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Chobani Greek

Chobani Greek

3.6 from 48 reviews

Very disappointing

Yoghurt is stiff and thick, flavour ie strawberry is a jam like substance at the bottom of the tub. Doesn’t feel healthy to eat. Would not buy again. Seemed sweet and gluggy

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $1.12.

Chobani No Fat Honey Yoghurt Pouch 140g

I love yogurt and I have been buying Chobani for a while now, always trying new flavours. This variety -No Fat Honey Yoghurt Pouch 140g - is the first Chobani product that left me completely dissatisfied. The taste was not good at all, sickly sweet and I had to throw it away.
I would not buy this product again.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $1.12.

Aweful Taste.

Just something not right with this yoghurt, Tasted disgusting, you expect greek yoghurt to not be sweet always, but just a fowl taste, not recommended, even with loads of fruit salad, coconut to mask the taste was uneatable.

Purchased in April 2019.

My review for Chobani plain Greek yoghurt

This is my review for the authentic strained 0.5% fat Greek yoghurt by Chobani. In my opinion when it comes to yoghurt, the more sour, the better. I've had Greek yoghurt before that was still too sweet. But this is excellent. I love to eat big bowls full of it with nothing else added--just pure, delicious, thick sour yoghurt. It holds its shape wonderfully. I would eat a tub a day if I could afford it. The best yoghurt I've ever tried.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $5.00.

The limited Pineapple Lime Flavour

The Limited Batch of pineapple lime flavour should stay as a permanent. The two fruits combined are so refreshing.
Please consider keeping this as a on going line. As it is so tasty. YUM

Purchased in February 2019.

Refreshing Flavour.

Well worth a try Pineapple/Lime limited flavour. Hoping it stays as permanent flavour especially over the summer month very tasty and refreshing . Love it Thank you

Chocking hazard in yoghurt

Hi everyone I bought the passion fruit chobani yoghurt in 17g tub upon eating this product something the size of a fingernail was in my tongue I spat it back into tub upon was not expecting anything other than passion fruit seeds but ugh I almost vomited .

January 21st 2019 Update: Complained about item found in yoghurt

I recently complained about finding an object in my passion fruit yoghurt to chobani and all they cared about was their company not me didn't ask if I was okay after nearly chocking on the object , they want me to send all proof it happened to me to them . They reassured me it was a one of incident, how can they know this ??? Feeling like I dont matter right now . The yoghurt was not tampered with in any way it happened at their factory .

February 3rd 2019 Update: Object in yoghurt

I found an object in yoghurt but all is okay as was only isolated incident but still be aware when eating your yoghurt make sure there is nothing in it , I strain mine now

Delicious, yum yum

We purchased Chobani yogurt from Coles, Apple pie, Mango and passionfruit. We love them all. Thick and creamy, its subtle in flavor but very nice. We will be buying again, its our go to dessert.

Found a part of a FINGERNAIL

Found a nail while eating Chobani Greek Yogurt Apple Pie flavour, extremely disappointed and disgusted. Never will eat it again. I don’t recommend to eat this branded yogurt.

Chobani Fit Vanilla

It was a good idea to come out with a more protein dense and low sugar yogurt. It is much lower on the carbs than traditional chobani pots, however I'm not sure why but the vanilla flavor is very sour. I understand this is a result of the lower sugar but other brands that provide that same product marco wise taste much better. Its good but the consistency and flavor I just wont be buying again. I will try the other flavors though, it could just be my taste pallet, everyone should try this product to support brands making healthier alternatives to their products.

Chobani Greek yogurt salted caramel crunch

On my lunch break. Looking forward to a snack, opened my very tasty looking Chobani Greek Yogurt. It was a Salted Caramel Crunch.
All I got was the strongest taste of salt. This has put me off eating anything.
Extremely disappointed, unsatisfied and annoyed. How could this happen to me.
I refuse to eat, or let anyone else eat Chobani yogurt in my company again.

Don’tstop the kiwi fruit flavor

I was hesitant about trying this yoghurt but as my usual brand had let me down, I thought why not. The kiwi fruit flavor yoghurt was great. I know it was a limited edition however please please make this a regular flavor

My new favourite yogurt!!

First time trying this brand sitting on my lounge enjoying my mixed berry oats and ancient grains and loving it cannot wait to try other flavours love the tube packaging will be great for mornings when I have an early morning shifts !!


Where did this Chobani brand yoghurt rise from ?.
Its absolute rubbish and contains more water than dairy.
Greek style ?, yeh right - may be before refrigeration was invented.
Absolute waste of money and tasteless slop !.

Awsome product must try

This product is such a great snack for anytime of the day or night so many diferant flavers to try and enjoy the best part is trying to get that last bit out of the container . Keep up with the great product chobani


2 girlz rocked up in Home Base and filled up our company fridge with Chobani flips. Few company has access to that fridge. Next morning I have asked around, how was the yogurt. Everyone was impressed with it. Well done guys, you have few new customers :-)

Severe stomach cramps.

I have to say I did not enjoy this yoghurt at all ! its very watery and very sweet in taste! Not recommended!!

Poor Customer Service

I don't normally complain however i had a bad yoghurt and went on line to complain 3 days later and i haven't heard anything. Mentioned it to one of my colleagues who a while ago had a similar problem also complained and it still has not been addressed. Poor customer Service

A nice snack

I really like the kiwi fruit one. My two small children and I can share one tub as a nice afternoon snack as it's quite filling

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Questions & Answers

I have been purchasing Cobani yoghurt for awhile now and am very disappointed as I love the honey one and the last 3 times there has been no honey on the bottom. Why is this so.
2 answers
I also love the honey Chobani Greek Yogurt, however I have NEVER had any honey on the bottom (like you get with the fruit ones) its always been just a plain creamy yogurt, much like the traditional plain greek variety, but with a mild honey taste?I just tried the honey one and I swear, there was no honey! It was bland and rather sour. I love the other flavours though so overall quite a good yoghurt