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Club Mild and Hot Spicy
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It's interesting

As another reviewer pointed out, cocaine is very cool and is seen by the kids today as being somewhat chic. This product attempts to recreate the sensation of snorting cocaine: It doesn't taste particularly nice and then it kind of burns your throat. It gives a slight energy boost more akin to an energy drink than any kind of actual street narcotics. It contains no cocaine, it doesn't make cocaine any more easily available or any less illegal and your children will not become drug addicts from trying it, nor will it make them more likely to want to try cocaine.


I tried this drink whilst on holiday recently and I have to say I was not at all impressed by it. Energy drinks are seen as a cool thing to drink these days by young kids and I feel naming your product Cocaine is totally and utterly sending out the wrong message to people. Cocaine is an illegal drug and naming your product that is just wrong and foolish. The taste leaves much to be desired and I would defiantly NOT recommend this product. It’s a waste of time.
Nothing at all horrid drink and brand.
The name for a start is trying i feel to make Cocaine a cool thing.

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