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never received cashback

I purchased several times and never received the cashback. not sure if this thing works at all or what is going on. i'll try some of the other cashback sites and see if they work. If it worked it would be a great concept as I am a regular online shopper

never got cashback

Great site

BuckScoop always has the updated daily deals, vouchers, and freebies, and latest contests. The deals are always fresh and updated. There are tons of interesting stuff waiting for you to find. I ordered several times from this site. It always provides the freshest deal information. Great oppotunities to big savings.
Lots of great deals

Great site

This is a really great site that i would recommend to anyone. Its a free to use and sign up to site. You basically sign up and then when you go to make a purchase on something on line you go to buckscoop first and click on there link and then buckscoop are given some money from the retailer for getting them business and in turn buckscoop give you some of that money back paid directly to either your bank account or to your paypal account. A legitimate website with no strings attached you really do get something for nothing with this site.

Cant believe all the positive reviews

Me and my friends either got extremely unlucky... And i mean all of us ... Or all the other reviews are fake..
I mean i personally received cashback only once.. After purchasing items on six different occasions..
Anyway everyone save yourself some extra money and try starthere.com.au
They dont promise to give as much cashback as buckscoop but at least you actually receive cashback

There is no cashback


I love Buckscoop. It's a very friendly site on which members post bargains found both on and offline. I check it daily to see if anything catches my eye. The main point of the website though is to pass on commissions to members in the form of cash transferred to your bank account. You click through their link, spend the money you would have anyway and then Buckscoop are paid some commission. They keep a small amount but most of it is returned to you, the buyer. It's really something for nothing with no strings attached. I have been a member for a few years now and have had several payouts!
Free cashbacks, no strings attached, great deals posted by members, friendly community


Great site. Costs me nothing. Asks nothing from me. There is plenty of deals forums around but what keeps me using buckscoop is that they moderate it so theres no retailers posting crap deals under the guise of a bargain and its not full of silly forum jockeys bitching and attacking each other - objective peer review counts, more of the same dull advertising schmaltz is boring.
I like the concept of being able to get a cashback discount on stuff I was going to buy anyway. It makes it a better bargain. I also like the combination of the deals forum and discount codes as they stack up.
Could be a few more deals, discount codes and bargains going through it but quality is better than quantity I guess.


I keep this site bookmarked after accidently stumbling upon it a few months ago and it has been invaluble for keeping me up to date, even with small things like extra special items on sale in catalouges at my local supermarket! The links to freebies are a real bonus and the site is big enough to keep me entertained for ages.
Love this site, keeps me up to date with all the big bargins that are out there, makes note of special offers, really user orientated, heaps of help from likeminded people who love to hunt down a bargin!
The cashback is slow, but it does show up!


I don't really shop much online, but when I do it's great to receive a Buckscoop cashback! There are all kinds of stores, not just limited to the major stores. You just get paid some money into your PayPal account, which is great and very surprising! There's also a really wide range of freebies and deals on and offline, all submitted by the members.
Heaps of freebies on and offline, a wide range of things, cashbacks from when you go shopping.
The cashback can take a long time to come to you, but I'm glad I get it at all!


Ive had a wonderful time looking for freebies through buckscoop, lots of perfume samples, so you can see if you like it before buying a whole bottle. Its always been helpful to find out the best deals going around. If you buy through one of their affliliates you can get cash back on your purchases which is always good to get, but it can take a long time to actually get it though.
you can get a good amount of cash back on some of the things you buy. Thay also have links to freebies and also links to vouchers.
Takes them a very long time to give you the cash back.


Buck Scoop not only shows great offers, discounts, coupons and vouchers, but it offers cash back offers for loads of different online retailers.

Basically it works like this. Everytime you make a purchase using their link, they receive a certain amount of commission. They then give you a certain amount of that, paid into your PayPal account.

Basically the money they take allows them to run the place, and the money you make is for you to use however you want!

And yes, you can use those offers AND the cashbacks in one purchase!
Great Deals!
Great cashback offers!
Get money back from all your normal purchases!
Slow payment

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