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Real customer service WOW!

I purchased a cartridge tape from CartridgeMate and it appears to be faulty. I emailed them with a description of the problem and a photo of the product. Within 24 hours a no cost replacement was underway. Dealt with Shane. No nonsense person and very happy with the response. Top marks guys

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Hi Ian thank you for taking the time to provide feedback - much appreciated

Superb Service

2017 was not for myself a successful year for buying online with so many providing crummy service so it was great to finally come across a company that surpassed all others. I placed my order late in the day and by mid morning the next day I was extremely surprised and happy when the courier came with my order and I was able to continue with my printing.

Customer service is dreadful

Customer service is extremely bad and not impress as well. The manager is awful and rude. Will never shop from them again.

If I could rate them zero then I'll definitely give them zero.

Excellent service for a faulty catridge

Bought a Laser toner cartridge in January 2016 & when I went to fit it in May the cartridge had a broken arm piece when taken out of the plastic cover. Sent photo of the broken piece with the toner cartridge & showing that the pull out plastic toner strip & paper had not been touched.

CartridgeMate sent the replacement 2 days later - very impressed.
Tempe NSW MAy 2016

Not happy

To say that I am an extremely dissatisfied and unhappy ex-customer of CartridgeMate is an understatement. I have received what I think is very poor customer service from them after I had an issue with a non-genuine toner cartridge I purchased late in 2014.
They were aggressive and dismissive through the entire process, right from my very first contact which was a phone call to explain my problem and to try to work out what to do. It appears from other reviews that other customers of theirs have experienced the same attitude from the company.
If nothing goes wrong with your order then you probably will have no cause for complaint and will therefore wonder what we’re complaining about.
If something does go wrong, then you may be lucky and have the problem resolved amicably and satisfactorily. That appears to be the case with many of their customers. However, based on my experience (and also apparently that of others who have written reviews of CartridgeMate), there is also the possibility that you will have an unhappy experience attempting to resolve your issue.
I am writing this review in the public interest so that potential customers and can make an informed decision on whether to order through CartridgeMate or whether to try another store. Personally, I will never even contemplate purchasing anything from them again and, if you asked me, would advise you against it. But it’s your choice.

Shameful after sales service

Bought multiple cartridge packs and later found 2 faulty cartridges, after contacting company, i was accused of lies, inoppropriate storage, that the cartridges weren't from that invoice batch even after i produced all relevant info. i was to advised to check the operation of each of the cartridges purchased at the time of delivery! why offer multiple units cheaper only to NOT honour warranty 6 months after purchase date. disgusted in their attitude, arrogance and lack of business ethics. the savings i made were lost from cartridgemate suppling faulty goods.

extremely bad warranty service

Good product and excellent service

Whenever I've bought from CartridgeMate I've been pleased with the product: be it quality, price or service. Never had a difficulty with any of their own brand. Once I had a problem with one cartridge and a replacement was with me the next day and no dramas. Anyone can just put in a good cartridge. It is vital to have good service when something goes wrong. I'm a fan! I don't even bother checking around any more.
Quality, price, and service

Absolutley Perfect - Good old fashioned service

After we found we needed a replacement part in our printer - after it stopped production of our magazine, held up paid designers and caused chaos to the whole office (we use the one printer), I frantically called the manufacturers, Xerox in Richmond and was deflated to hear from their GM that the part was no longer in existance where she started persuading which turned in to numerous calls of pressure to buy a new printer! There was no way I could get approval for a new printer so I continued my frantic calls over the next few days calling around to suppliers, but to my disappointment all leads led back to that greedy Xerox sales lady.

In one last desperate attempt I googled the part and found [name removed] from CartridgeMate. [name removed] took over my problem and after making a few calls found my part, organised it to be fixed through his contact which was all done within a day. He also assured me that all parts I needed for my supposedly "extinct" printer could be bought and our company did not have to shell out for a new printer after only 4 years of use. What a relief this guy was and how honest and genuine he was as the sale didnt go to him but to another company who had the part!!

This was the difference between not meeting our deadline and being on track and [name removed] made that difference to me and my team. By that afternoon we had the part in the printer and we were back in business.
From then on, whenever I needed a part, CartridgeMate is the only company I choose. I don't even cost compare anymore because they are one in a million in exceptional service, cost-effective pricing and don't prey on the desperate customers in bad times. This is a company that deserves loyal customers.

Now everytime I need toner, a part, anything (if they sold milk, I'd buy it from them!!), I email [name removed], he answers my query (even though I should use their website, he never complains), he just gets me my answers and I buy my parts online. Easy!
You are my hero [name removed] and CartridgeMate are the best, most honest and ethical business in a desperate world of greedy lunatical desperate sales people.
You have our loyalty and we will spread the word about you, because you guys really deserve it. Thanks for your continual support and help.
Reliable, cost-effective, efficient.

Excellent Service

Looked in store and online - phoned CartridgeMate who we happy to offer advice and were very knowledgeable in all aspects of printer. The shop I visited were simply assistants who knew little about printers and the cartridges required. Just pointed me to where they were and I had to look myself
CartridgeMate advised they had new compatible high yield toner cartridges in stock available for this printer
which is ideal for what I am printing - and who doesn't like to save some money
inexpensive to purchase and cheap to run

Best toner and cartridge supplier in the market!

We always purchase our toners and cartridges from CartridgeMate. They offer a great range, very competitive prices and the best service. Their online system is easy to use and the turnaround time for delivery is great. After trying a number of competitors in the past, we have found that we get everything we need from CartridgeMate and they really go out of their way to assist their customers which is something very rare nowadays.

Toner Company with a difference

What an exceptional company to deal with. Competitive rates, they know their stuff, I needed help installing a cartridge for one of our new printers, and they talked me through it step by step, and it worked straight away. Friendly laid back staff, product arrived same day. Highly recommend these guys.. An absolute pleasure to do business with.
Competitive rates, Fast delivery, Experience with products.

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