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Ausclimate NWT Medium 20L WDH-716DE-20R
Latest review: Just installed yesterday, and what a difference it makes. No more feeling damp in my bedroom, my clothes, sheets, and carpet are dry, even as a stroke victim this is

Ausclimate NWT Large 35L WDH-930DA
Latest review: The dehumidifier works well. Sometimes use it in basement level of Sydney home which is on sandstone plus old river bed. So quite wet, all the time. Run it a few times a week and it has removed damp

Ionmax ION632
Latest review: I bought one of these, manufacturer refurbished for well under half their retail price, and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed. After some research I chose this model, recommended by Choice

Ausclimate NWT Supreme All Seasons 50L WDH-070EBP
Latest review: This product will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I’m normally quite skeptical when it comes to reviews but this dehumidifier and company is amazing. If you live in Queensland I would say it’s a must! If you need a

Ausclimate Small 12L WDH210HA-12R
Latest review: The dehumidifier removed musty smell from 2nd bedroom, I couldn't believe the amount of water that was collected, no musty smell any more. Fantastic product & great Customer service also.. It has

Omega Altise ODE20
Latest review: I love in the tropics, couldn't live without this! This little unit is incredible! It draws litres of water from each room, leaving it feeling warm and dry. Takes away all the damp smells also.

Dimplex DC17 / DC18
Latest review: Just received my Dimplex DC-18 a few days ago and assembled the window slider and unfortunately it was 10 inches to short. I rang dimplex and they said it only comes in one size only, so i had to

DeLonghi Ariadry DDS 25 / DDS 30
Latest review: It worked fine for a month and then it stopped working all together. I rang Delonghi and was referred to my local repairer who were totally rude and very uninterested about looking at the machine.

Ionmax ION612
Latest review: Choice have rated Ionmax as the best dehumidifiers year after year - and the ION612 is my favourite of these because it has a negative ion generator and Silver Nano air filter which kills bacteria on

Delonghi DES16EW
Latest review: I have and this unit for about 6 months now and use it extensively. I am very happy with its performance. It is not that noisy and takes the moisture out of the air very well. I have it set at 50%

AusClimate Cool Seasons
Latest review: Moved into a new apartment 1 year ago. Windows during winter and coolish months were driving me crazy with ridiculous amount of condensation. Tried running the aircon, leaving windows open

Ausclimate NWT All Seasons 35L WDH-930EDH
Latest review: We love our Ausclimate dehumidifier takes out an amazing amount of moisture out of the air in our family room, prior to using the dehumidifier the room would always be extremely damp, not anymore, it

Damp Solutions ADH-1000 Airrex
Latest review: Have been using this Airexx unit for drying inside homes and offices for the past 12 months, keeps ticking over with out missing a beat. easy to move around in and out of my truck. Metal body is very

Omega Altise OADE20
Latest review: I got the OADE20 dehumidifier was a warranty replacement for a ODE20 that was suffering from an intermittent glitch that corrupted the LCD display. The newer model appears to work more efficiently

Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L WDH-610HA
Latest review: I purchased one of these previously and have used 24/7 on my 30 foot yacht based at Royal Brighton Yacht Club. It has kept my boat interior dry and fresh. Being portable I remove it if heading off

Rowenta Intense Dry Control
Latest review: I have had mine for about 2 years now, it runs continuously 24/7. I have it hooked up to continuously drain. I clean the filter every month. It has not missed a beat. If you are looking for a

Ionmax ION681
Latest review: Works well in small rooms. Very affordable and does the job. Makes a little bit of noise, but not too noisy for the price. Turns itself off when the water is full in the back container. It's not too

Ionmax ION622
Latest review: Looks good, appropriate price, convenient to move around, doesn't smell like desiccant ones, but noticeably less efficient than a similarly sized (albeit more expensive) desiccant at 20C, rather

Cli-Mate CLI-DH20-E
Latest review: VERY LITTLE use in the 3 1/2 years and the unit is just dead. A waste of $400 and I certainly can't recommend this product at all. Cannot find details to get in touch with the supplier and the 2

Suki WDH 928DBH-20R / WDH 928-DB 20R

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