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Bridgestone Turanza ER30

Bridgestone Turanza ER30

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half worn at 13000k's

I have these tyres on a front wheel drive car. have done 13,000 ks in two and a bit years and they are half worn. I have these rotated and balanced at every service. I also have them inflated at recommended tyre pressure so not sure why they are performing poorly. Toyota advised this is "normal and acceptable".

Car2015 toyota camry atara s

So far all good

Purchased one tyre only in august 2017 at bridgestone fountain gate, costed 159 dollars.

So far so good. Will update if any problems. As the other 3 tyres are same model but older , can't make comment yet but my old 4 set of tyres same model, i never had any problem.

CarHonda civic 2009


Replaced all 4 tyres on my ford falcon due to general wear with these. I have found them to be reliable so far after with no traction loss even in wet conditions.. I would recommend keeping a close eye on the pressure however as I find they regularly need to be topped up with air.

Car1996 Ford Falcon

Poor longevity and mediocre wet weather performance

I have a Mitsubishi Magna (front wheel drive) and replaced the front tyres which were Yokohama A-Drives 40,000km ago. The other two tyres are the remaining A-Drives which have been on the car for around 80,000km. The tread wear is near identical and the Turanza has a tear in the sidewall as mentioned by another user. I will say that in their short life they have performed well in the dry but their wet performance is nothing close to Michelins of similar price.

Car2003 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan

Excellent tyre

The tyres on my car have been awesome tyres.
Though wet or dry conditions the tyres have worn great on the car and have gone the distance as well.
They are also fuel saving as well, when I have to stop suddenly they preform really good
I will be getting the same tyres next time for sure


Best tyre you can find

I don't know why people are complaining about the noise. Of course with the more gripped tread they won't be silent but keep in mind that these are safety and performance tyres. They're no louder than any other tyre ive used (about 20) but ive driven about 20,000ks on them and they've worked a treat. Wet handling is phenomenal - feels like your driving in the dry. dry handling is even better. I recently had to make an evasive manuever and I can easily say without these tyres I would have been in the grille of a semi. If you can sacrifice dead silence over safety than these are the best you can get for its price range.

Car2013 Ford Focus Trend MKII


These tyres generate a lot of road noise and as such will be changing these over to another leading brand that have a very low travel noise.
As a driver that spends a lot of time on highways and freeways road noise from tyres can be distracting as such the earlier that I ca afford to remove these the better. You certainly get what you pay for discounted tyres or sales promotion are not always a great deal. They might provide long mileage or KMs but road noise is the issue.

CarCamry SL

Noisy feathering

These tyres are terrible. Road noise is almost unbearable. I have to turn the music on to dampen the noise. These tyres were fitted to brand new 2013 Toyota Aurion. I would never recommend them. Better to have quiet tyres than long lasting tyres. I have had this problem since the first service at 15,000km. These tyres have passed 65,000km. They will last another 20,000km but km distance is not what I am after. I am after tyres that are quiet on the road.

CarToyota Aurion

good tyres, now unavailable new

I had these for a good 60000 kms + and on low tread they still had great grip and locked up once when i really tested them. They are slightly slippery in wet but excel in dry and in the mountains and are quiet on the way. I went for eco tyres this time but they were a good buy and did the job well. I found since buying my new 215 60 16 yokes they were smoother ride but not as good covering quickly but the new ones hold the road better, except when i execrate too fast I've had one slip but did not slide.

Great tyres, now hard to find

Mine have lasted over 60,000 kms and still have grip. Good handling, and good on highway. Having trouble finding a replacement. Would definitely replace with these if i can find them.

Not what they claim to be!

Needing new tyres, I was informed by Bridgestone staff that these tyres were the replacement for an older Dunlop Regatta - which I'd had previously, and found to be extremely safe in wet conditions.
He was either wrong, or blatantly lied - these tyres are dangerously slippery in wet conditions, and I find myself never sure when cornering in wet weather, as to whether they will hold or let go, as they have done in the past on numerous occasions. To be fair - they have certainly reduced my speed in wet conditions, as I'm too scared to even reach the speed limit in the wet!
When Bridgestone emailed me a questionnaire as aftermarket service and I advised them of my concern, I never heard back, so will be replacing these tyres soon - and WILL NOT be returning to a Bridgestone store.
Good looking tyres with asymmetrical tread pattern.
Extremely dangerous in wet conditions.

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As an update, I've recently replaced these absolute rubbish tyres, as after less than 2 years and 20,000kms, the two front tyres had sidewall splits from perishing! One was 20cm long, (and the steel belt was visible), the other over 30cm! And yet, there's still plenty of tread left! To top it off, I've NEVER had tyres slip so much in the wet - from a standing start, I had to virtually crawl away, as they'd slip and slide if any power was applied to the rear wheels. If I was a hoon, or drove with under-inflated tyres, I could maybe understand it - but as a senior who regularly checks tyre pressure and drives sedately, I'm at a loss. In 45 years of driving, I'd confidently say these are THE WORST tyre I've ever driven on! Bridgestone tyre dealers and Bridgestone tyres? Never, ever again!

Good Tyre

Had four of those with 205/65 R15 on my 2001 Camry. They lasted pretty well with 60000KM. I reckon i could have another 10, 000 with my leisurely drive. The grip of the tyre is good on both wet and dry (better on the dry), always felt confident with them. The feeling is quite progressive.
Value for money. Decent grip and progressive feel.
There are quieter newer tyres on the market namely the Bridgestone T001. Not a Low Rolling Resistance Tyre. Could last longer.

Would not buy again

I had these fitted to a Falcon AUIII sedan 215/60-16
Very noisy more than the OEM NCT 5 Goodyear
Handling was ok, dry drip was ok, wet drip was marginal.
I only got 40000 km where the original Goodyear NCT 5 got 70000km
Price was similar to other equivalent brands.
They look narrow on the rims compared to original.
I don't think they work on the Falcon and would not recommend on this vehicle

Did not last

Great in city, forget about country driving!

The 9 months i drove these tyres in the city and suburbs they behaved very well, but when i took the car for a 4000 k trip in the NW of Western Australia I found the road noise excessive! Then accidentally we had to continue on a gravel road near Tom Price and after 30k I blew the two rear tyres, still at 75%. We had to camp overnight in the bush as there was nobody to help us! Then we had them fixed (by inserting plugs) and continued our trip. 200k from home we struck a pothole and it blew a 10cm diameter hole in the wall of the tyre. I have had many cars and brands of tyres, but admit this is the first time I have had such dramatic experiences. So my conclusion and recommendation is: don't take them onto the open road and certainly not on gravel; you don't want to be in the same predicament of having two punctures and only one spare! As i plan to do lots of more counrtry driving I will research another brand, more versatile to take all conditions. (Jun 2011)
nicwe ride on smooth birumen
extremely vulnerable on rough bitumen, lethal on gravel


Excellent high performance tyres that provide security grip on the road, smoothness and quietness,excellent in hot or rainy weather with excellent pumping of water for maximum grip and safety
look and width, but more importantly the smooth quiet rides and the high performance grip in any weather, fantastic, have had Michelin's and Pirelli's on other cars, and the Brigestone E30 ZX 18" were on my 7 series BMW as OE equipment, and they perform better than any other tyre I have driven on, fantastic!!!


I bought a Mazda 3 MZR-CD 2.0TD in OCT 2007 and I have just clocked up 60,000Kms in Jan 2010. These tires were stock that came with the car. Still got about 1-2mm of tread left until the wear mark. Could do another 10,000kms but I've had to put a puncture repair kit on one of the tires as I got a puncture from something. Going to get the ER300 from Bob Janes to replace as the ER300 this is a better quality tire. 205/55/R16 $184
Quiet Ride, Long life and good wet weather grip.
Nothing really just need to buy some new tires.


The tyres were on the car,Mazda 6 wagon, from new. havent lasted at all. Tyre pressures and wheel alignment looked after and they did not last. Will try a different brand.

25000 km and they are worn out.

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I just changed mine at 46,000 km, still got a few mm of tread left. Don't know how you were driving them.


A good quality tyres which gives great comfort as well as stability but lacks performance in the wet conditions. A great buy for the average driver who are seeking a bit of performance.
Real quiet and good on dry conditions.
Not so good on wet condition as advertised.


Very good tyres that I have had on two of my classics for over 3 years which I will admit don't get driven everyday but when they are used (for weddings) these tyres really work in all weather conditions without producing any noise. Reliability is fantastic, wearing square and evenly (had wheel alignment done when first fitted) and have achieved over 50K on one set (still have 40% tread left) and 35K on the other set. No complaints at all - will buy again :-)
Quiet ride, great grip, long life and look good on my classic australian muscle cars using 225/60 15.


Very good tyres. I bought my commodore used with those tyres fitted on already (With about 70%) and I did around 50,000kms on top!! I still have them on, (With barely any tread left) and they produce No noise whatsoever, and I cant believe I can still drive in the wet without my car slipping! I consider myself to be an agressive driver, and I reckon these tyres can easily do 70,000kms
Extreme long mileage with these tyres. Quiet, Good on Wet and Dry.
A bit pricey, I am opting for a cheaper brand due to financial restrictions

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Questions & Answers

Hello what is the meaning of " ER " on your tires?
3 answers
I don't think ER has any particular meaning. ER30 just distingishes this type of Tyre from others in the Bridgestone range. The ER30 is probably one of best tyres I have owned but I also think some tyres may suit some cars better than others. I had them on a small suv- a 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander. Hope this helps.As RedM suggests, ER is nothing more than an identifier used by Bridgestone to denote a particular style/shape/mould of tyre which is designed to suit a certain range of vehicles. If you really had to know, Bridgestone would be able to provide a definitive answer. As I said in an earlier post, the 'Turanza' is a badly-under-performing tyre in wet conditions. Particularly on my Ford AU sedan. The grip has however, improved with age.I think its just a model number and doesn't mean much. I had 215/60-16 on an AU, I won't buy these tyres again, poor grip in the wet, noisy and only got 40,000 km.

I had these as original tyres on a new car (mitsubishi lancer (sport edition 2008) and now i used them for about 50000 km and the performance was great but now they will need replacment soon and it is not available in stores so should i replace it with turanza ER50 or 300 or what ??
1 answer
The new Bridgestone Turanza ER30 is now made in Indonesia (after the Australian factory was closed) and is available in K-Mart Tyre and auto stores. I bought a new set of four "Bridgestone Serenity Plus", three months ago to replace my previous tyres, because these range of tyres are made from much newer technology and are better for all round driving. Also has deeper tread depth. Check them out and decide for yourself.


Turanza ER30
Release dateSep 2007
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