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Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Energy Drink

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Summer Breeze Red Bull

I am a Red Bull Fanatic and I love some of the new flavors as in Peach-nectarine, and Blue berry. I was excited to try the new Summer Breeze and it was terrible it taste like sun screen please come out with a new summer Red Bull.

Purchased in April 2019.


good gives you that shot of energy really helps when driving love the drink from emo kid . . d

Love Red Bull gives me energy all day for work love it

Red Bull is my go to energy drink love it helps me get though work .love it taste awesome love the different flavors

Hurts my stomach

I tried the new summer edition of Red Bull and it left my stomach in pain for hours. The stuff in this product cant be good for you.

Great taste

I love red bull zero, the strange chemically taste just draws me in. Unfortunately doesn't give me as much of an energy boost as it seems to other people. I don't drink it often but does get me out of my spaced out moments at times but have still fallen asleep within 20 minutes of having the whole can.
Still better than competition

Can't go a day without my rebull

As i said in the title of this review, i literally cannot go a day without it! The taste, the energy, the clear mind i get while drinking redbull is phenomenal! Redbull addict here!

The shot of energy when you need it

Sometimes I work late and when my energy is below empty a 250ml can is definitely a great pick me up or if the job is really draining the 483ml option is always there, only one thing do not consume on an empty stomach made me nauseous for a while after.

Best one of all the energy drinks

Red bull tastes the best out of all the energy drinks. I also like the pop sound that the can makes when you crack it open.

Like skinner's dog.

Perfect if you need to stay awake or alert on a long journey

I usually only drink Red Bull when I am driving to my daughters - 4 hours away. I don't feel tired after the long journey. Occasionally I drink with Vodka and it makes a very nice long drink. Yesterday I was watching the Olympics and got through 3 cans with Vodka and haven't slept a wink since. No hangover, no palpitations or anything but still awake and don't feel tired enough to sleep. I will need to have a lazy day drinking loads of water to try and flush from my system. Definitely would recommend one can if a pick me up is required but would not recommend any more than that. Tastes delicious!


I only drink this stuff occasionally but when I do I really enjoy it . Great taste and highly stimulating.

Nice to have but sometimes...

I consume this beverage every day. I think it's always good however every now and then I run into the regular 12 ounce can that has a very bitter taste. I informed red Bull about this and made phone contact with a representative. They asked that I keep the cans next time it happens. They asked how many out of each month it happens and I replied 6 cans approximately. They said they will look into it and ended the phone call. I was waiting for an offer of free tickets for redbull drinks or something but no dice there as fast as I know however if they do send something I'll be sure to write back on this forum and note it.

Love it..

They have one of the best marketing campaigns and have one of the best energy drinks on the market.

•Boots my energy like no other energy drink on the market
•Good sized can

•A little expensive

Sure, it costs a bit more but it gets the job done like no other energy product. Of course, unless you want to see your kids bouncing off walls at night, DON’T give them Red Bull. It’ll give the wings!

Awesome product and marketing

I love the product, gives me energy when I need it, and I'm always keen on buying some although it's a bit expensive because on all the amazing entertainment they provide with their videos and events.
marketing, efficiency


Red Bull Is addictive, however it does taste nice and I find it gives me that little bit more energy. If your trying it for the first time don't drink it near your bedtime (you will not sleep and it will keep you wide awake for hours) and do what it says on the bottle/can. There is a reason why they say don't have in excess of 2 drinks of this a day and if your a caffine sensitive person be careful. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. And do not give to children.
Tastes yummy. I feel like I have got an energy boost from having one
They are really unhealthy for you. Bad side effects if you have too much.


Red bull energy drink is always my first choice of energy drinks because of the delisous that that leaves me wanting more, however it is not always in my price range.
Red bull energy drink is best tasting energy drink that I have ever had, it has a good sized can, gives you lots of energy when you need it, never gives me headaches or make me sick, never had a problem finding it at shops.
can be expensive even when on sale, the taste makes me want to drink more even if I've had enough, other then that there is no cons


Red Bull is one of the few energy drinks I have tried that actually does give you a quick boost of energy. The flavour is nice, although it does leave a peculiar after taste in your mouth. It is a drink that you should only have in moderation though as I have found that having too many will leave you feeling a bit jittery. Its a great drink if you need to pull an all nighter, but have it in moderation.
Really does give you a boost of energy. Flavour is nice.
Very expensive. Energy boost will only last for a couple of hours or so. Funny after taste.


Love Red bull heaps it really does give me wings on a regular basis. Really does pick you up if you just need a little boost. Also is a really nice accompaniment with Vodka when on a night out with friends. I do love this drink but in moderation I do find that if I do drink too much of it in a day I get heart palpitations. Great drink to have every once in a while when you need a pick me up.
Great with vodka, great tasting and really does give you energy.
Pricey, full of sugar and also too much caffeine in a short period of time can be detrimental to your health.

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