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Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead

Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead

3.5 from 64 reviews

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Highly recommended

I bought this thermometer a few years ago after reading that it had won the Mother and Baby Award for best thermometer. It hasn’t let me down yet. Kids are not easy when they are sick, and it can be difficult to get them to stay still long enough to take a temperature. This thermometer gives an accurate reading in a few seconds. Plus as it’s 4 in 1 you can cross reference the temperature with somewhere else. It’s not the cheapest thermometer, but its performance justifies the price. I can highly recommend this thermometer.

Purchased in June 2019 for $69.99.

Simple to use

I was a bit nervous about relying on a digital thermometer as I have always used a more traditional thermometer before. But this digital ear and forehead thermometer is so easy to use with my baby. It’s not intrusive, plus it gives a pretty quick reading. I have been checking it against my traditional thermometer and so far it’s always been spot on. I’m gradually learning to trust it more and more.

Purchased in June 2019 at eBay for $69.99.

shows me accurate temperature

I think this is a great product - it's very easy to use, whether you're checking your baby's forehead or ear. I have found the readings to be pretty accurate. I can recommend this product to new mums and dads.

Purchased in June 2019 for $69.99.

good to have around

While I love the convenience of this thermometer, I find that it’s best to take multiple reading, maybe 3 times to ensure the reading is correct. I’m a bit nervous of modern technology, but I do prefer a more traditional thermometer reading. I admit this is not always possible with a colicky baby, and that is why I will recommend a combination of the two. This thermometer is a great back up to have around.

Purchased in May 2019.

Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Thermometer

I've purchased this device for my newborn 3 year ago and suddenly it became inaccurate that the temperature won't go above 36 degree. My son got fever and we rely on this thermometer reading until he turns very hot and we realised something is wrong and we have to go and buy another thermometer to check his temperature and realised he has high fever. Very risky for child. I would not recommend it.

Purchased in May 2015 for $58.99.

transitioned from a traditional thermometer to a digital one

I’ve always used a more traditional type of thermometer, one you can use for the whole family. This is the first time I've used an ear and forehead thermometer as I received it as a baby shower gift. I must say I'm impressed! It’s simple to use, and pretty quick. Plus as an old-fashioned mum I have been comparing it against my traditional thermometer and it is spot on!

Purchased in April 2019.

that good thermometer

I have been looking for an easy to use, fast and accurate baby thermometer and I think to have found the one! The Cherub Baby ear and forehead thermometer is so easy to use on both my kids, and for the whole family. So far, every time I have used it I get an accurate and fast reading. Totally worth it and I can recommend it!

Purchased in March 2019 at eBay.

Non invasive and easy to use!

I’ve been looking for a baby thermometer that is easy to use, accurate and non invasive. The Cherub Baby Ear and Forehead Thermometer ticks all the boxes. It’s very easy to use, quick and accurate too. I can definitely recommend it to all mums who look for thermometer that works well.

Purchased in January 2019.

Disappointed on Version 2, Less functionality than V1

To be clear, this is a review of the Version 2 which I can't seem to find here.

I read the positive reviews of the 4-in1 thermometer and decided to purchase the version 2 for my new bub.

Unfortunately I found out upon receiving the item that the two functionality - Room and Object temperature was no longer part of the version 2. I feel a bit tricked as it was still using the same name.

I was then informed by Cherub Baby that the 4 in 1 refers to a flashlight functionality and fever indicator. It's dishonest as all these functions were also part of the version 1.

Clearly a disappointing experience for me. Would not buy from Cherub baby again.

Hi Andrea, We are so sorry to hear you are unhappy that some features had changed in the version 2 from the version 1 model. I am happy to say the version 2 models specification are clearly noted in the product description on the box and on our website. As with any upgrade for any product model there are differences between the old and the new. For the new model we have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback regarding the improvements which include - much longer battery life cycle - inbuilt flashlight to take baby's temperature at night time - back light, to see the temperature in the dark. - 32 memory recall for 2 people! The V1 model had none of these features. I can confirm the V2 does take an object temperature just like the V1 did. Because of these changes we did also change the model number so its clear it's not the same. If you have any problems by all means feel free to contact us.Hi, I called & emailed your office and your representative confirmed that the V2 cannot take ambient/object temperature as per your manual. Please see below communication - We’re sorry for the confusion. The new version of the 4in1 thermometer does not have a clock function, it also does not take ambient temperature. Here are the features of the new version:

Very inaccurate

I've had this thermometer for 5 years and it has worked well however all of a sudden this year the reading has become incredibly inaccurate and won't go above 36 despite my son obviously having a high temp. One two occasions this year he seemed a little warm to the touch but the thermometer said he was perfectly fine and he was acting ok, so off to kindy we go only for me to be called a short time later with my child having 39 degree temps. Ive read other comments on here with people having the same issue, and I also followed the advice to read and followed the troubleshooting guide Which I did, however I continue to have inaccurate readings with all of them being 36 degrees and under. Very frustrating.

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Hi DMN, We are so sorry to hear the unit stopped working after 5 years of use. Would you mind to send an email to customer support and let them know of this review so they can check the history. We'll send you a voucher to use against a new model :-) Many thanks

Accurate reading and very easy to use use

Bought this thermometer after reading tonnes of reviews of different thermometers out there. This one was affordable and gave accurate readings for both Bub and adults. It’s also very easy to use and stores conveniently in an upright position. The fact that you can use both infra red and in ear is reassuring because you can check temperature using both methods

Super in love with the version 2

This thermometer has been a companion when days get tough and bub is sick. I bought the second version of this and was surprised at how it does so well in getting a temperature, it shows me the temperature in 1 seconds and can also be used as a flashlight. Its bigger than the last model of theirs I had but I think its better.

Unreliable product -

Having trusted the product for several months and being convinced in it measurements, this week i found out it has likely be displaying incorrect information the whole time. Child had running nose, used product to check temperature a fine 37 returned. dropped child to childcare, receive call a hour later to pick up child as they had a temperature of 38.9. Used my cherub again a number of times never getting over 37.3. Went to the doctor who registered a 39.1. Given the cost of the product tried to give it another chance, so changed batterys, cleaned with alcohol wipe and now its even worse. its reading 42.4 on me and simply says Hi for my son. Total waste of money. Had a look at Cherub website regarding returns and given the best outcome is I receive a replacement product i don't trust decided the bin was the best place for the Cherub 4 in 1. Just hope other parents dont get caught out trusting this product.

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Hi Jason, We're very sorry to hear about the problem you encountered with out 4 in 1 Thermometer. There are many reason why you may have been getting low readings. There are more instructions and tips in the quickstart guide but we are always available to assist by contacting us at mail@cherubbaby.com.au or (03)90051734! We hope your child is feeling better. Cherub Baby Team

Can’t rave more about this

I can just put it to my baby’s head/ear and the temperature now shows up in less than 2 seconds. This is good for a wriggly baby (like mine) who can’t sit still while despite getting sick. I used to use the underarm thermometer and it was a nightmare, I could never get bub to sit still for long enough.

Fast reading, great for a sick baby!

This thermometer has been the best we’ve used so far, primarily because the reading is super fast (1 sec). It can be impossible sometimes to get a reading from a wriggly, crying and sick baby if the thermometer takes any longer. The reading can be a bit inaccurate sometimes, and gives a very low reading. The beeps are great! Yep beeps for a high temperature, great for readings in the dark late at night!

Really made for mums

I can personally say my experience using this is beyond amazing. I have a sickly baby, he’s been diagnosed with a condition that means this thermometer is my best companion. I found it to be fast and accurate and best of all you can cross check readings between ear and forehead. I've had several other brands before this which were inconsistent and it seems overall forehead thermometers are like that. Being able to check against the ear mode really helps me get the best indicator.


I bought this because of the awards it had won. I found it easy to use but the results were not reliable. My 1 yr old son was fussy one morning so I checked his temp with this thermometer and as the results came back in the normal range I sent him off to day care thinking he was just having an off day. His day care called a few hours later saying he had a temp of 40 degrees. I left work straight away and picked him up (Day care had given him panadol) as soon as I got home I checked his temp again and again it came back in the normal range. I then used an under arm thermometer it said he had a temp of 39 degrees. ( Then took him off to the doctor that confirmed he had a high temp). After that i found that i was always double checking the results with an under arm thermometer and whenever his temp went up more then an degree or two the Cherub Baby thermometer showed and increase but only a few points. I was disappointed as at the time the thermometer was only about 5 months old.
Cant trust it so in the bin it went.

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Hi Lissa, We apologies for the issues you've encountered with our thermometer. There are a number of reasons why you may be getting a low reading and its best to call us on 0390051734 or mail@cherubbaby.com.au so we can go through the tips with you. We are confident we can get it working correctly so please do call us. Hopefully your son is feeling better. Thanks, Cherub Baby Team

It does what it says it will

Been using this for years, this is perfect for bubs who can’t stay still even if they’re not feeling well because it shows the temperature in less than 30 seconds. It’s a great priced thermometer and its performance gives justice to its price. My friend recommended it to me as it won best thermometer year after year in the Mother and Baby awards and was recommend in Choice magazine as well.

I think this thermometer does take accurate temperature (based from experience)

The thermometer has served its claim very well. The thermometer shows up In less than a second. To test its accuracy, I once compared this to a manual thermometer I have. Both shared the same results which give me the assurance that the thermometer is accurate. You just have to clean the probe end after every use. That can be a bit annoying however the alternative is buying the expensive probe covers. So all in all its worth it.

saved me heaps of time. I worried less

I thought I might need a more accurate thermometer after the old fashioned under arm one was just too hard to use. I bought this on eBay and after a few months of using it, I’ve found it to be accurate and super easy to use. It shows me the temperature in less than 2 seconds and the previous temperature, all in one screen. I can see why its won so many awards, it really is a great product.

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Questions & Answers

Hi. My Thermometer doesn't show room temperature any more. I'm away at the moment and really need it! Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it? I've changed the battery with no success. Forehead and ear temp seems to be working. Thanks.
1 answer
Thank you for your enquiry. The thermometer will only take the ambient room temperature after the clock has been set. I hope this information helps.


Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead
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