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McKenzie's Ward's Fruit Saline

Latest review: Saline is the only drink I know that quenches your thirst when nothing else will. I have been drinking it for 60 odd years, learned from my wonderful parents who enjoyed

Pro4mance Produrance

Latest review: Its so important to have a quality recovery drink post event, Produrance is like a chocolate milkshake reward. It so easy to drink and tastes great. The perfect mix of protein and

V Energy Drink

Latest review: I always drink the sugar free cans. V is the only energy drink I have consumed that gives you an actual good buzz if you have the whole 500ml

Red Bull Energy Drink

Latest review: I am a Red Bull Fanatic and I love some of the new flavors as in Peach-nectarine, and Blue berry. I was excited to try the new Summer Breeze and it was terrible it taste like sun screen please come


Latest review: I love mother tastes way better than other soft drinks and energy drinks (i.e. solo, fanta, sunkist, sprite, coca-cola, v, red-bull, ramune..) Anyways, I did not fall asleep from

Mizone Formulated Sports Water

Latest review: I routinely bought Mizone for work. The bottle shape and size was perfect, and much easier to use and store than other similar bottles. I have now stopped buying bottled sports drink altogether and

Lucozade Energy

Latest review: Destroyed memories of my childhood by changing the formula. Its like re-writing history changing something that was invented in 1927. Overpriced and total lack of flavour. Will never buy

Red Eye Energy

Latest review: The original and the best. Can’t pass it up. Tastes better than any other on the market to date. Shame the other awesome flavours aren’t in circulation much these day

Herbalife Liftoff

Latest review: This is the best natural alternative for my headaches and migrains. I used to eat panadol like lollies - not any more! I have been using this product for over a year now, more for an energy booster.

4PLAY Love Drink

Latest review: Tried both with & without sugar Both tasted Great but especially loved the original smooth taste and defiantly gives you a kick just were you need it Reliable inexpensive

V Isokinetic

Latest review: This drink is really nice and i much prefer it to gatorade or powerade. It has a refreshing taste and gives you the energy which none of the other sports drinks do. It has a lime taste which is

Pro4mance Procover Recovery Drink

Latest review: Tremendous tasting recovery drink with both the chocolate and vanilla coconut flavours... Also, no milk? no problem! This stuff tastes great even just with water if thats all you've

ISS Oh Yeah! RTD

Latest review: This rtd protein taste great and goes down easy with almost no aftertaste. I drink it right after my workout or as a meal replacement. I have tried other sport nutritional ready to drink shakes in


Latest review: Hydralyte is always in my family health care kit. It helps to replace water and electrolytes in case of diarrohea and vommiting. i have been used for my kids several times. they are amazing. My kids

Rockstar Energy

Latest review: this drink is great if you want a boost of energy because its low priced and it tastes great, i like it better than other energy drinks it comes in a bigger can than other energy drinks, it comes in

Monster Energy

Latest review: This drink is on the sweet side that isn't too bad of a taste as compared to other sour energy drinks. Im not sure how safe it is to drink a lot but it does what an energy drink does. Fills you up

Powerade Isotonic

Latest review: few drops on my gray shirt took me half hr to get it off with hand wash, its nice to have those rainbow colours, but if its that hard to wash away on cloth, then i would worry about what it will do


Latest review: As another reviewer pointed out, cocaine is very cool and is seen by the kids today as being somewhat chic. This product attempts to recreate the sensation of snorting cocaine: It doesn't taste

Red Bull Sugarfree

Latest review: I normally drink Red Bull standard, so after having the sugar free version the taste was not as good nor did the boost last as long. Good if you cannot have sugar but not for


Latest review: The regular Gatorade is ok, flavours good and not as bad as soft drink when you need a boost. I tried the sugar free version yesterday and was shocked at the awful aftertaste. They trial these

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