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Codral Day & Night

Codral Day & Night

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Stopped taking them.

Bought these for terrible cold. I have only taken four and all I've done is throw up...Making me feel quite ill..Never had this reaction with any other cold and flu medication.

Not really effective

I don’t even have a bad cold , but these have done nothing to even relieve me of the basics: congestion and a runny nose. I just hope my cold doesn’t get worse as I don’t think “solidiering on” would be possible on these. It was a total waste of my money. I remember when cold and flu tablets were guaranteed to make you feel better - these are a poor comparison.

Was awake all night

I had the flu. It came upon me Wednesday afternoon. A tickly cough. By the next morning I had the usual symptoms of the flu virus. Aches, cough.

I asked my partner to pick up some cold and flu tablets from the chemist. I prefer to buy from here as they usually recommend drugs which work.

I began taking them from Thursday lunchtime. I felt no better by the evening and took the night tablets. A restless night and still the same aches and pains. I took more tablets and then noticed that my skin was soar. A little like sun burn. The pain was no better, so I took pain killers as well.

Friday night, I had a very restless night. Sleeping in short moments and awake much of the night. Saturday, I decided I really needed to get out of the house. I took two more-day tablets. I felt light headed. Almost drunk.
I got back to the house after lunch and, I believe, the tablets had worn off. I felt better. But a little ‘wired’ like I was on uppers?

Saturday night, I went to bed without taking any tablets. I didn’t sleep all night. Wide awake the whole night.
I then, belatedly I know, looked up Codral reviews and found that EVERYONE is having the same problem. The tablets do not work. I also discover that I should not take other pain killers with the tablets (although this is probably due to the doubling up of pain killers). And I should stop if I have ‘hypersensitivity’ or a reaction.

Forgive me, but I wasn’t in the mood to read the instructions with a magnifying glass when I first took the tablets. This is something which should have been told to my partner to ensure I was aware when purchased.

Waste of money

Been suffering with the worst flu I’ve ever had & on day 3 finally gave in & went to the chemist (I usually avoid them at all costs), the pharmacist recommended Codral Day & Night. It did help with my wracking cough however the night tablets kept me awake tossing & turning for hours on end, not to mention they made me feel like I was going to throw up every time I moved.

And this is why I detest pharmaceuticals! They always seem to do more harm than good.

Caused stomach pain do not take

I took 2 night tablets to help with nasal congestion. An hour later my stomach felt like it was burning so badly I was grateful the pain made me vomit profusely and only then did I get any relief. This NEVER happened with the original formula.

Has done nothing to relieve symptoms

I have been waiting for symptoms to subside. My nose is still completely congested. This used to work really quickly, now doesn't seem to work at all. At nearly $20 it is a complete waste of money.

Works a treat

I started on the day and night tablets yesterday afternoon and have noticed a significant improvement in the way I feel already. I couldn't even swallow without excruciating pain yesterday morning, I had a dry cough and could feel phlegm starting to build up. Coral day and night seems to be the only thing that ever works for me.

Stomach pain nearly hospitalised me.

I started tanking the regular tablets a few nights ago and after a very short time felt lite stomach pains gently coming and going every few hours, over a few days they increased in frequency and pain. Thought it was related to the cold and sore back I had.
No relief from cold so I got the "original" version that has the new formula as well and now I'm in agony. Waves of cramps and pain like chemicals chewing through my stomach come and go every few minutes.
My wife is so concerned she thinks we should go to the hospital. Doing a bit of research and I see many have suffered this from Codrals.
As of now I feel awful, we will continue to monitor and if it increases just a slight bit more we're going to the emergency room to play it safe.
I'll be taking this up with the pharmacist and Johnson & Johnson tomorrow.

Dont waste your money

Purchased the Codral Day and Night tablets after I had used up the last of my original (full strength) Codral batch. The new product does absolutely nothing. Complete waste of $20.

Stomach cramps

I have used the original formula and it was fine. This one gave me serious stomach cramps and frequent toilet visits. Really don’t need nausea when I have a cold!

Doesn't work after changed

Used to work a treat, now i might as well be taking dog crap to treat my family's cold. Ever since the pseudoephedrine was removed and now the codeine its garbage.

For me is the best for cold symptoms

I avoid take medication,not even Panadol but when my nose starts running ,cough,sore throat,headache and body aches ,codral day and night, is the only medication that helps me immediately without any side affects.

Bad! Bad! Bad!

Night time codral tablet designed to dry nasal passages and help person sleep has the exact opposite effect. I'M WIDE AWAKE! Nasal passages are still STUFFED UP. Worst of all - terrible heart PALPITATIONS. Just praying for them to subside. I wasted my money, I feel like hell and I'm not going to be able to work tomorrow after missing a night's sleep, so severely out of pocket missing a day's pay. Avoid this medication like the plague.

Nauseous for days

This medicine does not work like the old one. I've been having on and off stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea and have been unable to sleep. On top of this, my cold symptoms are just getting worse and there seems to be no relief in sight. This product is a waste of money unless you enjoy constant nausea or multiple toilet visits.

constant vomiting

took one night tablet to help me get to sleep and I was up all night vomiting over and over again. Couldn’t sleep at all because I had to keep dry heaving to get it out, and vomited a lot of bile. NEVER again will I take any of these pills

Makes you vomit

Gave two night time tablets to my 14 year old daughter. Within twenty minutes she said she had severe cramps in her stomach. Started coughing, said it felt like something was in her throat. Just wondering if she was having a mild allergic reaction to it - she is not allergic to anything. She put up with pain in her stomach for the next 3 hours and vomited several times. This formula is horrible. Do not take it. Avoid it like the plague. Next time I will be purchasing the old formula over the counter, just need to show a drivers licence.

New formula. New problems

Old one worked fine.. this new formula one gave me a severe nauseating feelings and stomach cramps. Although it helped my cold.. its NOT worth taking. Avoid avoid avoid avoid.

Terrible product

bought these tablets from our local chemist after finishing an older packet which were working fine for me as they had done for years. The old packet was working fine as they had done for years but when i took the new ones they had no effect at all. I went back to the chemist and were told they only work on some people and they have lessened the doses on the ingredients. I asked if there was something better and if i could exchange them. the answer was no exchange but i was welcome to buy something else. Why would i bother. How could this ineffective product still be sold when an overwhelming amount of reviews rate it so low as i also will.

Doesn't work Waste of time!

First day I took day pills and evening the night pill, cant sleep for the whole night, and fever in the morning, same thing happen on the 2nd day, in the 3rd day after taking 2nd times day pills i decided to stop taking anymore because its completely useless, fever is getting higher and does not help on any Cold/Flu symptoms. I wasted 3 days and including two sick leave to relies on this product.

Codral doesn't work any more

No stomach pains for me, but the problem is Codral is no longer effective. Nose streams just as much and feel just as miserable as if I'd not taken them. Pity, they used to work really well.

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Questions & Answers

Do you need a prescription now for corral original day & night cold & flu tablets?
No answers

Did anyone else wake up the next day with a horrible taste in their which just would not go away ? I’m wondering if it’s the codral causing it. I’ve brushed my teeth, eaten food and had sweet drinks to try and take the taste away but won’t work. Any ideas ?
1 answer
Not only bitter aftertaste mouth but also very dried with mucus diarrhoea and dreadful stomach ache.

I took 4 of these tablets with in 24hrs I'm 16 should I go hospital?? Is this bad ??
2 answers
My reaction happened about half an hour after I took them, so if nothing has happened I wouldn't worry that much. If anything happened when you took them is suggest not taking them again and if you had any severe reaction like hypoxia, call an ambulance.My husband had no reaction to these tablets, only me. I think the problem only affects some people who are allergic to something in the tablets. It doesn't sound like they are a problem for you.

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