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Cancer Council Day Wear Face Sunscreen SPF 50+

Cancer Council Day Wear Face Sunscreen SPF 50+

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Best light moisturiser + sunscreen!

I've spent a very long time looking for a high SPF sunscreen from a reliable brand which is totally non greasy, does not leave a white zinc residue on the skin and is reasonably priced. This brand new product from Cancer Council is the best I've used. Despite being in my mid 50's I still have oily skin and cannot use any skin care product which is greasy. I am fair skinned and need proper sun protection in summer without the oil. I usually use their Dry Touch sunscreens which are excellent but still a little on the oily side for my skin. However, I've used this new moisturiser/suncreen today for the first time and it's perfect!! Purchased from Woolies at less than $10 whilst on special, it's fragrance free, there is a water resistant variety and two tinted types as well. This is the one I will stick with from now on as I can't fault it, especially with my oily skin. It is light and absorbs so quickly with no shine on the skin. Well done Cancer Council, fantastic product to say the least.

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