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Catsan Ultra Clumping

Catsan Ultra Clumping

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Been a long time user for this Cat Litter

We have three cats and have been using Catsan Litter for more than 10 years. The clump absorbs a lot of cat urine and didnt release any big smell. Its so easy for us to clean up the litter as the clump sticks easily.

However, the price of catsan has been increased a lot in the past. Sometimes we have to use alternative brand of cat litter to save our expense.

Excellent product

Been using this product for years. I find it is a excellent product.
It is easy to scoop up the cat waste.

Has the formula changed!

I have used this product for all my cats for the last few years, but recently it just isn't the same stuff, it doesn't clump as well and always seems damp, sticking the bottom of the tray. May have to source another brand if this one doesn't go back to the original formula.

Was good but now just a sticky mess

I have used this for years and been very happy. It appears to have changed as now it just turns into a sticky mess on the bottom of the litter tray that is hard to scrape up. Please go back to the old formula.

clumps well, moderately dusty

This kitty litter clumps very very well.
But is not good for an asthmatic cat or one with respiratory problems. As kitty is digging moderate plumes of dust are kicked up. Then the kitten sneezes and carries on.
When tipping in the kitty litter it was less dusty than another brand, but still had that dust factor.
It is a good product I just do not like the dust factor. I ended up tossing it out and going with another brand.

High Quality Low Cost Cat litter

Great clumping properties, we can easily scoop out the solids and the rest of the litter is still clean. It lasts for a long time, very economical, we use 1 bag for 2 weeks and scoop out the solids 1-2 times a day. Odor control is pretty good but we do use a enclosed litter with carbon filter. Tracking is OK, some do get tracked out, but just next to the kitty litter tray. It's all natural clay and Australian made, not flush-able but that's not a problem as it's biodegradable. Our cat's been using it since she was a kitten and no complaints. We used to get them on sale at Big W for $15 per box ($22 normal price) but they've since stopped ranging it.. we've tried some other litters but they just don't have the same clumping qualities.

Used to be best litter I know. But then they changed the formula.

I have been using this cat litter for several years now and I have never been disappointed. It clumps very well and it is not too dusty. I have tried several other clumping litters on the market but always came back to this one - least dust and manages smelly odour the best. Adult cats as well as kittens seem to like it, I have never had an issue with all my foster cats.
I usually wait until it is on special at Big W and buy several boxes, which makes it very good value for money.
EDIT - January 2019 - They have changed their formula and it hasn't been the same. Whist there is basically no dust at all, the litter doesn't clump very well any more. It breaks apart very easily and is very hard to scoop up. Not too sure about this any more...

Best Cat Litter on the market,

Best Cat Litter on the market, and believe me, with ten cats to care for we have tried every option. It is expensive but has optimum odour control and best clumping ability. We have used Catsan Clumping Litter for many years and always come back to it after trying alternatives.

The only one we'll use now!

We've now been using this for a few years and every now and then I'll go and try something a bit cheaper or a bit different - no such luck. We always come back to the Catsan straight away. It stays stink-free for ages and it clumps together excellently for easy sifting. Everything else we've tried needs to be changed much, much sooner and tends to smell a bit after a while. Considering that our laundry comes straight off our kitchen, I can never smell the cat trays while I'm cooking.

very good clumping cat litter

My neighbour recommended Catsan Ultra to me, her cat's been using it for over 7 years and loves it. I only decided to try this when I saw it on sale at BigW.

This cat litter clumps very well, and is so easy to scoop out, so there is basically no stinky smell.

But unfortunately it wasn't for long until my cat started sneezing every time using the litter box, it just got too dusty.
clumps very well, no smell, affordable price
very very dusty makes my cat sneeze.

The only litter my cat and I both like

My cat will only use litter that has fine grains. He won't use coarser litter or crystals or pellets (like the recycled newspaper ones). I've tried some of the other non-clay litters which have fine grains, but they never worked so well as this and tended to be easier to walk all over the house than this product. It contains the odour well too. It is more pricey than the cheaper ones, but you don't save money buying cheaper products if your cat won't use them. This is all I use now.
Fine grains seem to suit some cats better than coarse.
A bit more expensive, very heavy to carry and scoop through. You need a strong scoop or it will snap.

Best cat litter for all my cats

I've brought up four generations of Abyssinians on Catsan litter. They like using it, it lasts because it clumps VERY well, and it doesn't harm the little critters by depositing dust in their lungs. I currently have 2 adult Abbys and I need to change it every 3 weeks or maybe less, if I clean it out every day. It doesn't smell fragrant either, like some cheaper ones do, and most cats hate. Tried cheaper brands, always came back to Catsan.
Lasts a long time, cats like it, easy to use.

Second attempt at using it

My cat started to dislike using litter crystals, so I bought a box of this to try it again. She actually loves it now - hopped right in and started to dig. No turning back.

Now she is a bit more grown up she is also better at not stepping in her deposits.

Two paws up from my princess!
Economical, fragrance free, easy to sift out used bits
Heavy, a bit dusty but not too bad

Excellent cat litter

I have 8 rescue cats and have tried every litter on the market. This stays working longer than any other and the cats like it. They wouldn't use the crystals and others had to be thrown out after 1 day.
clumps well, low odour and easy to clean out the trays
Cats flick it on floor with feet but I keep a brush nearby.


I have tried every litter on the market and this works the best. My cat wouldn't use the crystal one. Other litters have to be thrown away after one day and refilled. This one clumps and you just use a shovel to get the clumps out and throw them away. Other products say they clump but they don't.

I can even leave her for two days without a worry and she is a very fussy cat who will do it on the floor if the litter isn't to her satisfaction!
My cat likes it! It clumps so it is easy to clean. Reduced smell. Lasts for ages as you only remove the clumped bits every day.
Excellent product.


The best litter on the market for my needs. The cats do their business and I remove it, simple. Even if it stays there for the day you don't get knocked over by cat smells when you get home from work. The clumps form well and are easy to separate from the clean litter. They do kick some of the grits outside the box but they are easy enough to sweep up.
Reduces odour more than other brands, it's easy to remove lumps and the cats don't get wet feet using the product like with some other brands.
The cost. For the best use you really need to put a lot of product in a tray and this gets expensive with multiple cats.


this is such a great idea they seem to have done the impossible and made a truly odour free cat litter and lets face it isn't the worst thing about having your cats inside your house the smell of their litter box?
it is a great product and i find even the cats seem to like it better than some other brands that we have tried. even after use it is still odour free and i like the way it seems to go into nice little clumps
if only someone would design a self emptying system - no, no adverse comments to add


This product is not too bad as far as cat litters go but it can work out to be a bit more expensive than some of the more clay formed cat litters that you can buy in the supermarket. It does seem to reduce odours and it is very easy to keep the litter box clean with this litter.
This is a good litter and does clump very well and makes cleaning up the litter tray not that bad a chore. My cat does not mind using it.
A bit expensive when you consider how much of it you will go through, but other than that, no cons.


This is our favourite cat litter. We pay around $10 a bag, but a large bag lasts months as it clumps so well & you only have to scoop out the clumps. I tend to top up the tray once a week.
Clumps well & easy to scoop out the clumps. Reduces odours.
My cat tends to kick it out of the litterbox alot.

Questions & Answers

Is this product dusty and does it track much?
2 answers
There is dust when you open the pack and empty it into the litter tray. After that I don't find it very dusty. When the cats jump out of the tray they occasionally take some litter medium out in their paws - is that what you mean with tracking?People who have never used many products will say its not dusty. But I found that it is quite dusty compared to what Im using now. It still covers skirting boards in dust. It is still quite dusty when a cat is digging around in it. It still caused my cat to have sneezing episodes. It does track a bit, I ended up using a mat to catch all the tracking.

Does this brand contain sodium bentonite which i have read is harmful to cats?
3 answers
Why not bring up the product website and look at the list of ingredients. I don't knowOn the box it only lists it as Australian Betonite. I have 6 cats and have been using it for 5 years with no problems. I have tried cheaper brands recently which also contain betonite but they are very dusty so didn't continue to use them. There is very little to no dust from Catsan, I get very little tracking outside the litter pans (4 trays) and have never seen it on the cats coats. Do a web search using 'betonite cat safety'and you will see lots of articles most citing that there is only anecdotal evidence of problems and no actual studies or proof and that the claims seem to have originated from one breeder in America who had no hard proof only her belief and it has snowballed. Unless I see hard proof I am going to continue using it as it is the best litter I have tried and I reckon I've tried them all.I too came across this myth from an Australian breeder, that clumping litter is toxic to kittens because the dust 'settles like concrete in their little lungs.' Never found this after raising 4 generations of healthy Abbysinians, there is no dust when you see the cat scraping, in fact less than in the back yard really. No tracks across the floor either. So I think some of the cheaper brands might be doubtful, but not Catsan.

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