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Code Camp
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He had a blast.!

I think overall it was very fun and exciting. Some areas was a little difficult but was proud of myself to made it this far.

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Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback. We're very proud to have you as one of our coding champions and hope to see you next holidays. :)

My kid loved it!

My 8yo son absolutely loved code camp classes.
He is now really into coding and we can even discuss about programming routines at home. His mind set for coding has been triggered which was my main goal when I enrolled him. Can’t wait until next camp.

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Hi Filippe! That's amazing feedback to hear. We're so happy that it's sparked a love of coding in him and we look forward to seeing him at a future camp. :)

Perfect, exceeded our expectations

Very satisfied with the teacher. We think it was challenging enough for the kids but not extremely difficult that they felt out of depth.

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Hi Sandra! We really appreciate your positive feedback about the way our staff teach coding and support our children. We hope to see them at another camp soon. :)

Great holiday activity for kids

This is my son's second Code Camp and both times I have found the whole set up extremely professional and organized. The staff are friendly and approachable - they have a good rapport with the children. My son has always given me positive feedback about the course and content. He finds it engaging and enjoyable.

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Hi Nina! We love hearing feedback like this. Thank you for taking the time to share some lovely comments on our hard-working staff who want to make each camp a fantastic experience for the kids.

My Girl Loved It

Was a great introduction to coding. My daughter had a great time and couldn't wait to show me what she had learnt. Hoping she keeps the interest up. Highly recommend this to others.

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Hi Tom! Thanks for taking the time to leave this feedback. We're so glad that your daughter enjoyed the camp and look forward to seeing her at another one soon. :)

Fantastic holiday fun for kids

The AR Course was perfectly challenging for our son who had already done the Spark class. He absolutely loved it and is eager to do Code Camp again.

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Hi Wendy! That's great to hear - we'd love to have him back for the next challenge in either 3D World Builders or Web Hackers!

My son loves Code Camp and we love that he is engaged in a new skill!

This is the second Code Came my son has attended and he has loved the experience. He came home fired up to do more and to show us the work he did in the camp. The staff are very kind and supportive and that is also a big factor in our rating. My son is keen to do the next level course - so no doubt we'll be back!

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Hi! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave this lovely feedback about our staff and your son's camp experience. We'd love to see him at another one of our camps soon for the next challenge. :)


My son is already asking me to enroll him next holidays. He said his teacher Jessica was very helpful and patient with everyone. It was lots of fun and they learnt a lot.

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Hi Mary! Thank you for this feedback about our wonderful teacher and your son's Code Camp experience. We can't wait to see him during the next holidays. :)

My son loved it so much!

Well run and organized. My son loved it so much he logged on as soon as he got home and kept making mods to his game. 3 hours later he was still going. I was so impressed seeing him edit java script and concentrate so much to get the syntax right. He is so proud of his app and thanked me for sending him to Code Camp.

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Hi Shane! Thank you for leaving this feedback. It sounds like your son is well on his way to becoming a coding superstar! We really hope to see him at another camp in the upcoming holidays. :)


My boys love code camp.this term love much the response so fast and the staffs lovely and friendly.love it thank you from William and Dante

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Hi William and Dante! Thanks for letting us know what an awesome time you had at camp! We hope to see you both in the upcoming holidays. :)


Awesome my daughter love it
Found it easy and easy to understand and had fun . And got to see her friends again

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Hi Lisa! That's wonderful to hear. We hope to see her again soon. :)

More than expected

Some parts are very hard and most of the parts is not a problem for my son. Sebastian enjoying his three days Code Camp very successful. Thanks Sudip

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Hi Sudip! We appreciate you taking the time to leave this feedback and we're glad that Sebastian felt challenged enough by the content. :)

Ticks all boxes

It’s extremely rewarding and engaging for the children... full marks to the teachers for making it fun and easy to learn

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Hi Shanandeep! Thanks for your lovely comments about our teaching staff. We look forward to seeing you next season!

Second code camp

My two girls did a code camp 2 years ago and enjoyed it so much they asked to go back again. They loved the recent camp and it’s been a great experience for them to learn how to code.

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Hi Tracy! Thanks so much for this feedback. It's great to hear that the girls have been interested in coding for so long! We look forward to seeing them again soon. :)

it is great

i am very glad both kids very satisfied with this tutor. will join it next term again. look like my two kids doing well this time and didn't it is hard at all. as parents i have no any idea about code.so cant give any other comments.

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Hi Shimei! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave this comment. We can't wait to see what else your kids create in the next term of coding. :)

Planning to return next holidays

My daughter loved Camp Spark and asked to return next holidays. She was so excited to share what she had worked on each afternoon and proud of her final product. Thank you!

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Hi Susan! Thanks for taking the time to write this feedback. We're super proud of what she's achieved at camp too and look forward to seeing her again in the upcoming season. :)

Fabulous way to get kids excited about early coding

My son has just loved the 2 x Code Camps that he has attended so far. Despite not knowing anyone, he quickly made friends and the team were very welcoming and had a great sense of fun. The most exciting part is coming home after three days with a game that he has built himself and he can share with proud parents, grandparents and friends. Really cool way to spend time during holidays and we will be regulars at Code Camp into the future.

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Hi Jess! Thanks for leaving such lovely feedback. We're so happy that your son had such a great time, both making his game and making friends! We can't wait to see him back again in the next holidays for even more fun. :)

Great set up need to help with issues

My son enjoyed the camp and would love to do it again. I was concerned that he was having trouble saving his work. He experienced this issue at home and at the camp. While he asked for assistance, the problem wasn't solved and he didn't complete his game. As the camp was over 3 days I would have expected him to come home at the end with this resolved

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Hi! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave this feedback. Sorry to hear that there were some issues with saving your son's game. Our coding platform is online so as long as there is a working WiFi connection there should be no issues with saving. We would be happy to look into his game though and see if there's anything we can restore or help to amend. Please let us know if so. Thank you!

Always Exellent Experience

We are very happy with the course. Teachers are experienced, professional and friendly. The communication with parents is exellent. Every day during the Camp we receive email from the teacher to tell us what our son has learned and show his progress. Our son has completed 3 levels already and can't wait for the next Code Camp. We think that all courses are challenging enough to keep kids engaged and interested. Our son loves Code Camp and it's always a valuable experience for him. Highly recommended to all kids.

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Hi Ira! Thank you for your positive feedback about the way we run our camps and our passionate teaching staff. We hope to see him next season for even more coding challenges and fun. :)

My son loved it - we will be back

My 8yr old son just finished his first code camp - day 1 he came home overflowing with enthusiasm. He couldn’t wait to show us what he had built each day. This camp was worth every dollar. I can’t say enough good things about the organisers and the staff. Cap, t-shirt and wrist band nice quality. Thank you so much we will definitely be back.

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Hi! Thank you for your kind comments! We're so happy to hear that your son enjoyed himself and it sounds like he's on his way to becoming a superstar coder. We look forward to seeing him at a future camp. :)

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Questions & Answers

Hi, can you please let me know the cost for laptop hire? Thanks
1 answer
Hi Mel! Thanks for getting in touch. You can bring your own laptop or we hire out laptops at the cost of $29 per child. Give us a call on 1300 CODECAMP or email us at hello@codecamp.com.au if you need anything else. :)

Hi, my children would like to attend, please let we know if we have to bring their tablets? Thanks Linh
1 answer
Hi Linh! Thanks for getting in touch. Kids create their apps on laptops in our camps Spark, Ignite and Blast! At some schools, they can bring a laptop with them from home or you can hire one from us. Younger kids in our Little League camps use tablets but don't worry, as we provide them for you. Please feel free to call to us on 1300 CODECAMP to discuss this further. :)

I have four boys that would like to attend, please let me know where and when? Bec
1 answer
Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the message. Have you signed up to the email wait list? If you have we will send you an email to let you know when you can enrol your child at Code Camp. Click https://codecamp.com.au and sign up. Thanks see you and your four boys in the summer holidays! Chris Garner from Code Camp Head of Growth Dad of Two chris@codecamp.com.au

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