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Red Eye Energy

Red Eye Energy

5.0 from 6 reviews

Love it! The original & best!

The original and the best. Can’t pass it up. Tastes better than any other on the market to date. Shame the other awesome flavours aren’t in circulation much these days.

Best Energy Drink

Easily the most refreshing and thirst quenching energy drink out on the market especially when paired with a nice glass bottle you cant go wrong

by far the best energy drink I've ever tasted

I love this, Its the best I've ever tasted, only ever had classic red but I'm sure the others are wonderful. The main issue with it is it's so difficult to find somewhere to buy it. Definitely recommend at least trying it, just be careful not to get addicted :D

Stands out

It's been around for a number of years but im starting to see it more around, which is great. Blue one is the easiest to get and it taste great, Even better ice cold. Would recommend.

great taste

Most energy drinks taste awful (and given the long list of unpronounceable ingrediants thats not a surprise). This one tastes great. The red one is good but the blue flavour is the best! Of course its very unhealthy and full of not good for you things like sugar etc. Its still quite refreshing on a hot day.


This energy drink is alot better than it's competitors Red Bull & V. It doesn't give as much 'energy' however it tastes SO much better. They come in a few flavours (I haven't tried them all yet) and I have only seen them in bottles (not in Can like displayed in picture). It tastes more like a softdrink with a little bit of kick than your standard energy drink. Definitely give it a try!
This is the best energy drink on the market
Hard to find the drink, Coles & Woolworths stock it but it's hard to find! I guess over time when it becomes more mainstream on the market hopefully this shouldn't be an issue anymore

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