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Chandler Pet Litter

Chandler Pet Litter

3.8 from 23 reviews

Perfect litter

Ive been using this 12yrs for 1 cat. It realy absorbs smell. Lasts a lot longer than is whats recommend in packet. Very easy to clean. A few stray bits of litter seem to get out the tray but its not messy and easily picks up. Price is ok not cheap but affordable for how long it lasts

Purchased in January 2019 at Supermarket .

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion

Chandlers recent change of format, and packaging.

This used to be by far the best cat litter, in my opinion. But since they have changed the material (and packaging) to a light grey substance, it is very sticky, and it sticks to the tray and scoop. It also appears to be a bit less absorbent? Why would they change from their previous clay litter to an inferior one, when it used to be excellent? Regrettably I'm changing to another clay product that is less sticky and 'gluggy'.

Doesn't Absorb

I thought i would try this brand , it does not absorb at all ,and the cat leaves paw prints all over house after going to toilet, would not try again so going back to my original brand

burmese kittens

my cats use only chandler cat litter , kittens even love it when i have a litter .i buy in bulk when on special.

March 6th 2018 Update: chandler cat litter

yes my cats use chandler cat litter, have used it for many years ,especially for the kittens, i have found it very successful,

what about rabbits

we have rabbits and have used chandler pet litter and find it the best. we have one rabbit at the moment in the house and he is 100% house trained and if you did not know rabbits pee a lot and your litter really accommodates his needs and i can use it after on the garden. with our sandy soils at Queenstown SA its fantastic.

changed packaging, changed quality, says it does 15 days, more like one

this is the biggest rip off, use to be good, now when they wet in it, the whole tray is not useable

A good product but hard to find.

Coles appears to have stopped selling it. In my area there's only Coles cheap homebrand clay (and some pieces are very coarse and large) or a very expensive product called Tidy Cats which is finer and therefore harder to see if your cat is the scattering litter around kind. It all very well for Coles to stock clumping, paper, crystals and goodness knows what other kinds of litter but it is all meaningless when you have a cat that prefers plain clay....something Coles don't seem to have grasped.

Best Litter Ever!

Chandler Pet Litter is a great product - not smelly, easy to clean and replace - I love it because it doesn't clump together in a rock hard mess! My cats are happy and so am I. I just wish you could buy it in bigger bags.

Love this

I've had cats for over 40 years and can honestly say this is the first type of cat litter that works the way it is supposed to. My only issue is you can't buy bigger bags or in bulk. Other than that, the product is perfect.

my girls won't use anything else

I love the Chandler cat litter my girls won't use anything else, I have been using it for just on 26 years I only wish we could buy in bulk & have it delivered. Thank you Chandler

Only one I've used for this cat.

Not having had a cat for 11 years, I forget what we used previously, but when we got our now almost 3 year old adoptee kitten, I asked my daughter about what litter to use now. She also has an inside-only cat, a pedigree Ragdoll of 8 years, and has always been very happy with this product. Both of us clear the tray every single day, and give all the litter (esp.wet areas) a thorough raking around with the litter shovel. My cat doesn't 'get' covering hers (she does try!) so I have to go in and do it, and as she has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, her bowel contents are (believe me) absolutely putrid smelling (despite only being allowed to eat ONE type of food- a dry Hills Science Diet)!! Once covered, no more smell. Her litter tray is in the laundry, right next to the kitchen. I WAS going to get a covered tray, as my daughter uses one (she works long hours away), but we haven't needed to do that. We have a big mat in front of the tray, and very little (large) pieces end up there- easily swept up.
I've never used the crystal type as I was worried about dust being inhaled. The cattery we use has the newspaper type and our cat doesn't seem to worry about it, but I don't know what happens with the smell!!!

Chandler Per Litter - Very inconsistent product

Purchased two days ago, the whole bag consists of small sand size particles. Very small, can't even pick with little shovel. I had to through the whole bag out. Have try to stick to a different brand.

Fantastic Product! Only Cat Litter!!

Chandler has been our cat litter of choice for the past 20 years! Our cats have never used anything else.

There were some issues with consistency in quality a while back for a couple of weeks however everything seems to be back to normal now.

Great Product!! Highly Recommended!

I have had cats all my life and A LOT of them and I believe that Chandler Clay Litter is the best product on the market for value for money and quality. I have used Chandler Kitty litter for over a year. Before this I used to use the crystals (no brand in particular). After using Chandler clay littler I will never use another kitty litter again. It absorbs the smell much better than the crystals I used to use, or recycled newspaper and other products on the market. The colour of the clay (light brownish) I find helps to camouflage the mess that the cat makes in the tray, as opposed to the clear/white colour that the crystals have. I have noticed some changes in the product and packaging over the last year but I do not think the quality has changed. Its also a plus that it is Australian owned and made! I would recommended this product to any cat owner!

Chandler Pet Litter where have you gone!

This product was the best ever, my Burmese loved it and so did I. But what has happened to it, the quality has deteriorated so much. With only a couple of piddles from the cat and it turns into this muddy clump - never used to. If you think that this will make you buy more, you can think again!

Revamped product?

Chandler Cat Litter has been our choice for many years it was value for money, absorbed smells and didn't clump. Until now- recently, over the past couple of months- the product has changed- not just the packaging. It has little absorbency, it clumps and is simply inferior to what it was. I might just as well buy any of the generic brands and save myself money. There are plenty of complaints on their Facebook page about this change - but they seem to be ignoring them or answering in platitudes.
it used to be an excellent product
It has changed and is now no better than an generic

Product deterioration

I have been using Chandlers Pet litter for many years with no problems until a recent change in the packaging,at which time the quality of the product changed from very good to poor! The company have been notified but are saying there is no change to the quality.Customer service is somewhat lacking.
Always reliable in quality in the beginning.
The product is not absorbant and sets hard like clay in the litter tray and smells.

Cat Litter

My cat is over 14 and loves this product. It's quality has deteriorated over the last year. It is not as absorbent and because of the dust, goes into muddy blobs. I have to shop around because sometimes my local Coles hasn't got it so I have to go to Woolworths. I usually buy 3 bags at a time because of the frequent shortages.
Like the new packaging
Quality has deteriorated.

I too am unhappy with this product that I've been using for many years,it is no better than the el cheapo product that Coles and Woolies sell.The quality is dreadful and it is not as absorbent as previously also very dusty to use.I would not recommend it to anyone,we are paying top dollar for an inferior product.Agreed

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Where can I buy this in Wagga? roy
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Coles or wolworths


Chandler Pet Litter
Release dateAug 2008