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Pro4mance Procover Recovery Drink

Pro4mance Procover Recovery Drink

5.0 from 7 reviews

Best tasting protein drink bar none!

Tremendous tasting recovery drink with both the chocolate and vanilla coconut flavours... Also, no milk? no problem! This stuff tastes great even just with water if thats all you've got.

When I'm out running I'm thinking about returning to this.

I use the chocolate Procover habitually and I love it. I run marathons and ultra-marathons and after hours on the road, this is my go-to recovery drink. It's also great in home-made protein balls!

This is so good I actually look forward to it when finished training.

I've used the Pro4mance Procover after training and racing for the last two years. It has a great taste and I feel satisfied when I've finished my workout due to the added carbs. 5 stars!!!!

Great product for all

I've tried both Vanilla Coconut and Chocolate Procover and I love this product. It smells so good when made up that my wife often appears to sample it. What more can you ask for?

Actually makes you look forward to protein!

Having been a high level athlete for some time, I had not found a shake I actually enjoyed! Procover fills this as well as being perfectly ballanced nutritionally, witch is obviously a must. Even better, unlike some products Iv used in the past it doesn't require milk to make up the nutritional needs or to make it taste good, witch is much more convenient when taking it to a gym session or for straight after a race when having fresh milk is very inconvenient. My other favourite part of Procover is that it has a good serve of carbohydrates as well as protein making it perfect for after a hard session or race when I need to either drive home before getting food or get from the finish area of the stage to the team car or even hotel witch can sometimes be up to an hour and a half, if I'm able to have my Procover straight away I am able to refuel on the go and prevent undue fatigue or soreness due to a delay in nutrition

Finally found one that tastes amazing.

Having the convenience of a recovery drink that tastes amazing even when you mix it with water is awesome, allows me to use it anywhere, anytime to ensure I can start my recovery process as soon as possible.

Tastes awesome!

Seriously the best tasting recovery drink on the market! Chocolate is my favourite but the Vanilla Coconut is great also. Has really helped with my recovery and I always look forward to finishing my race or training just so I can have my Procover!

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