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Ashamed they are in Aussie

This company rips customers off by charging a restocking fee if u receive wrong order. Poor customer service would never recommend this company. Be nice if spoke good English too.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Bad quality

Thought I was saving money buying from this company but after about a week everything was coming out purple.
Ink was leaking everywhere and ended up ruining a very expensive printer. Rip off beware

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Cartridge not recognised.

My last order, only 6 weeks back of two sets of cartridges for a canon MG 5765 was delivered on time. I have had one cartridge fail CL1-671xlC....."cartridge not recognised". No amount of turning on/off, taking in/out has helped.I'll be happy to take a credit on my next order. How can I make this happen. Neil Hodges........neilhodges@adam.com.au........Thankyou

OK till a problem arises

On the original purchase, quick delivery. Queries I raised were answered promptly. Just before Christmas I spoke to them about a faulty toner cartridge. They agreed to send a replacement. At 8 January, nothing. I went elsewhere to purchase a cartridge. I'll aim to update if they send a replacement toner cartridge.

Only company that was able to provide Konica magicolor 1600 series toner cartridges

I have a Konica Minolta 1650EN which was in need of new toner cartridges. My preference is for same brand cartridges rather than compatibles. However, I discovered that as of September last year this model is no longer supported by Konica. I contacted several toner suppliers but HotToner was the only company that was able to source and supply what I wanted. It took a little over a week but in the circumstances that was understandable. I really can't fault them on any front.

Faulty cartridge and poor response

Brand new cartridge was faulty asked to be replaced, HotToner replied they only replace within 6 months of purchase. I purchased it just over a year, was told the shelf life was only 6 months, I told them they should have an expiry date on packaging. Why do they try and sell big multiple cartridge packages if they only have a 6 month shelf life. Terrible customer service, abrupt and rude not interested in helping customers.

Buy a lot of cartridges, Never had a problem

We are an accounting practice and we use Hot Toner exclusively for our printers. We go through about 25-30 cartridges and a number of drums a year. We have used them since 2013, Never had a problem with the brother compatible products. We mainly use B&W in our 3 brother MFC L2700 but also have one colour printer MFC L8600.
Delivery generally takes about 2 to 4 days.

Faulty cartridges

We purchased 3 toner cartridges, one by one they broke, The first one they gave us a replacement. When the next 2 (+ the replaced one) broke (leaked colour all through my printer and onto paper) they claimed 'there is only a 6 months warranty on printer cartridges. Everyone else appears to give 12 months. Do not buy from these people. Terrible customer service. Terrible products!!

21 days for delivery

These guys are terrible. They promise everything and don't deliver.
21 days to deliver two cartridges is just not good enough.
I'm in business and needed the cartridges to keep operating.

Colour change in yellow cartridge after 6 months from yellow to green.

DON'T BUY THIS RUBBISH When I contacted them I was told that this can happen when ink levels get low, HELLO!!! it doesn't happen with any other ink I have used over the past 4 years.
They keep inferring that it's my fault for not replacing the ink sooner, it had been in the printer for 6 months and printed a total of 230 pages instead of the capacity of 550 pages that hottoner claim these XL cartridges can print. I asked for was a replacement set of cartridges and have been given the run around.
I will be putting in a complaint to consumer affairs about this shoddy company.

Faulty cartridges

I've had numerous problems with their cartridges, and unfortunately they refuse to replace them, arguing that they only offer a 6-month warranty.

Don't get scammed like I did!

Mistakes made but goodwill saved the day

Purchased "compatible" ink for Epson 2100 printer only to discover on delivery it was inferior product and gave terrible colour compatibility. After frank and open negotiation by email, supplier said "compatible" ink was only for "general" printing, not colour matching. After further negotiation I obtained a full refund. I found supplier negotiated in good faith and was honest. I have pointed out I feel they are a little negligent in that the intended use of "compatible" ink is not mentioned on their website, packaging or cartridge. Have ordered OEM ink from same supplier.

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OEM ink arrived within 1 day of placing order - pretty impressive given I live in regional Vic

Can't believe it!

I was surprised to see the toner for my old HP printer listed, and after I had ordered and it didn't arrive within the week, I thought I had wasted my money. BUT today it arrived, and now my printer is working perfectly. Thanks HotToner people.

Perfect service

We ordered toner few times. Just want to say it’s brilliant. Good products and excellent service. Easy to exchAnge to do return if you unhappy with products. Quick delivery is most important part.

Save Money - DON'T BUY!

The cost of printer repairs and lost time versus savings on ink cartridges equals capital LOSS.
HEED manufacturers advise DON'T BUY NON GENUINE ink cartridges and then you will SAVE MONEY!!!!!!

Was Apprehensive When Ordering

As most reviews are generally complaints, I thought I'd add to the positive reviews. I ordered original HP toners that I was having trouble finding in the local stores (OfficeWorks etc). I don't use generics. Toners delivered in about 3 working days, as ordered and at no cost & were cheaper than OfficeWorks. Would use again.

The poor Quality

I ordered Canon Cartridge from HotToner, due to the poor quality of cartridges damaged my printer head, now I have to by new printer head or a new printer. I have used many other cartridges, never had any issues. I never buy again from HotToner

Printer cartridges only partially filled

I ordered Canon 510 & 511 (1 colour and 2 Black) ink cartridges. They arrived promptly but when one was installed my PC indicated the printer was only partially filled. I contacted HotToner and was told this sometimes happens and not to worry. Before I knew it the cartridge ran out. The second cartridge indicated the printer was full. I then installed the third cartridge and once again it was only partially filled. I contacted HotToner again and they suggested I should buy the real Canon product. I purchased the ink cartridges in good faith and expected to receive the goods in working order. I will not be using this company again ... the goods are poor quality and you don't get what you pay for.

Unsatisfactory contact.

Tried ringing them to put an order in but unable to talk to anyone, retried but nothing, so if this is their e,g of service won't even be bothered with them. Not good.

Generic Premium Toner Cartridges for Canon LBP7200

Tried reducing my costs with generic cartridges. So many failures - absolute crap. Will not be taking this up with them as who would believe I had three failures in a row of new black cartridges in a matter of minutes!! Checking my usage records I find that the failure rate is close to 1 in 3. As a micro business this has stuffed me up. Looking at reviews they know there is a reliability problem. Obviously they are big enough not to care.
On the up side have always had prompt service. Back to genuine and refills.
So damn angry at the moment, serves me right. "If it seems to good to be true then..."

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