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Thule Chariot CX

Thule Chariot CX

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Best child-related accessory I own

Easy to maneuver
Packs down surprisingly small and can be disassembled in many parts for transporting or storing
I live in a moderately hilly suburb with average walking paths and the chariot makes my life so much easier.
Lightweight and really well-balanced (made pushing a pram post-birth A LOT easier
Works really well on the bike
Great for shopping
Is actually quite narrow so fits through doorways / aisles no problem
Can spin 360 degrees sitting in the same spot (really handy!)
Comfortable for child (Our son sleeps in ours all the time)
Great sun / wind / rain protection
Super well-designed
If you can afford it, opt for the disc-brake model (the cougar one is really good too)! .. we purchased a second-hand 3 year old model and it is still kicking on in great condition

We love our Chariot CX2

We love our Chariot CX2, we got mainly to commute with the our kids. But its so light and easy to maneuver that I would use to walk around and even go do my groceries with it. The back bag is impressively big enough.
Our kids are now 4.5yo and a 2yo. Mine 4.5yo is quite tall for her age, and I can see some struggle to fit both inside. So for short trips they will be fine, otherwise is a bit narrow for 2 kids at this age.
Is a bit of a pain to fold and quite bulky for a car boot (I have a Prius), so isn't practical to be used as a substitute to a pram on a everyday basis. But occasionally when we go for big walks or a trip to the zoo its worth it.
The quite expensive, specially if you decide to get the extras, but its top quality.

Best double pram on the market

We've had our Chariot CX2 for nearly 4 years and expect a few more years use out of it yet. It's certainly getting heavy to push a 4-year old and 2-year old with all our gear, and this is the only stroller that can do it with ease. We've bought - and sold - a few double prams but non of them even remotely compare for weight balance, kerb hopping and capacity to carry stuff,
We live in a hilly area, and the handbrake is able to handle the weight. We use ours for trailing behind a bike, but also as a jogger (with large jogger wheel attachment) and as a double pram (small wheels make it more compact).
The enormous foldable boot on the back, and side pockets in the kids compartment are well thought out to stash wallets, phones etc. It has great flexibility to adjust the sunshade, water protection and air circulation.

It's a big investment with the various accessory options (infant harness, outdoor cover, jogger wheel, water bottle holder) but has been an excellent investment. My three brothers and cousin all have one as well.

The major downside is that it's big. So it's not a great option for taking into shops, and definitely not on a bus. It's a bit wider than a standard wheelchair and won't fit through a single door. In fact we moved out of our apartment because our (non wheelchair compliant) lift wouldn't fit it in! But we've taken it on the train many times with our bikes. If the train station has a lift, it's usually do-able.
Very easy to operate, spins on a dime, handles very heavy weights, good handbrake. Can be converted to double pram, bike jogger and bike trailer
It's huge. Not for taking on buses, into small shops or through narrow doorways.

safe and solid

The Chariot CX2 is a very well engineered carrier. I really like the balance behind a bike, it tows really well behind my single speed and creates very little drag despite the total weight (with a 2 and 4 yr old).
As a jogger it is also great and the drum brakes are superb when going downhill. The kids are also very secure in the harness and there is heaps of storage.
Folds easily to fit into a car, although its still reasonably big. Great weather resistance as we have been caought in the rain a few times. Dad gets wet but kids are all good.
They are expensive with options. Re- sale is good though and ultimately you get what you pay for.

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Thule Chariot CX 1Thule Chariot CX 2
Price (RRP)$1649$1799
Product Weight13.5kg17kg
Folded Width61cm80cm
Folded Length109cm109cm
Weight Capacity34kg45kg
Folded Height27cm
Release dateApr 2013

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