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Cheeki Coffee Mugs

Cheeki Coffee Mugs

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Terrible product

I bought this cup with the understanding it kept liquid hot up to 12 hrs
I made coffee at 7.30am for a 10.30am break and it was barely warm so I tried it again the next day with just boiling water once again you certainly would make coffee from it.

Save your money

Burned mouth and spills everywhere

First of all yes this keeps your coffee hot and cool on the outside which is of course great HOWEVER the cool touch is misleading as you pour burning liquid (I did say it keeps it HOT - too hot maybe?) into your mouth and i say pour as it has such a wide pour so unless you've got a mouth like the dartford tunnel you're going to miss. I recommend a trial run at home with weak tea - not a packed train with coffee while wearing a white top. The pour is designed for the entire width of the lid - i think this speaks for itself.

Love my cheeki mug

My husband has been using one for the last 7 years ( Don't remember exactly) and it has been great. It still looks great and is in use every morning. Recently I accidentally dropped his cup and the lid had a massive crack in it. It was unusable. Then I was delighted to find that I could buy a new replacement lid for it and ordered myself a cup as well. It's a great product and since I have it it has been used almost every day. The spill proof lid is, when closed, not leaking any fluid. I like that the lids design allows you to drink from any side of the lid and it keeps the tea/coffee very hot for a long time. I also have been cleaning my cup in the dishwasher occassionally without problems, so no funky smells. Although the colour suffered quiet a bit, but that is minor and doesn't effect the function of the cup.

Excellent product.

I have been using one of these for about five years, keeps coffee hot, the lid, with its spring loaded snap shut design works perfectly. .its the sort of mug you can drop and not worry about leaks. Excellent product.


I am very disappointed with this cup. Especially because of the hefty price tag. I found it to leak very badly at the seal, and it didn't keep the coffee as hot as even a normal over the counter cup. It just appears to be bad design and it now lives at the back of the cupboard.

Four years and still going strong

I use this mug 5 days a week. I run it through the dishwasher which is slowly eroding the gorgeous floral design but really, for a zero waste option, look no further. I love how my coffee tastes in it too but I do prefer drinking directly from the mug rather than through the plastic lid.

Update September 2016
5 years? and still awesome
The plastic button on the lid stopped working. Not sure why. Doesn't affect my use though as I drink from the steel vessel as mentioned above.

I like it I like it

After reading the previous reviews I decided to buy one for myself, have been using it only for a few days but I am already a big fan. Keeps it hot for atleast 4 hours. I normally finish my coffee way before 4 hours so I do not know what is the max time limit it would hold the heat. Highly Recommended.

Great reuseable mug

I have been using this mug for a couple of months now, and am overall very happy with my purchase. Keeps coffee nice and hot while I drink it slowly (must remember to pop the lid closed to keep the heat in thought). Sits in my car's cup holders no probs. Does not affect the taste of my coffee. Stainless steel, so a bit tougher than my old Gloria Jean's plastic reusable mug which broke when I dropped it.

The only thing I could say that is a bit of a pain is the cleaning. I struggled to get the stinky stale milk smell out so I emailed Cheeki for suggestions. They got back to me the next day, and suggested soaking in hot water with bi-carb. They also unofficially recommended popping the lid in the dishwasher every few days to keep it fresh. I don't do the hot water/bi-carb. I just rinse it out straight after use, then pop the lid in the dishwasher and no more smells. Cheeki also sell replacement lids, so if I do happen to wreck it from putting it in the dishwasher too much I will buy a new one - hopefully not!
Keeps coffee hot, energy efficient, coffee tastes good, stainless steel

Hi Rona09 thanks for the review. Have you tried black coffee in it and has it had any problems associated with smell? Or you reckon its just the 'milk' that's causing the issue? I normally drink black coffee and was looking to buy one of these. Any recommendations? TIAHi BaconLover, I don't really drink black coffee, so I can't really answer your question. I'm sure it is just the milky smell that lingers. But the dishwasher is proving to be pretty good at getting rid of any stubborn smells. I haven't even been bothering with rinsing after use lately - just give a rinse before popping it in the dishwasher, and that seems to be fine.Thanks Rona

Lazy teetotaler

Excellent thermal abilities and tough only downside is they hold a small residue and if you have milk in your tea or coffee it stinks if you forget to rinse it I thought it was virtually indestructible but the baggage handlers with virgin managed to break the plastic lid while in my backpack ? how they managed that il never know
works great doesn't leak
if you have tea coffee with milk it leaves residue that stinks if you forget to rinse it

This Mug is everything a insulated mug should be!!

My Floral Silver Cheeki Coffee mug is just brillant! It has a fantastic non spill lid, that is easy to open and shut with a press of a button and better still you can drink from any point around its 360 degree lid! It has 5hrs insulation which is a dream and means no more cold coffee for me at the office. It is made out of stainless steel which is so much better than my plastic mug, and means no more BPA nasty chemicals.
Non spill lid and insulation

Questions & Answers

Just how leak proof is it? Leak-proof enough that you could put it in your handbag?
1 answer
Hi Alice, if it is closed, nothing will come out. I have been putting my full cup into my handbag since I have it and only had a leak once because I forgot to close it. Since then I always double check, as it is not clearly visible if it is open or closed. Hope this helped.

I was wondering if a reusable straw fits in the spout ot the insulated coffee mug. I want to use it for both hot and cold
1 answer
No, the spout definitely could not fit a straw, simply because of how the closing mechanism is designed. I only used my cup for hot drinks but can imagine it would hold the temperature of cold drinks just as well.

Hi All thanks for the review. Have any of you tried black coffee in it and has it had any problems associated with smell? Or you reckon its just the 'milk' that's causing the issue? I normally drink black coffee and was looking to buy one of these. Any recommendations? TIA
1 answer
I also bought a smash metal container and didn't like the taste of the cordial in it though I can't comment on this brand as I never ended up pouring any liquids in it after I bought it from Coles supermarket in corrimal


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