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Canon 70D

Canon 70D

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4.5 from 11 reviews

best camera I have owned

I love this camera! I take it almost everywhere, it takes amazing photos every time.It has so many different settings for a more advanced photographer but you can set it to auto and it does it all for your so would suit more of a beginner as well.I love that it has absolutely no delay so you get sharp focus instantly so its great for sports,concerts etc as well as taking beautiful portraits and anything in between.I would strongly recommend to anyone- I am a huge Canon fan and also use Canon printers, scanner and photo paper and get perfect prints, even when printing A3 sizes.It does everything from macro to zooming in long distance, love the flip out screen too.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Excellent camera!

This camera is awesome, definitely a good all round prosumer camera! Plenty of features & a pretty good sensor to boot. Obviously lenses play a large roll, but as a camera body for someone who doesn't want to purchase a full frame, it's a great camera! Definitely recommend this camera!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Motherboard will surely DIE just after warranty runs out. (Search Canon 70D error 80)

I loved this camera so much i decided to get a 2nd one a year later. The dual pixel makes auto focus take pictures much faster and that's why i gave a 2 star rating and not a 1 star. Both just died 1 month out of warranty for no reason at all. I researched the problem and found hundreds of people who own canon 70d cameras have all the same problems due to a design fault in the motherboard causing overheating from using live view. Canon will not recall this design fault and instead have been charging over $600 US to replace the motherboard. I have spent a lot on canon cameras and now i think i might make a switch. Now i am stuck with 2 dead cameras and a bunch of lenses that might as well go into the garbage. I believe it is pointless repairing them as they will just die again after 2 years. Please do not waste your money on this camera first do research on (canon 70d error 80 motherboard dead).

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Excellent All-rounder Camera

I use my 70D a lot. It is an excellent all rounder. A few tips for anyone considering purchasing:
1. This is a mid-range DSLR camera, aimed at the 'prosumer' market. If you are an amateur, there will be some technical functions which you will not use very often, and if you are a professional photographer you will wish for some more functions.
2. The shutter is noisy. If you are taking photos in a quiet setting e.g. a concert, people will hear you. There are some mirrorless cameras which are much quieter.
3. Get a warranty. Paying Canon to fix anything on this camera will be VERY VERY expensive (I just paid $470 to get a minor problem fixed). Get an extended warranty if possible.
4. Protect your DSLR Camera. Factor into your cost $100 for a bag, and $100 for a good filter for every lens you purchase. These will protect your camera.
5. If I had the choice between purchasing the 70D or 80D, I would purchase the cheaper 70D, as the 80D is almost identical.
6. It takes great video. The touch-screen on the back is awesome and will make your home-videos look great!
7. Having a built-in flash will be handy.
8. If you are taking photos of kids birthday parties/indoor events etc - get a wide angle lens.

Hope this was helpful.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Not perfect, but at least you can capture something quick in action!

In general it's a all purpose camera that would satisfy most photography need.
The focus area button is locate right at your finger tip so you don't have to move your eye off the view finder, this is rather convenient especially for birding photos.
The focusing system is not perfect, with its 7fps you can get a hit rate of 4-5 in focus pictures while shooting tiny objects like birds, you may get a better hit rate for larger objects in wildlife or sport.
As the camera also aims at shooting video, getting a STM lens is a must if you are a video guy.

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Great camera, easy to use and produces high quality photos..

The 70d is a great camera, probably one of the next APS-C sensor cameras available. Photos are great, sometimes a little noisy and not quite as sharp as a buddies Nikon D3100, but the difference isn't enough to make me switch from Canon to Nikon. Video is also very good, great interface with auto focus and relatively good in low light. Would definitely recommend if you're not willing to spend the extra cash to get a full frame camera.

Great camera

Just upgraded from a Canon EOS450D. The 70D at first looked a little complex but have been very pleasantly surprised by simple it is to use. Picture quality is perfect for my needs and the price didn't break the bank. Have yet to test all the features but am impressed so far.

What a cracker of a camera

This is my very first DLSR since owning a number of SLRs dating back to the 80's, so there's been a lot of technological advances since then. I spent 6 months deciding on the right one and the prerequisites were: Had to have plenty of those pixel things because I wanted to take photos of the planets through my telescope - this one ticks the box at 20.2 Megapix. And it had to have a simple to use menu. I tried the latest Nikons and they were impossible to navigate. It seemed to take 10 minutes of fussing around just to take a single shot. The 70D has a touch screen (to die for). Every mode is just a couple of taps away and it's so intuitive to use. And finally the cost had to be around the $1000 mark.

I took the camera to work to show the workmates and they were so impressed (both current DLSR owners) they each bought one within a week of seeing its capabilities. I took some family shots at the beach the other week and the results were astounding - better than a professional photo-shoot. Clarity, colour and sharpness was consistent throughout the shoot.

So to sum up. The 70D is easy to use, produces super results, touchscreen is amazing, and it just does the job. Whether your taking family shots or crystal clear shots of craters on the moon the Canon 70D ticks all the boxes for me.

Everything An Enthusiast Could Want

I bought this camera after doing quite a lot of research. I had only ever owned one film SLR some 15-20 years ago and thought it time to upgrade from compact digital to DSLR. I am by no means an expert but have always had more than a passing interest in photography.

I looked at both Nikon and Canon and without taking out a mortgage I wanted something that was going take great pics as well as video and something that would last me a long while.

The Canon EOS 70D was the camera I settled for and after a month or so I have not been disappointed. My kit purchase came with an 18-200mm zoom. I have only scratched the surface on how to fully utilise this beast but I'm having learning and taking photos. I've been very leased with so far.

The auto focus is excellent. many ways the setting can be changed, from dials and buttons to the touch screen, which is also articulated.

The features which swayed me to the 70D include the articulated touch screen. WiFi connectivity for use with a smart phone, the top quality vodeo it takes and superior low-light qualities.

For the price EOS 70D gives you get quite a lot of bang for your buck with a lot of options to add lenses and other gear along the way. The next step from a 70D is a full frame camera which can be a costly step.

Highly recommend this camera to anyone who is an enthusiast.
The build quality, WiFi, video capability and touch screen.
Only one card slot. Two would have topped it off.

Excellent product.

I purchased a Canon 70D, which is an upgrade from my 50D. It has a number of extra features which appeal to me, such as a lockable mode dial, extra pixels, better focussing capabilities, slightly less weight, better arrangement of controls on the back such as the on/off switch, and video.
As above.

The restrictions so far are in my capability as a photographer

Nice to have to learn a camera again. Having used SLR film cameras, I am now again on a learning curve. The 70D has a good pedigree history, with the EOS 60D, being the predecessor. Yes, I am reading the manual as I have a bit to catch up on. There are lots of programmable functions, and a capability to run quite high ISO settings according to all the reviews, without much electronic noise in the photos. The sensor has pretty high density with 20MP but a smaller than 35mm film dimensions, it is referred to as a 1.6 sensor. Multiply it by 1.6 to get to the 35mm film dimension. The lenses provide a longer focal range effect against a full sensor size too. I bought a 18mm to 135mm zoom, which provide me with good coverage restarting my interest.
The manual is good to refer to and get a decent understanding of processes. It comes as a paper copy and also in digital form. You are also provided with some software for image manipulation, handling both RAW and JPG data forms. You will need a good class 10 SD card for your image files, especially for the highest resolution movie files or to shoot at the maximum of 7 photos a second
Great flexibility in choosing from automatic to play as much as you like. I love the capability to select through the menu or dials and buttons, and see instant results

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Video QualityFull HD
Built-In FlashYes

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