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Caruso's Sleep More

Caruso's Sleep More

3.6 from 11 reviews

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Waste of money, does do anything

A complete waste of money as the tablets don't work at all. The refund policy means that I waste more time and money also as I can't take it back to the store that I bought it from. I won't buy Caruso's products again as I wasted $40 for nothing.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store for $40.00.

Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefNo Effect


Great product, excellent results. Helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep, it does promote more dreaming however I don't see that as a negative. I am comparing its performance against other natural remedies not prescription drugs and its the best I have used. Not all remedies are good for everyone but this one is worth a go if you are struggling to get a good night's rest. Good luck!

Really helps me for good sleep

I bought this tablet over the counter as I recently finding hard to sleep and keeps me awake in the middle of the night. After tried this tablet, I've noticed I had a good sleep through out the night, not waking up middle of night. worth of buying this and happy with the product.

Good but too big

Efficient but The pills are too big Really They are very hard to swallow.It's a shame as the sleeping pill are really efficient. I have to stop buying them because of their size (and No Not possible to cut.In half!!)


Each person is different so you just have to find whats best for you.

I suspect that the Kava with its psychoactive effects may be the substance which interferes with a restful sleep.

I find Magnesium and Ziziphus seem to work well and boost the half life of Stillnox.

Great product, really helps!

I always use Caruso's when my sleep gets out of sync. I take them with a 600g magnesium tablet (which I take every night anyway) and have the most restful sleep. Deep breathing exercises help to relax for sleep, but the Sleep More definitely assists to keep you sleeping.

Sleeping tablets? More like caffeine hit!

Absolute rubbish. Took 2 pills as per the advice on the packet... Kept me awake all night. Total rubbish. Will never buy Caruso every again. Going back to Stilnox! Will never touch "Natural" products again. This is the worst ever

Too strong

Helped me get to sleep, and stay asleep. If I wake during the night I can get back to sleep fairly quickly. But for the last 5 days (after using them for approx a week) I've felt groggy, fatigued and have had a headache. I think they may be too strong for me. I never felt refreshed etc upon waking.
Helped me stay asleep
Too strong for me

I had the same problem. They seemed to work for me when i was using them occasionally. I have been taking them every night since they seemed to work. Since then I have been having a lot of not so good dreams. Also really groggy on waking and i have been sleeping very long hours similar to when I use a sleeping tablet. I also have headaches and am very unmotivated. I usually am very active and go to the gym on a regular basis. All I seem to want to do is restYes one morning I couldn't actually get if bed. I've found melatonin to work better as it works on your bodies natural wake/sleep cycle.

These are the only ones that work for me.

I have tried most if not all of the sleeping natural sleeping tablets from the chemist and this is the only one that seems to work. I never really had issues getting to sleep but I would often wake up many time during the night and couldn't get back to sleep. When I take these I can get back to sleep throughout the night.
Reliable, quality product

Excellent product thats so far has worked

I never wrtie these reviews but I have tried everything from codiene to restavit to straight valerian and nothing works wothout making me drowsy the next day. I took it with a warm glass of milk half an hour before bed and I could feel myself relaxing. I slept really well for 8 hours and I did wake up once but unlike other times when I cant get back to sleep I went straight back to sleep....
it works !
30 tablets means 2 a night is $15 a week little expensive but if it works its worth it.


I often struggle getting a good nights sleep & have tried lots of different products with little or no effect. Sleep more definitely did help me to get to sleep quicker and have a deeper more settled sleep. I liked the fact that there were no 'morning after' side affects, I woke up feeling rested but not groggy or drowsy. I would suggest this product to those who have trouble sleeping.
Natural, no after affects, worked well
A little expensive perhaps

Questions & Answers

If you sleep talk, will this help stop it?
1 answer
No idea. It just gives a good restful sleep.

Does it stop also your dreaming, as my dreaming is crazy id like to find a pill that stops dreaming as well makes you sleep.
3 answers
I think it will be very bad to not dream.....And impossible.....Try to meditate during the day And have a smoother environment around youI think it will be very bad to not dream.....And impossible.....Try to meditate during the day And have a smoother environment around youSorry Harold, no it doesn't. I feel it maintains a good sleep, of which dreaming is often part of that sleep. I dream most nights but don't find it distressing, sometimes quite comforting, but I presume it is the type of dream that could make you anxious. I try to look into the darkness (with closed eyes) for someone I care about...that's my type of meditation as I go to sleep.

Does Carusos good night sleep have valerian in it please?
1 answer
The powder doesnt but the pills have and valerian keeps me awake but this powder actually works last 2 nights and NO Valerian :)

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