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Broadway Gym

Broadway Gym

2.8 from 59 reviews

Great gym

It is a Great place to work out and very well located. Very Safe for keeping your stuff in the lockers and it has nice equipments. It is also very clean.


How much ever amazing this gym is, it’s definitely not safe. Every other day the things go missing from the lockers and petty things kept outside of the locker. The staff is all good when you don’t have a problem. When you do, they simply lift up their hands and refuse to help with an absolute disrespect. As a student, it isn’t a nice place to keep coming when you keep losing things.

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Dear Natasha, Thank you for taking your time to write a review. We can confirm that you contacted us once regarding your small size umbrella (which will fit in a small bag) that went missing from the womens change room. We had checked all cameras and explained to you that is not possible to do bag check and it is better to leave your belongings in lockers provided rather than outside in womens change room where we have no cameras. We also would like to point out that you are still a member here(01/02/19) and haven't reported any problems. You or other members have not reported about things being taken from lockers so we request you to kindly refrain from making false claims. Gym has cameras everywhere with 24/7 security.We have no other complaints from any other member including you. We are sorry that we couldn't find your umbrella but please use the lockers provided. . Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

Amazing gym!

Such a good place to train. Great varieties of equipment and machines. Staff always super friendly which adds to the overall environment of the gym!

Amazing gym

This gym is amazing. The staff are really friendly and the equipment is awesome. Would highly recommend to anyone to join this gym.

Best gym

This is a really good gym, 24/7 in the center of the city with all the necessary for working out.

Excellent gym

A fantastic 24/7 gym. Best bang for your buck! Has all the equipment you need and also has a large variety of supplements to buy!

Great prices & even better selection!

I have purchased Gold whey protein and C4 pre workout from Broadway Gym.
I found it to be cheaper then places I have purchased products before.
If your looking for products they have an extensive range at great prices.


broadway gym

one of the greatest experience great workout experience in very professional atmosphere.standards are really brilliant under watchful and professional eyes of the trainer of the gym during classes on several days

A perfect start up gym

24 hours, with a number of training opportunities. Close to the city with a number of equipments in a cheap price.


Really good gym super equipment. Its open 24 hours a day whitch makes it very convenient. Get to this gym!!!

Great gym!

Friendly staff, great equipment and clean. Good value for money plus loads of new equipment to use. Great location and perfect for city workers

Rude manager

The manager is really rude and an the manager is always rude to any question he can ask.
gym proved to be very dirty and dusty.
the baths are rarely cleaned about once a month and these machines are of poor quality.

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Hi Dioporcone93, Thank you for writing a review. Can you kindly provide more information on why you met the manager and what happened so we can investigate the incident. We kindly request you to not provide false information regarding gym because of your dispute with manager. Please note, we have cleaners who clean everyday in the morning. All are machines are branded and we use only Hammer Strength, Life Fitness & Precor made in US. They are leading suppliers of commercial equipment in the world.

Great gym

Cheap suppplements, price match guarantee and great gym equipment. Gym membership is cheapest option for students too. Close to UTS and Sydney University

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Amazing place!

Excellent gym, staff incredibly friendly and offer great support! Would definitely recommend coming here, it's changed my life, 5 stars.

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Awesome gym!

Nice gym, affordable, has everything what you need for a great work out, friendly staff.
Great location, and open 24/7.

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No Contract - 24/7 affordable gym

Tons of Cardio & weight lifting machines. Available all the time because they have two levels. Boxing bags also available now so rejoined.

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I dropped by for a casual visit today. Casual visit there seemed to be expensive but i choose to do it. Must say, it was worth it. I have been to this place years ago but there seem to be a lot of changes. They have new equipments and and two levels of cardio and weights. Would definitely go back to train again.

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Filthy gym, won't let you cancel, and manager ignores calls and emails

Don't sign up to this place. Tried to cancel and the staff refused to take it in writing, as I'm not in Sydney anymore. Apparently you have to go into the gym, not a legally enforceable term in the contract. So if I never come back to Sydney I have to pay for the membership forever? Idiots. Then on top of that, the manager will screen your number (answers first time to private number and refuses to deal with you, won't answer in 60+ calls from own number). Won't respond to emails. Absolute shambles of an organisation and clearly do this because there's a lot of international students around, so they know they can intimidate them into paying more.

Forwarded a complaint to fair trading. Manager is a coward.

cheap and cheater

The worst place I have ever had gym in my life. The Indian guy who ls a manager there is the rudest and lack of manner. And they will say that won't detects money if you wont come in week but they keep taking money even come or not. I will die unhealthy rather than do exercise on that GYM YAAAAAAAAAAAAK SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.

cheap but you get what you pay for

I've been coming here for about 5 years. When new management took over in 2016 things changed a lot - some things for better, some for worse.

Positives: Its now 24 hours. Its cheap. You can now pay $20 fortnightly without being locked in to a contract. Upper floor now has newer equipment. Downstairs has mostly older equipment but for the most part its functional. Good range of free weights. If you avoid peak hour it can be very empty and quiet which I like.

Negatives: It is cluttered, especially the downstairs weight room. Upstairs trying to find a pair of matching dumbbells is like playing "where's wally" - upstairs nobody puts dumbbells back in their correct spot and staff never tidy it up. Machines and equipment are too close together. Downstairs you gotta be careful not to hit your head on the barbells between squat racks and smith machines when you try to load plates on them. I don't think any of the new staff train, so if you need advice on how to train this isn't the gym for you.

Summary: if you need a cheap functional gym, and you know what you are doing when training, Broadway gym is fine.

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