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Canon EOS 400D

Canon EOS 400D

MPNs: 1237B1212 and DS126151
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Good beginner functionality but be gentle with it

I have owned my 400D for over 5 years now and it has been with me through my travels and captured all the great moments. It is a bit of a pain to lug around a massive camera and all the lenses and equipment etc but you're going to get that with any DSLR anyway. It was quite expensive when i bought it new but now you can probably find it second hand for alot cheaper. The picture clarity is great and theres a huge array of varying lenses if you get into that side of it. Its good as a beginners camera as it has lots of auto features however my autofocus stopped working on it shortly after the warranty ran out (go figure) so have been using it manually since then which is probably the way it should be however there are times when ive missed moments without the quickness of the autofocus. Also nobody in qld could fix canons directly so it was sent to Canon sydney who quoted me nearly $300 for the fix! Which i declined as its almost cheaper getting a newer one or just a cheap point and shoot. So just beware when getting a second hand one. Only other con on this is that you cant take pictures through the screen unlike the newer versions so its eye squinting only.
Easy and professional functionality; great for beginners; nice hold; great pictures; lots of lenses/cases etc on market
Pricey; costly to fix/service; no screen shooting (viewfinder only); not for the rough handed


Great for a beginner, but enthusiasts should look higher up the food chain. Also the lack of video and live view puts it behind recent models.
Light weight, not tiring to hold.
Pretty snappy autofocus, although not as fast as a pro DSLR.
Typically good Canon colors and contrast in images.
High resolution sensor still holds up well against newer competition.
Extensive range of Canon SLR lenses, although crop factor does reduce the usefulness of wide angle lenses.
Grip can be a bit small and narrow for larger hands.
Autofocus a bit slow in low light situations.
Questionable build quality for a camera at this price point, although not a problem if you are gentle with your equipment.
Not as many direct controls as I would like - too many in menu.


its not good, if your a careless dude.. but great for beginners, if you want this Dslr you must need first to check what suits you, if its point or shot camera or this plastic thing..
its great for photography and its easy light and also user friendly for a beginner.
its build in plastic , and easy to crush and dis assemble if you drop it..


I had been a keen amateur photographer for years and really resisted buying a digital camera. I thought if I was going to buy one I'd get a good SLR, and this was the best I could afford. I got it with the twin lens kit, which is all I will ever need. It has been fantastic - don't know why I waited so long to get one! Now that I have 3 little kids I don't have time for photogrpahy anymore, so when I use it I use the auto mode for a quick accurate shot. The advantage of a DSLR over a compact camera is they are much quicker which is ideal for taking pics of kids. I much prefer to look though a lens then stare at a screen anyway. It has loads of features which I have never even used, and has been very reliable. I like the rechargeable battery. Some of the comapct cameras chew through batteries like you wouldn't believe, but the battery in this hardly ever needs charging, and at least it comes with the charger when you buy it (some brands sell them separately).
Is simple to use if you choose the fully auto function. Takes great pics. Does everything it's supposed to and does the job well. Have had no breakdowns or faults. Battery is rechargeable and comes with its own charger, and battery life is really long. Good value if you buy it with the twin lens kit.
Was quite expensive when I bought it (about 5 years ago). They have come down in price since then though. Bulky to carry around, but so are all SLRs. Doesn't come with a carry case, but I suppose no cameras do anymore.


This is a great camera for first timers. I got my with the 17-85mm is Lens
I was very happy with it. When cropping in photoshop there is still a lot of detail. Word of warning don't take pictures in the rain like I did it will distroy your camera
ease of use
No Live view which can be useful
Focus spots don't always focus on the item you wish to photgraph
Weak flash


A great entry lever SLR camera. It has the option of Auto, so that if you haven't quite mastered the basics of SLR shooting yet you can just point and shoot. I find it takes very nice photos, whatever lens I happen to be using, and they enlarge well.

My two big cons are the hand grip which is much smaller than its former model, which sometimes makes it uncomfortable for longer hand-held shoots, and the digital sensor that 'writes' the picture. I find I need to tone down the red hues to get a tuly true-to-life image.
Lightweight, pro/point and shoot options to use
Small hand grip, difficult for any extended shoots. Digital sensor records red heavily.


When I purchased I know that I would be getting a good camera and I was not wrong. The camera does all I wanted it to do and more. The range od features that it offers are ideally suited to what I shoot. I have used this camera as a magazine writer and photographer and it delivers the goods. I have even taken photos that I have managed to sell in exhibitions. This camera is a great starting point for those that would like to move to the DSLR area.
Lightweight, easy to use, good range of options
No liveview


This is my first DSLR and I love this camera - it is easy to use and produces great photos. I also got it cheaper (but in great condition) through ebay. However, if buying again, I would probably get the 450D with the anti-shake lens for better quality night photos.
Takes great photos, even for amateur photographers. Easy to use. Lots of settings for easy experimentation with different lighting, speeds, etc. Can fit generic lens and filters to it.
Heavy and bulky to carry, especially when travelling in hot and humid countries. Can be expensive, particularly replacement parts and lens. Difficult to take clear night shots - the automatic flash makes the photos too stark.


I love this camwera. It takes really good photos. Very clear and able to enlarge if it is on high quality.On Auto it takes great pics but you have the option to use it on manual.Instructions are good if you follow them step by step in the manual but you really need to know something about photography to use it like this all the time. However it is bulky to carry around and I found it difficult to get the pictures I wanted at night and hard to find out how to take them.
Easy to use
Hard to use for night shots
Bulky to carry all the time


I have 2 cameras, one smaller snap shot camera, that fits in my handbag, and ready for those 'kodak moments'.....most of the time, but...I would love to have the 10 mexa pix 400 d to carry around most of the time, as I love the picture quality, and creativety, but as it is a bigger bulkier camera, I really only use this slr for more special occasions, or times when I am in an absolute photographic mood for anything that takes my attention as being a good subject. I do have a good telephoto lens, it was the 75-300 mm size, from my old canon eos 500n film camera, and it fits onto the canon 400d. That is very pleasing to be able to interchange lens this way. That's a big pro and thumbs up. The quality is fantastic. My speciality, is the sports action photography I have taken, and as it is good, I have people wanting to look at my photos all the time, or ask for me to send it to them. If I upgrade, it would be the 15 mega pix 500d, with live view and hd video. But in the meantime, I am very happy with this camera.
Takes great photos, and once you understand controls, can be very creative.
Too big and bulky to be able to carry it around at all times.


This is my first venture into DSLR photography, and even with the cons, I enjoy this camera and am glad I bought it. Great for the new amateur, and the close ups of my kids are reward enough (as compared to my 35mm film zoom camera). I love using the DSLR because there is no time delay once the shutter button is pressed.
Easy to use for the amateur who has a basic understanding of the camera functions. Mine came with the twin lens pack.
Portrait and close-up shots are great!
Heavy (which is to be expected). Found the quality of distant shots to be not so good...no matter what settings or lenses.
Lenses expensive.
Flash pops up even when there appears to be enough light, which wastes time when you're in "Auto" mode and have to switch to creative mode and play with the settings.
Flash isn't all that great, and heats up way too quickly.


If you don't mind of carrying a big and heavy camera, swap lenses, learn about exposition, shutter speed that's the camera to start with. If you're not interested to use in Manual or Creative Mode, and is more keen to turn the camera on and take a shot, or use it on AUTO mode buy a compact/pocket camera which are also great.
Great entry level of DSLR! Great shots if you know what you doing.
New and better lenses are quite expensive.


I saved up for three months to get my 400D and twin lens kit, and based on all the reviews I read could not wait to pull it out of the box.

But my excitement was short lived when I picked up the first defect - a "stuck" blue pixel in the LCD. I tried not to let that bother me, so grinding my teeth, I took some shots. After installing the 1.2Gb of software the camera ships with ( yes... you need most of it to do absolutely anything with the 400D... start cleaning out your hard disk NOW ) I downloaded some night shots. Just right of center I noticed a small read dot... sure enough... it was in exactly the same spot in all shots... a perfect oval of dead pixels on the sensor. Strike two.

I spent a weekend in Sydney and left the 18-55mm lens in the whole time. After a plane flight home I went to take some pictures and suddenly noticed what looked like an eyelash through the viewfinder. I unscrewed the lens and checked the mirror, but it was perfectly clean ( and should be... the mirror hadn't been exposed for 4 days ). I gave it a quick puff but whatever it was remained stuck. I was able to determine that whatever it was had actually come from INSIDE the camera... and was lodged behind the diffuser - inaccesable to the user and as such, impossible to remove. Strike three.

Over the weekend I was irritated to find the flash continually popping up, even under good lighting. I tried any number of manual modes yet nowhere could I find any option to change the aperture. I'm sure it's there... somewhere... perhaps at the 18th level of some obscure submenu. This SHOULD be a basic, easy to access function. The 750mAh battery is also half what a "real" camera typically ships with, and the 300mm lens shows pronounced chromatic aberration. Both components are clearly pitched at amatuers and barely adequate.

My 400D was sent back to Canon under warranty a month ago... I finally got it back last week. The LCD had been replaced, and the dead pixel appeared to have been resolved ( probably through a factory re-mapping on the CCD sensor ) - but the crud jammed behind the diffuser remained. It's obvious no-one bothered to check... despite the fact I specifically mentioned it in the list of problems I wanted fixed. That's a long time and a lot of needless irritation to go through for a $1300 camera.

Now I have to wait another month to get my camera back because Canon Australia did not fix it properly the first time. That's over 3 months without a camera I paid for in early January.

Just to add insult to injury, the service center here warned me that Canon may well try to charge me $170 for cleaning the camera!

If this is the best you can do Canon Australia, you might as well pack it in now and save us all the pain.

EOS shoulder strap makes you look like a pro
Pretty much everything so far


I love the camera, but don't use it all the time, as have other very small Canon in my bag all the time. This is a 'special use' camera, because of the weight and awkwardness of carrying. But this is an SLR, so that is what you get. Want the quality, carry the weight. My son has taken over ownership of this camera and he is loving it. Great for catching fast shots of him on skateboards, bikes, surfing etc. Has been a while since I owned an SLR, but glad I bought this one. Haven't had any mechanic problems. Hope if I ever do that Canon is better than many years ago when I had a camera from new that was worth the dump. But I took the chance with this one and have not been disappointed.
I am happy with this entry level SLR camera. You cannot expect what you would get from a professional camera, although I has that look about it. Great results for photos, the extra long lense makes good shots and love getting so close.
Very heavy, but what do you expect for an SLR camera. long lense isn't as good quality, as if you bought one separately. I was warned by dealer about that, but took the chance and it is OK for my level of photography.


Very good buy, for the money I paid, it is outstanding value, I use it as a back up camera and the shots are very well exposed, colours come out true to life. Overall very happy
Very light, but hass all the features you expect from a Pro slr camera
standard lens that it comes with 18-55 is very poor, can't even get a good price to sell it on trading post, works well as a paper weight


We should all kknow that out of the top 5 DSLR sellers, that Canon holds at least 65% of the market...and with good reason that they do.
The Canon EOS 400D Twin Lens Kit is great value for money. It proves that you don't have to spend $5000 for a pro camera because this is $999 and gives you all the same features as a pro DSLR.
It has a great A-Depth setting which lets you adjust your depth of feild before you take the shot.
Easy to use
Light Weight
Twin Lens Kit (18-55 & 75-300)
2.5" Screen
Lenses are expensive


There is just about every possible manual and auto option on this camera, light and easy on the hand function buttons, with a good range of lenses to choose from. It sports a decent 2/3 size CCD and an automatic dust removal function. About 2/ years after coming on the market it is still good value for money for the entry level 'Serious' Photographer.
This was my first choice; 2 years ago after spending weeks reviewing many different models in the same price category, the features in this camera were for my money, just the best at that time. After making this purchase I asked a friend of mine who is a professional photographer to help me out with learning its features as I had no photographic experience at that time. He was amazed at its quality and features, as it happened he had a year before switched over to 'Canon' from another big name brand; as in his words the others hadn't caught up yet to what the whole 'canon' range offered; his 'Canon' being a 16.5 meg model at the time. The best features I found, are the ultra-sonic dust removal; my mate has upgrade to the new 'Canon' 21.5 meg model to get this feature as well as for the mega-pixels. I ended up becoming his business partner in a 'Fine Arts Photographic Gallery'. At 10.1 mega-pixels this a great entry level camera, it features easy menu, easy controls, big 'CCD'(sensor), takes red and white dot lenses, strong and well sealed body, plenty of after-market gadgets for this model, light and easy to carry around. This is the camera I keep in the car for that 'oh I wish I had my camera now, shot'.
At the time I purchased the 400D as a new photographer and coming from a point and shoot, I wished for live viewing on the screen; all of the newer models nopw come with it, but of course for a larger sum.


Glad I got back into the SLRs after many years away from 35mm. Working up through the snap happy digital compacts waiting for prices/Quality to get more into my pocket affordability. Like the Canon brand fro ease of download and interchangeability within the Brand Name Products.Good quality camera and nice pictures; need to keep an eye on the settings to duplicate the good snaps at a later date.
Better than back in the old SLR 35mm days lots and lots of flexibility and best of all can shoot for hours on the additional battery packs and adapters. Works very well with the cannon dedicated flash units
Maybe too many choices of shooting for the average digital snapper.Got to take care when changing lenses as with all SLR's Keep out the dust and cover connectors with blanks .


Great camera, very easy to use for a beginner like myself. The price was great. The camera is fairly light and its a good package with the double lens kit. The second lens is a must if you want any really great photo's. Overall this camera is a great place to start and not a bad place to end if your in for leisure!
Good looking, easy to use, good price, clear menu. Good software.
Flash opens when not needed. If you don't want the flash in the auto mode, you can't use any of the other auto functions.


Brilliant for a first time to use. They have incorporated a sensor cleaning system that i believe is really good. However it does sometimes need to manually cleaned, but i dont believe that it was expected to be used primarily as a cleaning tool. If you are looking at sports, it will do the job, but not as well as the Canon 5D 30D/40D or the 1D series but for just under $900 brand new, who can complain. It really does boil down the same old line. "you get what you pay for" That is very much everything with canon. I have printed a fair amount of photos and the resolution is spectacular. I have printed a 20x30 INCH (yes inch, not cm) and it was perfect! I am yet to see how big it will print. It uses shoots in both Jpeg and RAW files, which is a must for all serious amatures, semi-pro and professionals. Raw files retain much more detail than Jpeg and are much better for printing. Especially macro shots, because non, or very, very little detail is lost. The sensor has a 1.6x crop factor, which basically means if you put a 50mm lens on the camera body, you will be effectivly getting an 80mm lens. The camera has a simple mode dial which lets you select many different modes. Some of the modes are, Portrait, Night Portrait, Sports, Night shooting, Av which means aperature priority, Tv which means shutter priority, Manual which gives you complete control over the camera, you can adjust both the aperature value and the shutter speed. With you camera body, you can then choose from 50+ lens from Canon, and many other 3rd party lens. The quality of Canon's L series lens are awesome. I currently have a 70-200mm f/2.8L lens and i love it. I use it every single weekend to shoot sports. Overall the camera has some very good features for an entry level body.
Easy to use. Easy for a first timer slr user. 10.2MP is a good improvement for a successor to the Canon 350D which was the highest selling DSLR. Self cleaning sensor system.
The battery life isnt the best. However the batter pack is well worth the money, it gives a nice even weight to the overall camera/lens. Frames per second speed is rather average (3.0)!

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How old is the EOS400D I have just bought it and was wondering?
1 answer
older, about year 2006. if you buy 400 d might consider buying most lates but still affordable. Much more Comlex than 400d. Thanks


EOS 400D
Release dateSep 2006
Replaced byCanon EOS 450D
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