quickly in order to provide the ultimate in performance. At 500 bucks a pop they're not cheap but they are better priced than other tyres in this category which makes them great value.

The S001's have an ultra stiff side wall and will slightly reduce ride quality but this is of little relevance in comparison to the ultimate overall performance of the tyre.

On the track the S001's are only half a second slower per lap than the RS3 semi slicks I use on the same car.

Better for true performance cars

The previous review is a bit off the mark as far as I see it. I have S001's on my Renault RS265, and am happy to say the grip levels are just as good as the original Michelin Pilot sports. Tread wear on the front for this vehicle will always wear harded, but the pilot sport wear down quicker. Brought these from a Bridgestone direct store under 250 per corner (235/40R40). I am not chasing high mileage, I would recommend these if the vehicle drives less than 10000kms a year. Not really suited for a Honda Accord Euro, best for performance turbo 4's. Next time I will probably go with either Bridgestone's RE002 or similar.

Expensive. Very very poor mileage

I replaced the OEM Bridgestone Potenza RE040 225/45 R17 on my Honda Accord Euro with four of the Bridgestone S001. The RE040 has a UTQG of 140 A A, whereas the S001 has a UTQG of 280 A A, so there is an expectation of equal or better tread life. However, the S001 only lasted 2 years/30000km whereas the RE040 lasted 5 years/66000km, both under similar laid-back driving style. The poor mileage is the single most disappointing characteristic of this tyre, so I would not recommend the S001 on this basis. There are other tyres which has comparable performance for similar price and still provide reasonably good mileage. Aside from the poor mileage, the tyre performed as expected, subjectively offering confident braking and handling. Noise level is about par with RE040.
Grip, good handling, comfortable ride, relatively low noise when new.
Very poor mileage, noisier when worn to minimal tread life.

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Potenza S001
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