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McKenzie's Ward's Fruit Saline

McKenzie's Ward's Fruit Saline

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Fruit Saline since I was a kid.

Saline is the only drink I know that quenches your thirst when nothing else will. I have been drinking it for 60 odd years, learned from my wonderful parents who enjoyed it.

Love it but hard to find!

Love this product. It is the best effervescent refreshing drink on the market in my opinion. Unfortunately it is extremely hard to find on the shelf. I drove around to all IGA and Foodworks I know and managed to get 4 tins then I went on line and purchased 6 tins interstate and paid the postage because I wanted the product so much. I have asked shops to stock it and they said they would try. wait and see!!

Less refreshment than I expected:

After finally tracking this old favorite down at IGA, I discover that the packaging has been significantly downsized to 300g

Best ever liquid refreshment for summer

I also am having a hard time locating where to buy this product, which is frustrating because I love it - great for a hot summer day.

Approached Mckenzies in Australia about buying it directly - their response is that they do not sell direct to the public. But it is apparently sold at Foodworks, Spar, IGA (some only - our local IGA does not stock it).

Great Refreshment

Very effective in rehydration. Disappointing that it's so hard to find these days. Much better than other sports drinks and less expensive.

375 g to 300 g

another company makes a change for profit with out saying a thing ... beer and others... its a refreshing drink ...

Lactic acid buffer

I am having a hard time finding stores that stock this great product. Best used to rehydrate and as a lactic acid buffer to reduce cramps and muscle sore as a result of dehydration when working out or execercising. Much preferred option to more expensive highly coloured, sugar and salt solutions.

A Lifetime Of Drinking It

Always had this around as long as I can remember ( I'm now 65 ) great pick-me-up hot day drink and I also mix any flavour cordial -400ml in total with 4 teaspoons of wards, let it go flat, and then pour two trays of small ice cubes -- doesn't go rock hard like normal ice cubes and is divine !!!!!


Mum Always had it in her kitchen cupboard. We all loved it Anytime.. PLEASE DON'..T stop making it. ! Refreshing Drink .

Great quick fix

Great for thirst and if you are felling a little off on those very hot days. Drink quickly while still fizzy to get the best results - I have it after mowing the lawn too as a pick-me-up. I started on it when I was a little kid because my grandmother always kept some in her kitchen up in the Pilliga.

Fantastic thirst quencher

I too have been drinking Wards Fruit Saline for over 50 years. I have also brought up my own kids on it for the last 25 years.
The taste is refreshing and it replenishes my body after working on my property. Great on hot days instead of soft drink. Also helps when feeling a bit crook. I notice that the flavour hasn't changed in my whole lifetime!
I panicked when I read that it is getting hard to find so I did an internet search of all the supermarkets and found that in my part of Australia (western Victoria) the only place to buy it is IGA supermarkets.
I went to Ararat IGA and bought their last 4 cans, and then travelled to Beaufort IGA and bought 6 more cans and they still have plenty.
I want to stock up in case it disappears altogether.
I highly recommend Wards Fruit saline to everyone.

Wards fruit Saline Effrevesent lemon drink (yellow tin 375gm)

We have been using this for over 50 yrs, my parents took it camping in the 70's & always had a tin in the cubboard. Great & refreshing also a sore tummy fixer.
We used to drink it if we felt sick, "after a drink of Saline, it would either make you burp or make you hurl. " which was a good thing". I'm still using in with my kids, but finding it extremely hard to come buy.
The local IGA did have it but has now stopped stocking it. Now I'm relying on Google to find a stockist.
I would be lost without it in my cubboard.
Would be very sad if wards stop making this product. Feb -2016

April 23rd, 2017 Update: Found WARDS SALINE DRINK

Hello to all that have been looking for Wards Saline effervescent drink ( tin 300g)
as it's no longer available in IGA anymore l had suggested asking your local store to get some in, BUT BUT
41 McIntyre rd, Sunshine North 3020
$4.00 bargin exp date 12-07-18
Try google other locations, but this so far is the only place I've seen it except of Farmers Mkt online store.
Good luck
Please to share my find with all the searchers ( l luv luv luv his drink )

39degrees, with a most refreshing treat..

OUT in the scorching heat,
nothing to drink for AGES,
throat parched,
and then
fossicking in the only shade being the back of the Van, I found my jar of WARDS
Fruit SALINE..
WHAT A TREAT,, SUCH convenience. I aways have Water in the
van, but Id forgotten about the Emergency Supply of WARDS fruit SALINE..
Being in Powder form you can make as Much as YOU Like...
UNBEATABLE for convenience, and as a quick refresher especially in the heat of summer..

Hard To Find

Have been drinking wards saline for many years, find it very refreshing & great on a warm day especially after gardening or working up a sweat. I also love the taste. Have to drink it fast while still bubbling. Always use a dry spoon because if you get it wet the saline goes hard & has to be thrown out. Hard to find now not in Coles or woollies. Can be found at Ita & costs under $5 for 375 gram tin.

Best in it's field

I often suffer from BAD indigestion,which progresses into nausea. Often I wake during the night vomiting,so I tried baking soda, which gave some relief but tasted awful. I noticed a tin of Saline (Wards it turned out to be) that my daughter bought as a healthy refreshing fizzy drink for Summer. So I tried it and as well as being a refreshing tasty drink,settled my stomach IMMEDIATELY! I guarantee it really does work m


using it in the morning to balance my stomach acids instead of bicarbonate powder only. Love the taste helps me absorb vitamins throughout the day because of its alkalising effect. Better than a straight lemon in hot water and easier to take and prepare. Will continue to use it enthusiastically!
great taste
Careful regarding sugar content.

Very refreshing but not perfect traditional "energy" drink

I stumbled across this product in an IGA store while looking for another, similar effervescent powder refreshment drink. This drink is a white powder that must me mixed with a small amount of water (1/2 glass or less) and downed immediately while still fizzing. It's like an energy shot. The sensation of the fizzing, combined with the strong lemon/slightly peachy flavour and the sound of all the bubbles exploding and even the feel of some tiny bubbles bursting on your face make this a full sensory experience and leaves you with a real buzzy charge.
Flavour, action on adding to water
Some people may not like the slight peach taste.

Questions & Answers

Is Ward's Fruit Saline available in the ACT or nearby? The only place I have found it during recent years is Dungog - and that's a long way to go ….
1 answer
Go Troppo Fruit Market Fyshwick, shop 26- 30 Fyshwick Market, corner Mildura St & Dalby St, Fyshwick, ACT, 2609, 02 629 53416.

Could you please tell me where could I purchase wards saline in the Tweed Heads / Coolangatta area? I remember having it back in the 1950’s as a kid right through to the 1980’s then lost track of it.Ian
3 answers
Try IGA Spar or Foodworks stores if not in stock ask them to order it for youhttps://www.mckenziesfoods.com.au/product/wards-fruit-saline/ Claims it is still carried by IGA and Foodworks. Not seen anywhere in Victoria for several years and local stores show no interest in stocking it. Pity because it is a good hot weather drink although the sugar police probably wouldn't like it.Thanks for all your reply’s I have just located it at the IGA in Tweed Heads West they had 3 cans so grab them whilst I could.

Please tell me where to buy Wards Fruit Saline in Brisbane. I have tried everywhere- IGA (none, Foodworks (none), Spar (none). I really want to buy this - how hard can it be?
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You can buy it at golden circle capalaba

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