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I tested this for two days with a high fertility than the following morning to get a low so I tested again at night for high fertility again ?
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Hello I woke up at 4 in the morning because I had to go bad, I collected a urine sample but I haven’t tested because it’s too early. What should I do? Can I test again later this morning if the first urine was to early?
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My digital clear test is showing the flashing smiley face for 5 days, is that right or am I doing something wrong. Will I see the flat smiley face?
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So many mixed reviews... It's it worth it ??? I Don't wanna have my hopes up
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I have been trying now for 6 months and it is hard. It is worth it if ur unsure when u ovulate. I found out i was trying for 3 months at the wrong time. So im soooo happy i got this. But like i said in my review. U need to understand how long ur cycles go for. Each test is $2 really. So they arent cheap. Having an understanding of roughly when to start will help. But me, i have 12 flashy smiley faces until i got a frozen smiley face. But still didnt fall pregnant yet. Mother nature is crewl. U obly have 25% chance each month to fall pregnant. So just do what im doing and try ur best and hope for a positive test. But if not just take a deep breathe and try again. Good luck xxx

Hi I used clear blue digital ovulation kit and it showed flashing smiley for 4 days,I didn’t get constant smiley this time. I was on night shift on 24th and 25th.so I couldn’t test with urine sample after long sleep or is it because of anovulation. Help me please. Thanks
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I tested this morning and it gave me a highest fertility result . Then I tested afternoon just to see if it would read the same and it gave me a low result. Which do I follow?
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You need to use the same urine in the morning after you wake up, when I was using it I tested it later in the afternoon and same thing showed a "low result". Next morning it was high again, also don't try to use it in your stream, get a clean cup of the urine to do your test and time it exactly for 15 secs.If you have a peak (flashing smiley) it actually says in the instructions not to test again for 48 hours and besides thats how long the smiley face stays there for - i.e. thats the end of the test anyway...which is the only thing that i found annoying about this test - it would be good if you could keep using the same indicator and just purchase new strips as required

If you got an unexpected high fertility after testing in the afternoon, can it still mean your high in fertility??
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Yes you are. This is what exactly happened with me. Suddenly i got h

I got flashing smiling face for 6 days in a row then I got a blank circle on the 7th day, why?
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Its because you miss your peak probably while you were sleeping or working them other hours you didn't test you only have 12 to 24 hours and you must have fell in the 12 hour range to have it done. Try again it happen to me as well but think Goodness we be doing it for the past few days so hopefully we caught the peak without knowing it.

I did a confirm non digital pregnancy test, it come back faint positive then did clear blue digital got a not pregnant. I'm confused!
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Hi Karla! This review is for the ovulation kit, to determine if you are fertile and can possibly conceive if fertilized at the right timing. I am a registered nurse and I have studied how my body works and my reproductive system cycle, the egg only exposes itself for 24hrs in a cycle for fertilization to occur. This is the purpose of the kit, if the smiley shows up it means you are fertile and has the high chances of getting pregnant.Sometimes the digital test need a higher hormone to detect.

My partner and I are TTC - I am 5 days late and tried the Clear Blue Pregnancy Test (non digital) and it had the faintest blue positive line. Today I thought I would use the digital one and it came up "Not pregnant" has anyone had that happen where they have had the faintest positive line and been pregnant? Thanks x
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Hi this just happened to me, what was your outcome were you pregnant :) thanks

I took a clear blue test this morning and it had a faint line. So I went to the store and bought a two pack of clear blue digitals and the first one if those I took around 430 in the afternoon and it came back pregnant. I just took my second digital one and it came back not pregnant.. So I'm confused which to believe?
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Hey Nik, I had 2 tests with a very faint blue line and took a digital test this afternoon and it said "not pregnant" how did you end up going? Did you go to the doctor?Yeah, they said I wasn't pregnant. :/

What does it mean when you get a smile face but you eject the stick and the face doesnt disapear by the next day and you insert a new stick and the face is still there? Doesnt say ready symbol.
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If it's the smiley face (not flashing) it means peak fertility period of 48hrs and the face will remain. You do not need to keep testing after you get the smiley face.that is right! the smiley face( not flashing) will be there for the next 48 hours. In my case, I will do my next test on day 8, because my cycle is 28 days (When you buy the Clear Blue OT there will be a guide that tell you when are you going to do your test based on your cycle).I count my day 1 on the first day of my period. Hope this will help. P.S you can use the same monitor and you can get some testing strips online. Cheers!Sorry for my first response, I have messed up with my reply I meant to reply to another person.@ Corrina, yes that means that you are on your most fertile days.

I am on the 16th day of my cycle. trying to get pregnant for a while now, so I have a question, I used today the answer stick and it showed 2 dark and similar lines... however when I also used the clearblue 2 most and 4 most fertile days I didn't get the smiley on both. could it be that the answer kit is more acurate?
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Hi, did you used the answer stick first before the Clear Blue? You should use your first urine in the morning for Clear Blue. When I first used the clear blue I have the smiley face the other way around (I got the smiley face(not flashing) first then the flashing smile). But it works for me for the next two months and now I am on my 15 weeks of pregnancy. I hope it will work for you .

where can I get 20 pack ovulation sticks Clearblue delivered to australia?
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I got mine from ebay, the company name called Ozaroo from UK it is 38.90 AUS Dollars for 20 sticks .

What are the 2 blue lines that indicates after doing the test when getting a smiling face
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You shouldnt see any blue lines. Look only in the display screen for a smiley face or a blank circlePs. I fell pregnant the very first time i used this and now have a very beautiful 5 month old. Highly recommended

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