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Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50

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Great Product. All you need for your Vlogging!

Front-facing screen. Lightweight. 1080p + (cropped)4K. External Microphone. Great software. Great autofocus(canon.yes)

What else do you need to start a vlogging career? haha

Overall pretty happy with it. Unless you are a pro.

Purchased in September 2018.

Good camera for an amateur

When choosing a camera it's easy to fall into a trap of wanting every feature in the universe. But honestly, how many of us use more than a handful of functions? I hot this camera on the recommendation of two salesmen in different stores. Primary use - video blogging. It's perfect for that. And it's more than sufficient to play a pro photographer.

Couple of inconvenient features. One - no option of charging the battery while in camera; you have to take it out and put in a charger. Second - its RAW format: you need Photoshop Lightroom to open it up. But then again, so far jpeg was sufficient for my purposes.

The microphone is pretty low quality, but this is common for most cameras. I got a budget mic from Amazon and it's just fine.

Overall good camera. Good enough to satisfy amateurish attempts at art, but not overly complicated.

Purchased in February 2019.

Easy to use, Lightweight, Image quality, Compact, Durable

The M50 is a pared-down version of the more expensive EOS M5, although it does have a few features that aren’t included in the M5, including 4K video recording, a DIGIC 8 processor that supports faster burst shooting and a fully-articulating monitor.

Purchased in February 2019 at Parramatta Cameras Online store for $888.00.

Fabulous camera - mirrorless is the way to go

I have owned this camera now for 3 weeks and all I can say is wow. Great pictures and fabulous video.

Out of the box you get the camera body, a removable kit lens (15mm - 45mm), a battery (LPE12), charger plus power cable, instruction manual, warranty card, and strap. I'll probably never use the strap.

This camera is tiny but not short on features. Compared to other DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras it looks like a shrinky version. BUT this dies not deminish from the quality Canon are known for.

After researching other mirrorless cameras on line I decided that this was the one for me and it has not let me down - I'm still learning about all the features and may follow this up with an additional review later here.

Charging the battery takes about 90mins and battery life is not fabulous for this type of camera. To keep you shooting I'd suggest purchasing 2 additional batteries so you have a spare while one is on charge to keep you going.

There is no SD card included - it would be good to have one included but luckily I have a few spares suitable for the job. It takes normal size SD cards - not the micro. I can say the micro SD card in an adapter works 100% fine in my experience. The SD Card sits in the battery compartment.

The camera has a simple and effective layout - 2 dials and 5 buttons in addition to a "roundel" button for selecting menu items.

Okay - features that sold mw on this camera
1) The digital touch screen can access all menu items and be used to quickly change auto focus on various subjects.
2) The auto focus is just brilliant with something like 99 points
3) You can plug in an external microphone the internal mic is great too
4) You can shoot in 4k - albeit cropped by a factor of x1.6
5) Interchangable lenses (EF-M type and you can buy an adapter for EF lenses)
6) A flip out and forward facing screen (they call it vari-angle monitor)
7) The ability to shoot in RAW and CRAW (Compressed RAW) for editing
8) Hand held night photography with amazing results
9) Shoot in 120p (NTSC only - 100p PAL)
10) Image stabilisation (limited in 4k Movie Recording)
11) FAST Auto Focus (Face Tracking/Eye Tracking, Zone AF or One Point AF)
12) Light but not cheap - weighing in just under 500g with lens
13) The full APSC sensor
14) Canon's DIGIC 8 processor found in high end canon cameras
15) WIFI to connect with your smartphone via app to take shots remotely and download to your phone (low res and full res available)
16) HDMI output (clean so there's no camera infor displayed)

But there are some downers for this camera - I don't think they'll break the bank but can be a tad annoying. I can live with these
1) The plastic door over the mic jack is plastic and when open you cannot flip the screen to face forward
2) The mic jack placement does not allow for the screen flip either
3) Limited battery life (have a look at after market batteries perhaps)
4) If you have something dark near the eye-piece the screen turns off and figures you're looking through the eye-piece. Frustrating when you hand hold the camera near your body for example. There is probably a setting in there somewhere to customise this feature.
Not too many detractors. I'll learn to live with these.

If you love full specs have a look at the Canon website.

Shooting modes available are: Creative Filters (if that's your thing), Scene Modes (a good all rounder), Hybrid Auto (that makes a little video just before you take the shot), Scene Intelligent Auto, Program Auto Exposure (Greater control over full auto), Time Value ((Shutter Priority to blur water or make light trails), Aperture Priority (Good for blurring backgrounds), Manual Mode (Control more aspects for truely creative photography) and Movie Recording (Note there are differences for NTSC being able to shoot 120fps and PAL max is 100fps. I was tearing out my hair looking for this one and wondered if the format made a difference - turns out it does).

I love the fact that out of the box this feels like a sturdy and solid camera. Mechanical interations with buttons, dials and on/off lever are solid and sure-footed providing great feedback of quality Canon construction. The integrated handgrip sits snug in your right hand.

Images and video are sharp, rich and detail rich. The included kit lens allows for close-up photography and videography as well as wide angle for scenes. Play with the aperture for blurred backgrounds that look so hot in photos and video.

I've used the camera hand held at night when I hear you can take night shots hand held without blur - fabulous for a quick night shot when you dont have a tripod or stable surfasce to sit the camera. This works by taking multiple shots and combining these into a single photograph. Very high tech and fancy.

If needed you can mount this camera on a tripod but then the battery door and SD card slot are covered by the most tripod quick release plates (my Manfrotto tripod plate would need to be removed whereas I can keep my Joby 3k Gorilla Grip quick release plate in place). I'm sure this is not the only camera that has this issue.

This camera is smaller as there is no need for a mirror like in an SLR or DSLR camera (the diopter viewfinder is an OLED monitor so the camera needs to be on to see an image - easily viewed when adjusted to your eye sight type. Eg: I wear multifocal glasses). When you take off the lens you can see the APSC Sensor right there. Look but never touch or you could be up for an expensive repair.

The M50 menu system seems to be pretty straight forward and intuitive. More frequent use will yield better understanding of more features. You can configure this to be in "Guided" or "Standard". This is my first Canon camera so I cannot comment on this being either an improvement on previous camera menu systems or not. With these menus and digital photography shoot to your hearts content to get the right shot and if you're trying to get that shot you can use a burst mode giving you about 10 frames in a second. Your SD card may need to be able to support this.

The manual is small print - I wear glasses and this is hard to read. You can download the manual from the Canon site so it is easier to read.

One feature you may see is Canon Camera Assist. Really this is nothing more than a few YouTube Clips that show you use of the camera. I would not call this a selling point for swaying your buying decision as these are readily available for anyone to view. It might have been great to have some exclusive content based on advanced camera tips and tricks only available once you've purchased the camera. Again YouTube and online learning probably has those bases covered there.

All up - I'm very happy with this product and purchased it online through a bricks and mortar Australian retailer for just under $1000. This way I have Australian warranties and consumer protections I need in case something goes pear shaped.

A great camera with fabulous features and a few small flaws - but then again no one is perfect. You won't go wrong with this purchase if you want to use this for video or a travel camera due to it's smaller size and weight. I love it and cannot wait to get out there and create more video and imagery.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

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Canon EOS M50
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