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Cli-Mate CLI-DH20-E

Cli-Mate CLI-DH20-E

2.0 from 4 reviews

Cli-mate dehumidifyer

VERY LITTLE use in the 3 1/2 years and the unit is just dead. A waste of $400 and I certainly can't recommend this product at all. Cannot find details to get in touch with the supplier and the 2 phone numbers in the manual do not answer so it is very unsatisfactory.

Date PurchasedDec 2014


I really hoped this would last more than two years without needing to be repaired. I was Disappointed considering dehumidifiers are not cheap and this was about 450 bucks. Tried to look online to contact manufacturer for a repair. Just goes to breville online sales. Apparently I have to have more words this review but it could be summed up in one - disappointed

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Cli-mate CLI-DH20E Air Dehumidification System - Loving it!

Perfect for apartments/spaces which have no sunlight, mould and mushrooms growing in rooms. Bought this Air Dehumidifier to tackle terrible moss growth in my apartment i've endured for years. The entire apartment roof ventilation isnt working so there is no ventilation in both bathrooms which have no windows.

As a result there is excessive mould growth in the large walk in wardrobe and bathroom (no bathroom door or windows, pitch black dark), as well as mushrooms growing on the carpet! constantly washing cloths because of mould growth, threw 15 handbags out all turned grey from mould.

Bought this machine to combat the problem and my goodness does it work! it was on initially 24/7 for 3 months and works really well, quiet and stylish (won numerous awards). The downside is you need to empty the water bay constantly as the hose is a little too short to put into the wash basin but hey - its saving me hours or cleaning, washing and wiping mould off the walls.

This is oone of the greatest products i've ever bought - i really love this little machine.

Don't Buy

Bought 3 years ago and only limited use running 2 hours/day for 3 months/year to keep holiday cabin dry. Died completely this week. No service agent in WA. Their help line suggested we take to an appliance repairer who MAY be able to find the problem, then they MAY be able to supply the replacement part as they kept MOST parts... needless to say we are going to replace with anotherr brand.

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Tank Capacity3.8L
Moisture Removal20L/24 hours

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