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Pro4mance Produrance

Pro4mance Produrance

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Pro4mance Produrance

Its so important to have a quality recovery drink post event, Produrance is like a chocolate milkshake reward. It so easy to drink and tastes great. The perfect mix of protein and carbs.

if your doing a long endurance race you CANNOT go past this produrance

This product is like having a turbo booster put through your body, you feel the energy perk back up even after 3 hours of racing, helps with cramping too! I wouldn't enter another race without having this product on my bike.

Great taste and no more stomach cramps

Produrance taste great and works wonders. Before I was using produrance after MTB marathons or endurance events/training I used to get stomach cramps that evening to the point where I was unable to sleep. Since I have been using produrance this is an issue of the past. I feel great post race/training. Produrance works better for me than any other sports drink on the market.

Amazing taste, easy to use and cramp free!

The two flavours are amazing, they are easy to mix due to the guide on the container, you can work out what you need during your race using both gels and electrolyte mix. Pro4mance has ended cramps for me and is always going to be part of my training and racing from now on.

It was love at first taste

I have been using this product for the past 12-18 months....it has got me through training for an Ultraman, 70.3 Sunshine Coast, the Hawaiian Ironman world champs and a handful of smaller races......this is my go to recovery drink. It's great when you are too busy to consume a meal after training. Would encourage any athlete who is serious about doing the little things correct to give it a try.

Best for continued Pro4mance :)

Been using produrance for my recovery between workouts, in my smoothies in the morning or a quick on the go shake in the afternoon between clients, taste and mix is consistance. Highly recommend this products has it gives you what you need but taste good as well.

Energy, hydration and great taste all in one!

I've been using Produrance sports drink for energy and hydration during my bike racing and training for some time now and love it. When I need a sports drink that has both carbs and electrolytes in it for longer training rides or racing, this is my 'go to' product. It tastes great (Lemon-Lime is my favourite flavour) and works perfectly with the Produrance energy gels.

Awesome sports drink without the gut ache!

I've been using the Pro4mance produrance for the last two years while racing and training. I've had great results using as outlined on their website for endurance races along with the produrance energy gels . Would highly recommend to anyone requiring on the go nutrition. 5 stars!!!!

That solves the 'gut ache'

Ive tried a few carb/energy drinks during training and racing, and always end up with a terrible stomach ache 30 minutes into my session. Reading about the effort and research gone into this product, i just HAD to give it a go, and what do you know, not one ache and pain in the gut! better yet, tastes great! awesome work Pro4mance!

Science meets taste

When I first came across Pro4mance I was stunned by the level of academic research that went into their products creation. With stringent testing and science behind the product the only question was taste. Turns out that Produrance ticks that box too. My personal favourite is the Berry flavour. I used to forget to drink in races but now Produrance solved that problem - It is easy to remember when you are looking forward to the next sip.

You can view the depth of research here: http://www.pro4mance.com.au/endurance-lab/endurance-nutrition-produrance/


I use the entire Pro4mance range and couldn't recommend this sports drink more highly. Love that its Aussie made, tastes great and that I can use it mixed and matched with the gels and still easily know my carb intake. Will keep going back for more!

Loved it

I started using produrance 12 months ago after it was recommended by a friend, I absolutely loved it, its easy to mix, tastes great and is easy on my stomach. I have now started using the energy gels & recovery drink. Bring on Ironman

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